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Trade Banquet

(JP with Eleanor Alexander)

((Stardate: 239507.20, Location: Paris, France, Earth))

Eleanor had almost completed her training and was ready to graduate from the Academy, but before her final exams she had a couple of weeks of study leave and her parents had asked her to step into some negotiations on behalf of Cayava Prime.
It just made sense, the negotiations were on Earth and she was already there and in all honesty she welcomed the distraction. Even if just for a night, it would give her the opportunity to do something other than study. Afterall, it was something she was used to, all those lessons to help her read people, suppress emotion and show no weakness, it was what she thrived on and this evening was no exception.
Although this function was a simple trade function and was less formal than what she was accustomed to, she was still representing her home, her family, so no expense was spared. Wearing a long red layered ball gown, with a diamond tiara, she was certainly going to turn some heads, her father had even sent two protection officers from the household, in full Cayava military dress.::

Alexander: And you know I do not like to be escorted everywhere, please keep your distance, I shall signal if I need you.

Protection Officer: Yes, Ma’am ::Gently nodding and moving off to the corner of the room until needed.::

Eleanor glanced around the room, it was certainly busy and there were several faces she recognised, she raised her hand at a young man that whom was also in full official dress. A smile came across his face and he slowly headed towards her.::

Alexander: Your highness ::Giving a customary curtsy::

Prince Leonard: Oh Eleanor, how many times have I told you, you never need to curtsy to me.:

Alexander: ::Her face stern, she gently held out her hand dipped at a slight angle:: But I know how uncomfortable it makes you.

Prince Leonard: ::Gently taking her hand and kissing it:: Your looking as radiant as ever, I wasn’t expecting to see you here this evening.

Alexander: Oh you know doing the family a favour, and I was on earth anyway. It made more sense than getting one of them to take such a long trip for a simple trade negotiation.

Prince Leonard: We shall have to catch up later, but I see Edward sulking in the corner and I must catch him before he gets too drunk. Alexander: ::Again giving another curtsy:: I look forward to it your Royal Highness.

Prince Leonard: ::smiling affectionately at her:: You kill me Ellie, you really do.

Eleanor laughed as the young attractive man headed off, the function hadn’t even started yet, but the venue was already filling up, she grabbed a flute of champagne from a passing waiter and began to work the crowd.::
Michael had been chatting genially with various diplomats and dignitaries for the last half-hour. He actually rather enjoyed functions like this. They were an excellent chance to make genuine personal connections. For the businesses and families represented, they were potentially lucrative too. For Michael, they were a way he could show that the Diplomatic Corps - and himself individually - genuinely cared about the everyday well being of the powers they dealt with. He’d always viewed his job as connecting people, cultures, ideas, ideals, and goals.
He looked around the room, having just secured a beverage (ginger beer with lime) from the bar. There were so many people here, and it seemed that they were for now at least, all enjoying themselves. His eyes lazily followed the progress of one of the wait staff. The Andorian male had excellent dexterity, balancing the tray of champagne flutes with perfect ease. A lovely young woman gracefully plucked one of the flutes from the tray as the server passed. Michael’s eyes were immediately redirected to her. She looked both familiar and completely unknown.::

oO And here I thought I’d met everyone here before… Oo

Michael made his way slowly, tactfully, but deliberately toward her through the crowd. He was caught by the elbow about 3 meters short of reaching her however by the corpulent form of Lady Arligg of the Bolian Trade Commission::

Arligg: ::loudly:: Mister Drex! How ARE you, dear boy?

Michael: Ah, Lady Arligg! I’m very well! Did you enjoy those chocolates I sent?

Arligg: I did indeed! I did indeed. Come with me, there is someone here you simply MUST meet!

As lady Arligg turned, still holding Michael’s elbow, he shot a lightning-fast glance at the woman in the red gown. Duty was duty, and Lady Arligg was not to be deterred. He hoped he’d have a chance to meet this mystery guest later. Something about how she carried herself … there was an elegance he somehow knew there.::
Eleanor glanced out of the corner of her eye, as she heard a familiar name been called out...But no, it couldn’t be...Almost choking on the champagne as she realised indeed it was.::

Alexander: Michael ::whispering his name out loud::

Her cheeks gently blushed and a small smile appeared, her heart began to race, her mind going back to that time in Inlet, she could feel his firm arms grasped tightly around her, catching her as she fell in the snow, then that kiss...suddenly the noise of the room brought her attention back to the present. She adjusted her composure and the smile disappeared from her face. What was he doing here::

Arligg: Leonard! Leonard! Oh there you are, silly boy. ::to Michael:: Honestly … that’s the problem with princes: they have this nasty habit of disappearing. ::to Prince Leonard:: Leonard, this is Michael Drex - the young man I was telling you about! Well, you two have a nice chat! I’m off to find that short human with the cream pastries. TOODLES!

Michael looked from Lady Arligg as she turned with surprising agility, to Prince Leonard. He was used to her eccentric behavior, and from the look on the prince’s face, he was as well. As soon as Lady Arligg was out of earshot, Michael gave a courteous bow to the prince and introduced himself.::

Michael: Your Royal Highness, I’m honored to meet you. I am Michael Drex. Please forgive this sudden introduction.

Prince Leonard: Agh, the infamous Michael Drex ::He replied, bowing his head slightly:: I have heard so much about you from our mutual friend ::Sighing:: She tells me you have helped her with several deals in the past, but she does seem to drone on a little.

Michael: Yes, but she means well, I believe. ::a small chuckle:: She certainly is well connected, and likes to connect her connections.

As the prince was speaking, Michael caught a glimpse of red material in his periphery. His training stopped him from whipping his head to the left for a better look, but it took all his willpower to maintain eye contact and attention on the prince.::
Leonard noticed, Michael’s lapse in concentration and he gave a little smile himself, oh he knew the girl he was looking at, maybe it was his turn to carry out some introductions.

Prince Leonard: Something, or someone caught your eye? ::He asked with a raised eyebrow::

Michael was horrified by his lapse in professionalism. It was just … something was drawing him.::

Michael: I must beg your forgiveness, highness, I’m afraid I was momentarily distracted.

Prince Leonard: ::Noticing his discomfort:: Well I’d say you were blind if she did not catch one’s attention, she is the most beautiful thing here tonight. I myself have been trying for many a year to gain her affection. I just know there is something under that immovable, emotionless look, one catches a glimpse every now and again and her smile, it’s enough to just melt one's heart.

Michael thought of Eleanor then. There could be no smile to compare to hers. The thought brought a smile of remembrance to his lips and a distant look to his eye as he now addressed the prince on a more familiar level.::

Michael:: Highness, I know exactly what you mean. There happens to be a young lady I would give up the galaxy for.::

Prince Leonard: Here, let me introduce you. Then we can compare notes and you can tell me what you think. ::Smiling as he escorted Michael towards the elusive red ball gown::

The red gown became closer and closer, until they were finally standing right behind her, she was engaged in a polite conversation with a middle aged gentleman. The Prince smiled at Michael before giving out a loud cough.::

Prince Leonard: Excuse me, my lady. I would like to introduce you to this fine gentleman.

Eleanor smiled as she heard the voice of her familiar friend behind her, she gave a slight curtsy to the older gentleman::

Alexander: Excuse me, it seems as though I am quite popular tonight. ::As she slowly began to turn around.::

Michael stood stock still as he took in the color of the lady’s hair, the curve of her neck. He knew this woman. As she turned though, the realization she was here nearly buckled his knees.::

Prince Leonard: Mr Michael Drex allow me to introduce you to Her…

Eleanor swallowed hard, she was stood face to face with Michael and the Prince was about to formally announce her. Panic quickly darted over her face for a brief moment, before she instinctively stomped on the Prince’s foot.::

Alexander: Michael…::Staring into his blue eyes::

Prince Leonard: ::Wincing in pain:: Agh, I see you already know Eleanor Alexander ::He said, fully releasing why she had stomped on his foot.::

Michael: Eleanor … you’re here. I … you look stunning!

There it was. That delightful unsettling that seized Michael when Eleanor was near. Where just a moment before he would have had few qualms about negotiating a trade agreement between mortal enemies, he now had difficulty stringing two words together. Finding his voice again though, he addressed the prince.::

Michael: Yes, we met through my sister last Christmas.

Alexander: ::Nodding towards Leonard:: His sister is my best friend and we go to the Academy together.

Prince Leonard: Ellie, you have friends ::intrigue crossing his face:: allow me a moment with this fine lady would you fine sir. ::Glancing at Michael::

Michael: Of course, highness.

Alexander: ::reaching for Michael’s arm, her fingers resting gently on it:: If you get us both a drink, I’ll join you in a moment.

Michael willed every nerve in his body to relocate to where her hand rested. The touch. It was electric.::

Michael: oO snap out of it, dummy! Oo Absolutely. I’ll be nearby. ::to the prince, with a slight bow:: pardon me, Highness.

He glanced once more with curiosity and amazement at Eleanor, then turned to retrieve drinks from the bar. Maybe he’d get something with alcohol this time...::
Eleanor glanced at the poor Prince’s foot::

Alexander: I’m so sorry...but…

Prince Leonard: Oh, Ellie, he doesn’t know does he and what would your parents say ::He said in a teasing voice, before placing his hand on her shoulder:: And you have friends at the academy, your time away from home is certainly making you more appealing and your finley experiencing what your parents would never let you.

Eleanor placed her hand on the Princes and gave him a smile:

Alexander: You’ve always been a good friend, I really am sorry about the foot, but no he doesn’t know and I want to keep it that way.

Prince Leonard: ::Gently kissing Eleanor on the side of each cheek:: Enjoy yourself Ellie, you only get one life, enjoy your time away from home and don’t worry your secret's are safe with me.

Alexander: Oh, I know you’ll collect the favour one day ::she said her gaze firmly fixed on Michael::

Prince Leonard: Well I have a couple of deals to close, so I shall allow you to turn your attention to the young Mr Drex.

Michael had just looked back to Eleanor and the prince, having received the drinks. He wasn’t watching the duo per se, but he couldn’t get Prince Leonard’s description of Eleanor from his mind. He was right - that couldn’t be denied, but it meant he was vying for the affections of Eleanor with a PRINCE. He saw Leonard kiss Eleanor on either cheek and felt his own flush. He knew it was a princely thing to do - it merely spoke of his upbringing and education at court, but … still.::
It looked like Michael was a thousand miles away, so much so that he hadn’t noticed that Eleanor was practically now stood right beside him.::

Alexander: I take it that drink is for me?

Michael: ::looking up and seeing Eleanor, suddenly materialized at his side:: Oh! Yes, absolutely. I hope you’re ok with Saurian brandy?

Alexander: Are you alright ? ::Eleanor asked, gently squeezing his arm:: You seem a little taken aback ::as she took the brandy glass from his hand.::

Michael: Eleanor, I … you’re here! I’m thrilled to see you, of course! And you look absolutely stunning!

He took in her appearance properly for the first time. This mysterious lady in red was in fact Eleanor - his absolute favorite person in all of time and space. Somehow though, that reality only made the mystery deeper.::

Michael: You’re … here. You know Prince Leonard - apparently have for some time. He’ll be limping for a day or two after you attacked the poor man’s foot, yet he didn’t react the way most royalty would be expected to… Eleanor -

Eleanor hoped that on some level she knew Michael, after all they had been on a couple of dates already and she could see he was taken aback and had questions::

Alexander: How about we blow the reception and go for a walk? ::She asked, with a large smile on her face.::

Michael: I’d like that a lot.

The two walked together toward the large arched doors, and Michael caught coordinated movements out of the corner of his eye. Two men - military by the looks of them - were converging on the entrance to the room.::

Michael: Eleanor, we’re about to have company. Don’t look now, but directly to your right is a man in uniform. He doesn’t look like someone to cross. I don’t think we’re in danger. Still though … be ready.

Eleanor looked at the two men, she simply raised her hand halfway up before linking it bank around Michael’s arm. They clearly understood the instruction as instead of blocking the entrance, they gently opened the doors.::

Alexander: I will not be requiring you for the rest of the evening.

Protection Officer: But…

Alexander: ::A more serious tone to her voice:: I will not be requiring you for the rest of the evening.

Protection Officer: Yes Ma’am

Trying not to look at Michael, he was certainly going to have questions, but it wasn’t anything she couldn’t explain..::
The two men walked away, and Michael stared at Eleanor as they walked through the doorway. He stopped when they were out in the warm night air. Turning to her, he asked the simplest question he could manage.::

Michael: Eleanor Alexander, who are you? Really?

The change in temperature, made her shiver for a second as she adjusted to the temperature, she looked at Michael, taking his hand as she slowly lead him away from the building.::

Alexander: What do you mean? I’m Eleanor Alexander. Yes I know Prince Leonard, he is a close family friend. My parents are the largest importer and exporter from my home planet, so it made sense for me to come to tonight's function, it saved one of them from taking the long trip and I thought it might be a distraction from revising for my final exams. Is this jealeasloy I am detecting Michael.

Michael: I’d be lying if I said no, but I can’t help feeling there’s something more.

Michael paused a moment, weighing the mystery. Right now, he was just happy to be here with her.::

Michael: I want to know everything about you, Eleanor. You mean everything to me. We can leave it alone for now though. I’m so happy and surprised to see you. I’ve missed you!

Alexander: I’ve missed you too, but honestly If I knew you were going to be here tonight, I would of let know, I promise.

Michael: ::smiling:: I know.

He leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the forehead. She really was everything to him.::

Alexander: ::Nuding Michael:: Oh you can do better than that ::She said looking up at him, her eyes fixated on him::.

Michael: ::mimicking the uniformed man from before:: Yes, Ma’am.

He cupped her face with his hands, tilting her face gently up and softly kissed her lips. The subtle taste of the brandy still on her lips was not nearly as intoxicating as the nearness of her. When he pulled away mere seconds later, he saw her still-closed eyes.::

Michael: Eleanor …

He let her name hang like music in the night air. His heart was filled with love for this lady. Michael no longer cared who else wanted her attention. He would die for this woman. He … loved her.::

    ~ END ~

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