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Mercury Crew History

USS Mercury Crew History
Command Engineering Helm/Com/Ops Security Tactical
Commanding Officer
First Officer
Second Officer
DSX Commanding Officer
Chief Engineer
Research & Development
Chief HCO Officer
HCO Officer
Mission Specialist
Chief of Security
Assistant Chief of Security
Security Officer
Marine Squad Leader
Chief Tactical Officer
Tactical Officer
Tactical Specialist
Strategic Operations Officer
Sciences Medical Diplomatic Corps. Intelligence Civilians
Chief Science Officer
Science Officer
Life Sciences Officer

Chief Medical Officer
Medical Officer
Diplomatic Officer
General Envoy
Intelligence Officer
Forensic Psychologist
General Pool
Crew history database lists only PCs (main characters) of the Mercury. Individuals are recorded at their highest ranks and positions before transfers, leaves of absence, and departures.

Historic Crew Portraits

Senior Staff, SD 239009.09
Senior Staff, SD 238909.19