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Menthar Corridor History

21,000 years ago

11,000 years ago

10,000 years ago

  • The Ancient Alliance is in tatters.
  • The Va Wreth caused the extinction if the Issana, previously members of the Ancient Alliance.
  • The Peppalexans are at war with the Va Wreth and the Seperatists cause the homeworld to temporally displace to the present.
  • The Peppalexans 'uplifted' the ancestors of (some of) the Breen who have risen and fallen several times in technology since then

5,000 years ago

  • The Tholians and the Va Wreth interbreed.

2,000 years ago

  • The Va Wreth meet and assist through trade a group of dissident Vulcans escaping the growing Cult of Surak. These would go on to found the Romulan Star Empire.