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USS Discovery-C
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Meng Ishkan Tian
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Personal Log Entries

StarBase 118 Academy

StarDate 238901.xx

  • StarDate 238901.16: Arrived at StarBase 118 for my final training today. Pretty laid back. Our training officer, Captain Sidney Riley had a Roll Call and then told us to relax and get our quarters squared away. The next 7-10 days will be busy she said. There are seven of us. Cadets Vedomi Korta-Betazoid male, Sakorra Jefferson Reed-a Vulcan female, Mathilda O'Hara-Terran/Betazoid female, Thelek Thelin-an Andorian, Asuda Theyatt Threll-an Andorian Zhen Female, and Jo Anderson-a Terran Female. I am glad this is our final leg to becoming Ensigns and assigned to the Fleet.
  • StarDate 238901.17: Woke up early, meditated and worked the Bat'leth for an hour. I asked the other cadets if they wanted to join but they seemed to excited about what awaits us this day. Cadets Korta and Threll struggled during the Cadet Cruise. I wonder how they will do during the training. We all reported to the holodeck at 0700 and were met by Cpt Riley and her First Officer, Commander Kalianna Nicholotti. As Cpt. Riley handed out our duty assignments my heart dropped:TACTICAL! I heard that what your assignment here was what you would do when you go to the fleet. I wanted so desperately to be in the Star Fleet Marines or Star Fleet Intelligence. Maybe I can screw this assignment up LOL. I am sure that will cost me my commission. Oh, well. Need to do the best I can and then see how it plays out. The other cadets seemed pleased with their assignment. We got briefed and then the simulation started. The simulation begins with us all en route from StarBase 118 to the USS Centris for re-assignment, aboard a Danube-class runabout named, the Meze. Then the shuttle enters a magnetic rift and we are trying to find a place to land. We crash on a N Class moon and get knocked unconscious! And then my arm is almost broke. I couldn't believe they deactivated the safety protocols! Capt Riley then barks out orders and we fumble around each other trying accomplish them. It was exciting. I was actualy enjoying the realism of the simulation.
  • StarDate 28901.18: Simulation continued and I was having a blast. Cadet Reed was kicking butt! I found out she previously was a Lt. Cdr. but retired and then rejoined Star Fleet. I wondered if they will make her an Ensign or put her back where she was. You could tell she knew her stuff. I was having some problems integrating with the other cadets. I think I was just being stubborn and wanted to do my own thing. But Sakkora talked to me about settling down. Things went pretty good after that.
  • StarDate 238901.19: Troubles LOL. Cpt RIley and Cdr Nicholotti were starting to get upset at us. In the simulation we were getting assaulted by what appeared to be Orions and then I reported it looked like the weapons were Romulan. I might have made a mistake but didn't know how to fix it. Both of the training officers were desperately trying to get us on track.
  • StarDate 238901.20: Got myself out of a jam. The mission was getting stranger every day. We were told to treat it like a real mission. So I wondered if the things we were seeing were illusions or a form of mind control. I reported that to Cpt. Sidney and she seemed receptive. Things smoothed out for me. Sakorra was in complete control of her self as well as Jo Anderson. The other cadets appeared not to be able to keep up with the complex and ever changing simulation.
  • StarDate 238901.21: Cadets Threll and Thelin were no longer with us in the simulation. No explanation was given. I was getting more confident everyday and my interactions with the other cadets and Training Officers was improving. I really enjoy this!
  • StarDate 238901.22: Today Cadet O'Hara was missing. Again, no explanation given. We did not know if it was part of the simulation or if they got hurt or.....The simulation was speeding up and getting more complex. But just as we were getting attacked the holodeck went dark then the lights came on and we were staring at the four black walls of the holodeck. Cpt. Riley told us the training was over and to take the rest of the day off and get cleaned up. Graduation was the next morning at 0800. I was very excited. I knew I did well. Got cleaned up and got a good nights sleep wondering what happened to Cadets Threll, Thelin, and O'Hara.
  • StarDate 238901.21: 0800 and only three of us are in the conference room for graduation. Myself, Anderson, and Reed. We were called to attention and given our Ensign Pips! I was very excited. It was explained to us the other 4 cadets were removed from training for reasons not given. I believe some might get more training but I am not sure. But I was now in the Fleet! Cpt Riley said we are all done and go out to celebrate. Shortly we will be given our assignments. I was praying for Intelligence or Marines. I called my parents and brother on Marlonia by sub-space and showed of my new Ensign Pips. My mother started crying and my dad said he was proud of me. Later that evening while practicing the the difficult mok'bara K'tlern manuever I received a message with my posting and assignment. Intelligence Officer aboard the Sovereign Class Starship USS Discovery-C. Anderson was also assigned to the Discovery and Ensign Reed is on her way to the USS Drake. I packed my bags waited till morning. My training days are over!

USS Discovery-C

StarDate 238901.xx

  • StarDate 238901.23: Assigned to the USS Discovery-C has been, well, rather strange. I definitely picked the wrong time to assigned to this ship. The details on getting on board would take pages to describe but enough to say I am on board and we are trapped in a Dyson's sphere with ships from the present and the past. Things were so busy I never got a briefing from my new boss, the Head Intelligence Officer, Cpt. McCall. I couldn't blame him. Some of the senior officers including the Captain are missing. There is a captured Borg being held in the cargo bay and a renegade Star Fleet Captain in the brig. I spent my first days reading all of the briefings and sensor logs to get myself up to speed.
  • StarDate 238901.24: Finally got to sit down with my boss, Cpt. McCall and fully briefed on what he expected of me. Gove me my first assignment. To check out the sensor logs from Main Engineering. He thought they might show some detail we missed with the data from our terminals. First time I brought an idea to my boss. We had been monitoring ship to ship communications with others trapped like us. I had a feeling that we could be missing comms between two specific ships. He seemed concerned but not overly so. He said to investigate but keep it quiet.
  • StarDate 238901.25: Met Lt Rogg, a Dachlyd and the ACE on board. He seemed nice and we chatted for awhile waiting for the sensor data to download to my PADD. He tried to give me ideas. Went to my office after the download was complete and started to go over the information. Couldn't find anything that could explain the missing officers. While the computer was crunching data I hailed Jo Anderson. Was wondering how her first days were going as an Ensign. She must be busy. I haven't heard back from her. At least I had some time for PT and went to the holodeck and started a Klingon battle sim. Good work out.
  • StarDate 238901.26: Still waiting for more information and orders from my boss. Going over the logs is boring but a necessity. Intelligence work so far is not like in "The Secret Agent". I have had time to work on my Klingon opera. I think the officers that are in charge want everybody to stay put so they don't disappear either. I have some ideas so I should send a report to my boss. Wish Jo would call back. Hope she isn't missing!
  • StarDate 238901.27: Another day on board. Got my report almost ready to send. Need to get that done. Wish I new what was going on. I don't like waiting.
  • StarDate 238901.28: Busy day and I still don't know what is expected of me. I finished analyzing the sensor logs to see if it helps finding our missing officers. Nothing conclusive. They just vanished. In the meantime the bridge crew seems interested in the "Squire of Gothos". I did some checking and I wonder if he is part of the Q Continuum and why the bridge crew is interested in him. I finished my report and hailed my boss. Hopefully he gets back to me soon. In the mean time I guess I will check on the non-communications between the two ships. WOnder if they are part of this or they just don't like to chat very much.
  • StarDate 238901.29: Guess I am in charge now! McCall is missing also. Went to the Bridge to report McCall missing and give Lt. Rogg the reports on the sensor logs and my ideas about Trelane. The Bridge seemed very busy. I felt confident in my report or at the very least filling in for the missing Intel Chief. The non communications between those two ships still befuddle me but I can neither prove nor disprove any reason for it. Lt. Rogg seemed pleased with the report but we had an opportunity to beam the missing officers off of the planet Trelane had them imprisoned on. He assigned me to help Lt. Sharpe modify the Transporter systems to achieve a lock. It worked. A busy but happy day. But I fear our worries aren't over yet,
  • StarDate 238901.30: It had been so busy with the ongoing emergency with Trelane and getting our officers back I forgot to log that yesterday, 238901.29 I was appointed to the Species Development Committee as the Historian for Kerelian race and culture. I was very excited about the appointment. My race and planet do not have much detail in the Star Fleet Archives not the UFoP's database. I am eager to start the project. My POC at SB 118 is Commander Tal Tel-ar.
  • StarDate 238901.31: Heard today of opening on the new Starship Apollo. I am not sure if I want to change assignments this quick. Sent a sub-space message to Fleet Admiral Wolf. Waiting for that response. Presented my report on Trelane to my boss. I want to initiate a narrow band scan to see if we can detect him. I am on a quick break now and awaiting his orders.

StarDate 238902.xx

  • StarDate 238902.07: Been in the astrometrics lab. Scanning for Trelanes signal has had some hope. Sent a report to the bridge on an escape plan. Cpt McCall seemed to like it. We left for the bridge to brief the Captain. Simple plan. Create decoys to mimic the Discovery and launch as many as possible. Reverse direction and hopefully get away.

Photo Album

My Photo History
292px-NellaDaren.jpg Klingon opera.jpg
Lt. Cdr. Nella Daren-My Idol-1st Kerelian in Star Fleet Me starring in my first Klingon Opera
Champion Standing trophys.jpg Klingon opera1.jpg
Junior Champion Standing Trophy from Forcas III Bat'leth Competition Me Belting Out a Solo
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My Crazy Parents Celebrating Jerlwern, Kerelian Halloween Forcas III Arena - Bat'leth Championships
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Klingon Rendition of A Christmas Carol Malronian Capitol, Gratalyn