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Real Life information

I was born in Granada, Nicaragua on March 21st, 1974. By the time I wrote this page, I was 34 years old. I have a wonderful Wife and 3 kids. Also I'm an Amateur Astronomer and a computer geek: I use Linux hehehe.

I was introduced by the first time on Star Trek by my late Father, Dr. Oscar Vannini, who bought me an animated book from Star Trek, the Motion Picture, when I was 8. Since then I've been dreaming with stars and technology. One of those dreams was to become a real Starfleet Officer, and that's why I use my real name as my Primary Character's name. But that's it. I don't intend to cross the line between Real Life and Science Fiction.

I work primarily switch computers and networks in Nicaragua and in my free time, I love to be with my family and go stargazing.

How you came to UFOP: SB118

I bought a Palm Pilot and inside there was an EBook of Startrek Corps of Engineering. I read it all and wanted to find a group on the Net that contains information about the Trek Technology. I made a search and among the first results was SB118. I went to the Prospective Area and read everything about the Academy, the Base and the UFoP Constitution so I decided to give it a try. My experience at the Academy was just great and since then, I've been an active SIMmer in this Community.

Another reason was my need to improve my reading and writing skills in English, due the fact that my first language is Spanish. I can proudly state that I have received all the support and help from my Crewmates, until the point to having earned the TOSMA 1 Award (2006 Ceremony) and the B-Plot Award (2007 Ceremony), which I consider a personal success.


  • Where were you first placed? What was it like starting to sim on your vessel?

My first Post of Duty was the Assistant Chief Engineer Officer at SB118 OPS, under the command of Captain Steve Lee McCall (yes! The McCall!). At first I was a bit nervous about how to get into the plot, so I went to the OPS Group web page and started reading about that plot. Luckily, Commander Waltas (now Captain Waltas) was gathering a group for a Search & Retrieve Mission to Romulus.

  • What have been your greatest challenges in this group?

My greatest challenge was to give order and logic to my initial SIMs. To read several posts and to link them together was a bit hard in the beggining.

  • What have been your greatest achievements in this group?

To make terrific friends within my Crew and to improve my writing skills!.

  • What do you hope to ultimately accomplish?

The Captaincy of the USS Enterprise! :: giggles ::

  • Where do you see this group in five years?

Where no other PBeM Group has gone before!

  • How do you think this group has contributed to Star Trek's legacy? How has the group contributed to the internet community?

By keeping alive the dream and by helping us to live that dream.