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Real Life information

Okay the real life me..........

Well I'm a 45 year old male from the UK, I work in a cut flower nursery, a job I enjoy. I'm married with three daughters, yes thats right three.. no wonder i'm bald

How you came to UFOP: SB118

I came to SB118 after a few years absence from PBEM games. I got involved 10 years ago on a Star Trek sim where I meet a load of people from around the world. After the game folded I 'forgot' about playing for about 2 years.

Being bored one weekend I did a web search for PBEM games and on top of the list came SB118's link.

Clicking on the link I found the prospective members link and the rest as the say is history.


  • My first ship out of the academy was the USS Victory under Captian Pheonix. Being fresh from the academy it seemed like a big step going to an active ship. I found my first few weeks daunting, after my first post I sat at my desk wonder ing 'what if it's wrong, what if they dont like it'.

After a few months on the Victory the chance to transfer to the Challenger came up. I spent many happy hours there, with some great players.

  • My greatest challenge here has been lack of insperation, sometimes I sit at the computer and stare at the screen, wondering what to write or trying to fathim out whats been written, on the whole I've not had too many problems.
  • I guess my greatest achievement so far is gaining the chief rank for my current duty post. Thats and seeing some good friends gain their well deserved fourth pip.
  • My ultimate goal would be my own ship, however I realise that not everyone gets that special oppotunity.
  • In 5 years? I'd like to see the group expand, with more ship, stations, planet based operations.
  • As a group most of the writers have some knowledge of the Star Trek universe. As to contributing to the ST universe I'd like to think of the group and other like us are the other parts of the fleet we don;t see on the TV programs and the films.