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Greetings and salutations. The first name is actually Steve (although several here are prone to call me David), a audio/video editor and screenwriter somewhere in his mid ‘30s who resides in California.


Real Life information

Most of the time I’m dealing with audio and video streams, changing from one format to the next, although my primary side hobby, moving into a second career, is screenwriting. As for the rest, it’s a bunch of little pleasantries I’ve discovered in life, snow skiier, antique books, a fine cognac, films, sailing, flying (which I mean to finish my flight hours). There’s a bunch of varied interests from architecture to construction – too many to really list. ;-)

How you came to UFOP: SB118

Originally, I was recruited while loitering around in a ST chat room on AOL (although I think they caught me in a Forever Knight FanFiction Chat room, since I was working with a friend of mine at the time through AOL writing a Forever Knight fan story, since I was using AOL in the '94-'96 years for the specific purpose of joint writing with my friends). ;) Whether it was Wolf, or Elinor or one of the others, I can't for the life of me remember anymore whether it was the one ship or two ship era. My memory is somewhat fuzzy of those times.

In January of 1997 my fiance was killed. It was iconic in a way because I remember very distinctly taking out the Mass Driver with Captain Kelly and the announcement the Yolanda Wars had ended literally two days after she passed on. I lost someone near and dear to me and my desire and drive to write went with it. I remember distinctly going through the motions of finishing my college degrees, just surviving day to day.

And then one day, it had to have been around 2001, I was using the college campus computer room and saw someone had up a website for a Star Trek PBEM. Kinda looked at and thought it would be fun to get back into. The organization was Chris Spires' UFPI, and had a good four years before everything folded. I took a good year off since RL and work kept me extremely busy at that point. And then come about 2006 when I felt ready to engage with another RPG, I went and did some research into the various groups that were around.

The funny thing about the whole thing was when I came here, I really did not remember or know it was the same group I had joined on AOL. ;) But sooner or later after settling in, little things spark memory. Red Dragon Inn, for example. Hung out in that chat room way too often. Bits and pieces of missions run. Some names start popping into memory. I finally asked Wolf point blank if this was the group out of Red Dragon. Low and behold...

Proof no matter how far or where we go, some things resonate and return. :)


I can remember very, very distinctly nights when we were simming chat on the Centris. Then again, there were nights when I swore it was just Phoenix (which makes me suspect it was the one ship era, but then I can remember running three ships and an IRC). I remember the very first PBEM dealt with flying into Romulan space and landing on an asteroid to take out one very massive cannon. I can remember really short missions that wrapped themselves up after about four or five hours. I can remember staying up until dawn. It's little things that jump out from the mid-'90s. I had these old 5 1/4 big floppies I was storing everything on because AOL didn't have a save function. If you didn't cut and paste the chats, that was it. I had Blade's character template stored on those floppies along with a slew of stuff.

All of it, nearly ruined. Too long in its cardboard box in storage. Most of it is gibberish with an occasional passage of clarity.

However, old makes way to new and everyone brings something to the game. The value to an old-time RPGer like myself is being able to meet and get to know people who share the love of writing and simming, since as we get on with the years here and fall into, how shall we say, certain habits, it's the wonder of being able to sit down and read what others bring, and have fun as they tear through the universe doing all the things you swore you'd never do again (LOL).

Even though surprisingly enough, I've only served on two ships this time. The USS Independence, and her successor, the USS Independence-A. I've had the great honor to get to know several members throughout the Fleet. The esteemable RAdm Rocar, more recently. From Ben Walker and Danny Wilde to Jessa Anassasi and Idril Mar. Wonderful, wonderful simmers and players like Boby, and Toni Turner, yes, even Llewellyn and Tekra. I've even had some run-ins with others from different times and eras.

The truth of it, really, is enjoy the times you have now. :) Before you know, some will be gone with a snap, leaving only fun memories. You'll meet some great friends and yeah, we will all make a few mistakes here now and again. I've made my fair share. I'll still make more. :D You'll form lasting bonds, and perhaps, take up the challenge when the need arises. Above all, we have fun and at the end of the day, tuck in and go about our RL schedules until the time when we return to continue the journey Gene Roddenbery created.

I see so many voices and styles of diversity, and that is a good thing. What I hope you take with you is the UFOP: SB118 may be a game, but more importantly it is a community of writers who love the Star Trek universe and find both friends and family here. In closing, I would remind all of perhaps my favorite Wolfism:

"Say what you mean and mean what you say."