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Member Resources

StarBase 118 Member Resources

Today's stardate is 239608.24.

StarBase 118 Homepage

Personnel Department

  • Fleet Roster: See a listing of all the current members of our fleet.
  • Forms: File for a leave of absence, transfer, creation of a secondary, etc.
  • Promotions: Learn more about how to advance through the ranks.
  • Rank Index: Understand the different ranks, including enlisted and Marines.
  • Player Types: Primary, secondary, NPC, PNPC and more are all explained.
  • Judge Advocate General's Corps: For disciplinary issues.

Sim Archive

  • Read sims from every ship, past and present.

Community News


  • Leadership Roster: A list of facilitators.
  • Teams: OOC collaboratives that help keep our group running.
  • Guilds: Players organized around a common character interest.

Department of Veterans Affairs


  • Check out our affiliates and other Trek resources.

Donations & Support

  • Help keep our site ad-free!

Rules and regulations


State of the Federation Address

  • Read the annual report on the state of our community.

Events, Activities, and Contests

REV SD 239607.20