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Writer IDs beginning with C
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To edit/add entries, use the following format:



{{Writer ID|A238803E10|Eerie}}

If the person has a secondary, add SECONDARY=

{{Writer ID|A238909RJ0|Rune Jolara|SECONDARY=Nikki Ryan}}

Add previous characters, separating each character with a pipe character |

{{Writer ID|I238705TZ0|Roshanara Rahman|Tenzin Zhou|Charles Sampi|Msafiri Bakari}}

An example with both a secondary character as well as a previous character:

{{Writer ID|A239001SF0|Selene Faranfey|SECONDARY=Sundassa Faranster|Shelther Faranster}}

If a red link with the character's name shows up in the portrait column, it means the character needs an ID subpage. Click here to learn how to create one for that character.

Writer ID User Page Portrait Primary Character Secondary Character Previous Player Characters
C zzzzz zzzzz C zzzzz zzzzz
C237708DW0 User Page Maz Rodan Regan Wilde, Danny Wilde
C237903CR0 User Page Carmen Rogers
C237904DE0 User Page Alexa Dana Dar Elandra, Devana Franks
C237910TW0 User Page Tyr Waltas
C238005RM0 User Page Rode Mitchell
C238211TZ0 User Page Ashley Yael Tash Zubowskivich, Chase Valaine
C238410AJ0 User Page Andrus Jaxx
C238601TB0 User Page Vylaa zh'Tisav Alucard Vess, Turc Brakur
C238607TR0 User Page Tallis Rhul Diego Herrera, Greir Reinard
C238703HP0 User Page Katy Toliver Hannibal Parker
C238803SB0 User Page Kinan Venroe Sky Blake, Akyra Venroe, Sabor, Tristam Core, Kyo Seung-gi
C238805AC0 User Page Vito Jiace Kendra Eberhart, Arden Cain, Clayas Ellat
C238805DG0 User Page Alana Larson Dero Goi
C239107AC0 User Page Anneka Cage
C239108T10 User Page Jesse De'Vere Tatash
C239111CS0 User Page Cory Stoyer Ian Kerensky, Cory Stoyer
C239112AB0 User Page Alexander Bishop
C239112CA0 User Page Tiria Hamasaki Peinyuong Loizuthi Zhaiyt Graves, Ceciri Ariadust, Tsuki Kazeyama
C239112DB0 User Page Diego Beyett
C239201LQ0 User Page Shirazi Myrta
C239203TW0 User Page Etan Iljor Arlo Thornton, Theo Whittaker
C239204NO0 User Page Nuvia Oori
C239205AF0 User Page Antero Flynn Jelani Firewind
C239205ME0 User Page Talia Kecia Ohnari Mirra Ezo
C239206AT0 User Page Alex Trevayin
C239207DC0 User Page Drann Chexon Tyvak, Karaag Wrecks
C239207HK0 User Page Hanako Kimura
C239207MR0 User Page Mila Rakan
C239207NC0 User Page Nathaniel Christopher
C239207V10 User Page Valoru
C239208JM0 User Page Jerome Milsap
C239209CR0 User Page Solasta Awatto Ceilidh Riverview, Y'Shirad, Merigold Kitiganzibi, Yai'enek Kortar
C239210AS0 User Page Akoni Soriano
C239210JK0 User Page James Kalani
C239210SM0 User Page Solaris McLaren Ta'lis Merek
C239211DS9 User Page Dag Sindri
C239212CC0 User Page Chelin Ch'Gabor
C239202CH0 User Page Caesar Hol
C239305TA0 User Page Tahlin Alse
C239201GF0 User Page James Winter Garret Faulkner
C239312FR0 User Page Alexander Morningstar Francis Ryan
C239401PM0 User Page Phyvas Meira
C239312K10 User Page Kala
C239402JC0 User Page Jason Craig
C239402CJ0 User Page Choi Ji-hu
C239403LG0 User Page Lara Grayson
C239405LV0 User Page Lukas Vukovic
C239408TC0 User Page T'Naa Cicoone
C239408JH0 User Page Jacob Horne
C239411DY0 User Page Dave Young
C239501DM0 User Page Derik Mulligan
C239502ES0 User Page Edward Spears
C239502TM0 User Page Tyler Moore
C239505LS0 User Page Lilith Seir
C239509EA0 User Page Eleanor Alexander
C239509P10 User Page Pholin Duyzer
C239510LD0 User Page Lazarus Davis
C239510JC0 User Page Jona ch'Ranni
C239510TG0 User Page Taurik James Colquhoun, Tommy Gottci
C239512LH0 User Page Lunara Hol
C239602AJ0 User Page Arika Jojovich-Collins
C239602VC0 User Page Vel Careno
C239601BB0 User Page Ben Burns
C239603KG0 User Page Kral chukir Grolov
C239604KC0 User Page Jodie Marie Keira Callahan
C239604KS0 User Page Karen Stendhal
C239605Q10 User Page Qrath
C239605TA0 User Page Tesan Aeryn
C239605RO1 User Page Rebecca Owens
C239605GB0 User Page Gervan Bollore
C239606MT0 User Page Molko Trevinien
C239607NT0 User Page Nali Talia
C239607AS0 User Page Artinus Serinus
C239607RC0 User Page Ravenna Carter
C239608KR0 User Page Kano Risha
C239612G10 User Page Gunnar
C239703EA0 User Page Eston Ares
C239704CF0 User Page Chip Foley
C239710TJ0 User Page Tagia Jutto
C239712S10 User Page Sirn
C239712FA0 User Page Freki Azorius
C239802V04 User Page Kevlak Vurdal
C239803PM4 User Page Poe Martin
C239805AS2 User Page Alara Scarrow
C239805AK2 User Page Arvo Kass
C239809SH3 User Page Doz Finch Sepulsra Hex
C239811T14 User Page Talma
C239903WR3 User Page Wyatt Ral
C239904MS1 User Page Maren Shepard
C239904SV2 User Page Serok
C239904RR2 User Page Ro Ranella
C239904SC3 User Page Seth Cohen
C239905KS3 User Page Kante Soho
C239906MT2 User Page Maxwell Tannhauser
C239907BT3 User Page Basbah Trem
C239907T11 User Page T'syrik
C239907OZ1 User Page 101 and 000
C239909AS3 User Page Arik Syren
C239910ED2 User Page Evelyn Veir
C239910BS2 User Page Arion Merin
C240001AV1 User Page Akaris Venn
C240004CG4 User Page Christian Gillette
C240004T11 User Page T'Ama
C240008AD1 User Page Atan Drei
C240010IY1 User Page Indrid Yirah
C240012B13 User Page Ba'el/ID Ba'el