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Anthony Robert Meeks was born on 237306.20 to Robert and Linda Meeks aboard the merchant vessel, Kratos. Kratos was a family owned freighter captained by Robert Meeks. Anthony crawled all over the ship as a youth, and probably knew every seam and rivet of the vessel by the time he was a teen.

Anthony was educated by his mother, Linda and received a general education certificate after passing in the top 1/3rd percentile on the Federation Standard Educational Testing.

Anthony joined the Starfleet Marine Corps on 239107.01 at 18 years of age and within a matter of days he was on a shuttle to basic training. He enjoyed the challenge of the Marine Corps, both physically and mentally, and graduated on 239109.12 top of his class. He was immediately off to Advanced Marine Training for a 16 month education in the intricacies of being a Marine. During that time, he was promoted twice, earning the chevron and rocker of a Lance Corporal by the time he graduated on 239303.01. Anthony had shown leadership skills while at AMT, and was invited to advance his career through Officer Candidate School, which meant he would be required to attend Starfleet Academy as a cadet. Taking the leap from enlisted to officer was not something that comes easy to a Marine, but on 239304.07 Anthony applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy.