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Medical knowledge has increased immensely since the 20th century, and continues to expand as research is carried out. This database contains notes on some of the more common medicines at the disposal of a 24th century Starfleet medic.



A painkiller Bashir gave O'Brien for his muscle spasms.


One of the nucleotides included in the marking sequence that made up the cure to the Founders' disease.


Also known as epinephrine, a hormone and neurotransmitter. It is used to prevent death from anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction), or cardiac arrest. It has also been found useful against some radiation poisoning, and has been successful in treating a radiation type that caused hyper-acceleration of the aging process.


Stimulant that can be pumped through life support systems.  Shipwide resuscitation


Counters Allergic reactions.



Anabolic Supplements

Helps resist harvester nanobiogenic weapons.

Anaerobic Metabolite

A medical substance. For his "cellular entertainment" chamber, Dr. Giger wanted two liters (later said to be five liters) of this, suspended in a hydrosaline solution. Jake and Nog obtained it from Bashir, in exchange for their retrieving Kukalaka from Leeta.


Used as a restorative


This is an inhalant that can be used as a general anesthetic, but is more often used by Security as an intruder control measure.


Used to prevent inebriation.




One of the nucleotides included in the marking sequence that made up the cure to the Founders' disease.


An anti-arrhythmic used to regulate some heart conditions.


Used to adjust the level of Isoboramine in Trills.

Biomemetic Gel

A medical substance, the sale of which is prohibited by Federation law. Even attempting to obtain it is a felony (presumably unless one is a doctor). This is because in the wrong hands, it can be used to make biogenic weapons, to conduct illegal replication experiments, or to develop organic explosives. Altovar attacked Bashir when the doctor caught him stealing it, after having refused to give or sell Altovar some. [Distant Voices] Sisko ordered Bashir to release 85 liters of it, which Bashir did under protest after demanding to see the order in writing. The gel was traded to a source of Garak's in exchange for an optolythic data rod.


Treatment for Omega radiation exposure.


An experimental rybotherapy medication used to replace Leporazine and Morathial.


Simulates anaphylactic shock.


Anti-rejection drug.


A cardio-stimulatory drug used where Inaprovaline is ineffective or may cause allergic reactions. It is usually used in concert with cardiac and neural stimulators for additional benefits.


A powerful stimulant that will usually revive a stunned or unconscious patient completely. Cordrazine is "tricky stuff" - overdose can lead to delusional paranoia, and the drug is addictive.


A drug Bashir called for when trying to revive Quark.


A general purpose antibiotic. It has minimal side effects and is non-addictive.

Cortical Analeptic

Reinvigorates the tissues of the cerebral cortex.


Resuscitative drug.


This drug makes the user more likely to believe anything that they are told. Its use has been superseded by more effective memory blockers.


Used to improve the skills of soldiers.




A common stimulant with few side effects. It is mildly addictive.

Deoxyribose suspensions

Fluid derived from DNA.


Gel Used in the treatment of burns

Dermal Osmotic Sealant

Medicinal skin application used as a protection against epidermal irritation such as that caused by exposure to trigemic vapors

Dermatiraeliene Plasticine

Used to maintain the effects of cosmetic surgery


Used to reverse memory loss


Used by the Kobliad to stabilize cellular structure


This is used to treat oxygen deprivation.


This is a powerful neuroinhibitor used for painless euthanasia.

Elasian Tears

Love potion.

Fanalian Toddy

Hot drink that soothes coughs.


Used to treat a plague.

Felodesine Chip

Used by Romulans for suicide if captured


A common stimulant that can cause irritability with prolonged use (more than three days). Otherwise, it has the same effects as Delactovine.


A powerful general purpose antibiotic.


Raises blood sugar levels.


General analgesic.


Stops bleeding very quickly. This is unnecessary when using Anabolic Protoplasers, although a version of this drug for localized use on wounds in the field may exist.


Cardiac Stimulant.


This medication protects against radiation sickness. One dose halves the effective amount of radiation received, and a second dose further halves that, and so on. Each dosage beyond the first risks Hyronalyn poisoning, which could lead to permanent damage.

Hyvroxilated Quintethyl Metacetamine

Anesthetic potion. Quark tried to get Bashir to ingest in a drink before the racquetball match with O'Brien.


Used to limit immune response

Impedrezene Cardiac Medication

Dose - 2cc should be followed with osteogenic stimulator


A cardio-stimulatory drug that can also be used to stabilize a weak but living patient's condition.


Used after cranial trauma.

Intraspinal Inhibitor

Used to induce paralysis.


This drug causes immediate unconsciousness and the patient will remain asleep for 1-6 hours.


Used to treat burns.


Used to control Jem'Hadar. The isogenic enzyme that the Jem'Hadar are "addicted" to. The supplies are controlled by the Vorta, under the Founders. The Jem'Hadar call it "white" for short. [Hippocratic Oath] One of its active ingredients is uridium bycantizine.

Note: in the movie Star Trek: Insurrection, it was mentioned that Ketracel-white had been manufactured by the Son'a. Ketracel-white was also erroneously referred to as a narcotic. A specific genetic defect must be in place before the need for Ketracel White arises.


Aides in psychokinetic powers.


Used to stabilize cardiovascular and renal systems.


Resuscitative drug.


A general resuscitative.


A neurotransmitter inhibitor. This drug temporarily diminishes intelligence, but each dose also makes psychic and psionic intrusions harder. Lexorin can also calm excited or agitated patients. In greater dosages than 3 in 24 hours, the patient also begins to lose manual dexterity, as the Central Nervous System begins to lose control of voluntary functions. Lexorin is mildly addictive, and causes the patient to feel overconfident and happy.


Used to counteract mental disorientation.


One of the nucleotides included in the marking sequence that made up the cure to the Founders' disease.


Used to improve the skill of soldiers.

Makho Root

Antidote for the Mugato bite.

Makara herb

Increases progesterone levels.

Maraji Crystal

Controlled addictive substance.

Masiform D

Powerful stimulant.


This drug causes immediate unconsciousness. The patient will remain asleep for 3-8 hours.

Memory Blockers

These are used to permanently block specific memories in a patient. This is useful if a patient has seen something unpleasant, or has been exposed to information that may violate the Prime Directive.


This drug stimulates the users memory. It allows the user to attempt to remember something that has been forgotten.



Metabolic Reduction Injection

Reduces heart rate and bodily functions.


Cardiac anti-arrhythmic. See Benjisidrine for guidelines.


Used to help a fracture heal.


A general resuscitative. Treatment for shock when blood pressure is too low for Leporazine.


Puts patients into deep, dreamless sleep for 3-18 hours.


Analgesic anti-convulsive.

Morphogenic Enzymes

There were some residual ones in Odo's brain even though he had become a solid. When the runabout he, Sisko, Dax, and Garak were in encountered a plasma storm, the enzymes were activated, initiating a telepathic response. Odo's mind unconsciously reached out to Link with other Changelings, but only Sisko, Dax, and Garak were there, resulting in their sharing his flashback.

Mylar II

With reconstructive surgery it is possible to conceal a person's true race. However reconstructive surgery on an entire platoon or company is not always an option time or facilities wise. The drug, Mylar II, causes the top layers of skin and flesh to become more pliable. Thus with Mylar II injections a human could easily appear to be a Romulan or Vulcan. There is a limit to what these injections can do. A Mylar II Cardassian would take a few hours, be quite painful and require the use of some prostectics. None of these disguises will fool a medical tricorder or a very detailed inspection. These disguises may also require some form of makeup to be complete.

Neo-anapaptic transmitter

Biochemical neurostimulant. First dose increases heart rate and eases stress of a high gravity. Second dose can lessen natural damage of a phaser blast even set to kill

Neodextraline Solution

Liquid administered intravenously for the treatment of severe dehydration.



Neural Paralyser

Causes cessation of heartbeat.


biochemical responsible for neural electric energy.


This drug is an antidote for nerve poison.

Nogatch Hemlock

Poisonous substance


Used to revive. 2cc dose derivative of Norepinepherine.


Similar to adrenaline.

Numinol Tetramidaphin

20 cc's were given by Bashir to Vargas to relieve fever and congestion.

Ovarian Resequencing Enzymes

Given by Bashir to Dax to enable her to conceive a child with Worf.


Palliative treatment.


Synthetic pharmaceutical based on epinephrine.

Polynutrient Solution

Restorative formula full of nutrients.


A poison developed by the Obsidian Order for use by operatives in case of capture. Death is quick, and the body is reduced to dust within hours, rendering it unidentifiable. Dukat's followers were going to take it in order to shed their corporeal bodies.


Helps Betazoids filter trauma from reading victims.

Psychoactive Drugs

Used to produce delusional or hallucinogenic affects.


Simulates death.


This drug cleanses the user's systems of foreign biochemicals, and neutralizes active drugs (including recreational drugs and alcohol) within minutes.


This drug gives the user double strength and berserker rage for 10-60 minutes. This drug is considered unethical by Federation standards.


One of the nucleotides included in the marking sequence that made up the cure to the Founders' disease.

Retnax V

Used to treat nearsightedness.


This drug can be used as a tranquilizer, a pain killer and a sedative. All is depending on the dose administered.


Mineral antibiotic. Used to treat Rigelian fever.


Central Neurotransmitter.


This is an experimental neurotransmitter enhancer which increases the patient's health, strength and dexterity every 15 seconds, but decreases intelligence by a similar amount. Users also temporarily gain the overconfidence and a high pain threshold. This drug is considered unethical by the Federation.


A mild stimulant that will revive an unconscious or stunned patient. It has no major side effects and is non-addictive. However, patients quickly develop a tolerance to it. Each time Stokaline is not effective, all future uses on that patient will be less. This effect is permanent and cumulative.


Slows down all biological functions. This is similar to the Stasis Field. In sickbays, a Stasis Field is used.

Takaria Herbs

A Bajoran herbal medication which Bashir gave O'Brien for Kira's swollen ankles. He said she would need to dissolve them in fruit juice before ingesting them.


Analgesic, general pain killer.


Used to aid in metabolism of Bajoran Nutrients. Used in Bajoran newborns.


Presumably a Bajoran hormone. Bashir was going to inject high doses into Kira to enable the O'Briens' baby to metabolize Bajoran nutrients.


Biochemical weapon. Lethal nerve gas if used in pure forms.


A refined version of Cordrazine that lacks the delusional paranoia side effects, but will not revive as well. It is still addictive.

Tri-Ox Compound

This drug helps to provide oxygen to blood in thin atmospheres, or in cases of oxygen starvation.


Analgesic for treatment of pain. Garak was taking to relieve the pain from his implant. He was up to 30 cc's a day, which Bashir said was enough to anesthetize an Algorian mammoth. Used to relieve the pain of Yarim-Fel syndrome.

Thuludian Crystal


Tryptophan-Lysine distillates

These are more powerful antibiotics. They add to the effective health of the patient, but at the cost of a slightly Fatigued state that lasts until the treatments end.


Used to increase the blood flow. 22% of patients experience side effects including damage to the lungs, kidneys, brain and heart.

Venus Drug

Makes you look younger. Illegal improvement drug.

Veridium Six

Poison, no antidote.


Combats vertigo. Only one dose will have effect in a 24 hour period. It has no side effects.


Poison. Dukat sent a bottle of kanar, laced with enough of this to kill a dozen Cardassians, to Ghemor's quarters. The bottle was intercepted; Sisko offered a glass to Dukat and Weyoun. Dukat refused, but Weyoun cheerfully gulped it down.