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The Academy

Patrick McLeod joined Starfleet Academy on stardate 238602.27. A few months after graduating from the Daystrom Institute, Pat applied to Starfleet Academy. His academics were excellent, and having already earned a degree in physics and mathematics gave him an edge that many applicants didn't have. That being said, he was never an athlete and the physical portion of the application process meant that Pat was accepted only by the skin of his teeth.

In the Academy, Pat decided to broaden his horizons and majored in Xenobiology. Early on, he discovered a passion for flying which came as a surprise to him. This, combined with his prior knowledge of Astrophysics, led to Pat taking a minor in helm and navigation.

Patrick enjoyed his time at the Academy and had no regrets attending. He still spent a lot of time cooped up alone studying and reading like he had before the Academy but he was more willing to try new things and for the first time ever, he involved himself in sports, discovering a hidden talent for hoverball. After his four years were over, Patrick graduated with distinction and due to his academic history, was commissioned at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Starfleet Career

USS Apollo

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Achilles class
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Upon being commissioned at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, Patrick McLeod was assigned to the USS Apollo. Due to the destruction of the Apollo, his assignment, along with the rest of the Apollo crew was temporarily on the USS Aegis.

When he was commissioned, Pat waited at Deep Space 5 to board the Aegis and in an attempt to kill time, he took his cat to one of the many veterinary clinics on the station. He took him more time than he would have expected and he ended up missing a notice which stated the time that the Aegis would depart from the station, resulting in him missing the departure.

What followed was possibly one of the most embarrassing beginnings to a care that one might expect. He had to contact Starfleet Command in order to inform him of his situation, whereafter they dispatched a runabout that would transport him to his new assignment.

Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet, 4th Class 238602.27 - 238606.12 Starfleet Academy,
San Francisco,
Major: Xenobiology
Minor: Helm & Navigation
Cadet, 3rd Class 238706.12 - 238812.29
Cadet, 2nd Class 238808.01 - 238912.10
Cadet, 1st Class 238912.10 - 239012.30
239012.30 - 239105.10 USS Centris-A
Lieutenant JG 239105.26 - Present USS Apollo Helm & Navigational Officer