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Early Life and Childhood

Patrick McLeod was born on March 11, 2365 in a town called Ennis in the country of Ireland on Earth, the second of three children of Jonathan McLeod and Celina O'Marragh. While Pat was born in Ireland, his parents were not from there. His father was born in Canada whose family lived there for countless generations. His mother was born in Ireland as well as her father but her mother was born in Copenhagen in the historical country of Denmark.

Pat's childhood was a rather ordinary one; he was born in a small town in Ireland but in spite of the town's size, he was by no means isolated from the rest of the Federation. He grew up with holonovels about daring adventure deep in space. While he did enjoy tales about Starfleet, what most drew his attention were the tales of maverick captains, braving it in the wilderness of space with their isolated crews.

His parents were creative people and encouraged their children to take up many hobbies. While many of the hobbies his parents encouraged bored him, Pat continues to play music to this day. He has taken to playing many instruments, he brought an oboe with him on his first assignment in Starfleet, but his fondest memories from childhood are when we was playing cello with his brother.


The first thing people notice about Pat is how outgoing he is; he's a very social guy and tries to make friends whenever he can. However, his outgoing attitude, while pleasant, does prove to be intimidating for some people who aren't used to being around somebody of his disposition.

To people who don't know him, Pat comes off as being a bit arrogant. That comes from airs of confidence he puts on not necessarily stemming from any arrogance but actually as a way of masking his insecurities. He always wants to do the best job that he can and gets somewhat stressed when he doesn't do his job perfectly. He feels that if he doesn't do his job perfectly that somehow the world might end. That frame of mind may not be too far from the truth in his new life in Starfleet, though, because while in civilian life a mistake here or there would mean next to nothing, on a ship in the far reaches of space, any action could have dire consequences.

Pat has had only one relationship in his life which ended when he joined Starfleet and the pain of it is something that he keeps locked away in a dark corner of his mind. He likes women. A lot. He is a somewhat flirtatious man and while he isn't the kind of person to have one night stands, or casual flings here and there, he doesn't put much effort into hiding his interests.

Juno Thumb.jpg
Juno Her Majesty, The Lady Cuddles

After graduating from the Academy, Pat took a small trip to the city of Toronto on the Earth's North American continent to visit the extended family on his father's side. When he was taking a nightly stroll, he saw a cat who had recently given birth was dead in the side of the street, the only one who survived was a small female kitten. Pat couldn't stand seeing an innocent animal die, so he adopted the kitten and called her Juno, the name of the pet cat that he had when he was a boy. Since adopting her, Pat has taken her with him almost everywhere and the loyalty that she exhibits towards him is more akin to that of a dog than a cat.

Dial Thumb.jpg
Dial Romantic Interest, USS Apollo

On his first away mission, Pat and Dial were taken prisoner and because of the troubles that they endured together, the two of them admitted an attraction to the other. After the away mission, the two of them decided to pursue a romantic relationship.