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Steve Lee McCall

  • Current Rank: Captain
  • Duty Post: Intelligence Officer
  • Current Vessel:Discovery-B
  • Species: Terran
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 235107.27
  • Place of Birth: England, Earth


  • Hair Color: Brown / blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height: 6.2Ft

Family History

  • Mother: Mary McCall
  • Father: Colin McCall
  • Siblings: Chris McCall
  • Spouse:
  • Children:

Personal History

McCall did well in all his classes at school and excelled at several sports such as football. Unfortunately he got into several fights which caused his grades to drop.

After finishing school he took up hand to hand combat as a hobby. he spent time looking up at the stars from Earth and he decided that he wanted to explore so he joined tried to join Starfleet.

While at the Academy McCall joined the marksmanship team and proved to be an excellent shot regardless of the weapon used. This proved to help him during his training to become a Security officer.

After being assigned to the Constitution some time after graduated McCall's career became his life and he had little time for much else. During his time on various ships those around him contently changed and he struggled to form any meaningful friendships. The only exceptions were those who he spend long hours working with. His best friend during his time onboard the Constitution and later the Starbase would have been Rocar. The two were very different which helped their friendship. During shore leave McCall acted as best man at Rocar's wedding.

Working in the field of security allowed McCall to form a close friendship with John Stone. The two worked well together which was reflected on and off duty.

His longest Friend was Rei Garrett who he had known since they had both arrived on board the Constitution. They helped each other through this difficult part in their careers but just remained good friends for the time being.

The pursuit of romance was never high up on his priorities list although he briefly dated a number of civilians on the base but it never seemed to work out for one reason or another. Usually as a result of his inability to trust anyone that deeply.

This all changed just before the start of an covert intelligence gathering mission on the Ferengi homeworld on stardate 238009.20. Before leaving the ship Rei found McCall wondering the USS Discovery's corridors and handed him a ring and a copy of the Rules of Acquisition. Before they parted McCall kissed her. This was the beginning of their relationship which had it's fair share of ups and downs. The biggest threat to the relationship was when make a bad decision based on inaccurate data rather than actually asking Rei. This lead to a brawl with Commander Waltas the ended with both of them being admitted to sickbay. This highlighted his inability to trust someone for Rei to see. The relationship was saved by McCall telling Rei his darkest and best kept secret and with a promise. He looked upon this as a second chance which he didn't intend to waste.

Professional History

At the Academy he trained in the field of Security/Tactical. He completed a major in both and past with flying colours. He also did a minor in Engineering which he also past but only just.

After completing his course at the Academy he was send on a additional training course before taking a LOA.

After returning from his LOA his first assignment in Starfleet was to the Galaxy-class starship, the USS Constitution. A short time after he arrived he was transferred from Security to Operations and made the Constitution's Chief of Operations. After a while at this post he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior grade. After the completion of the next mission he was promoted to Lieutenant. The roster of the ship was changed and he then returned to the Security/Tactical field as he was assigned as the Chief tactical officer. He was then transferred to chief Of Security where he started with a really, really bad day.

He serving as Chief of Security during the rouge marine attack on the Starbase. After this mission was selected as a XO on the Constitution to launch a counter attack against the rogue marines.

After this mission he had a short transfer to the Dominance where he served as XO. At the conclusion of this mission the Dominance returned to the Starbase and the crew were picked up by the Constitution.

After a mission on Daris II the crew of Starbase 118 - operations split. At this point McCall was made XO of the Starbase.

After a number of missions holding this position he was given complete command of the Starbase and USS Discovery.

After commanding the Starbase and the Discovery for a number of missions his biggest test came when the Romulans launched a fall scale assault on the Starbase. Captain McCall lead the defence from Ops, the Starbase fell and he was taken back to Romulus as a prisoner. After spending considerable time in the hands of the Romulans he made a number of escape attempts, the final one succeed with the help of the crew of the Discovery. Upon returning to Starfleet Steve McCall spend considerable time receiving treatment for his injuries. Eventually he returned to duty as the CO of Starbase 118. This did not last as he was transfered to Starfleet Intelligence. After a number of small missions McCall was reassigned to head up a new Intelligence unit on the USS Discovery.

Rei Garrett decided to move back to Earth with her adopted daughter, the distance has put strain on the relationship.

Character Data

  • Previous Ships Served On: USS Constitution, USS Dominance, Starbase 118 - Ops

Awards Received

  • Strange Medallion (FO)
  • TOSMA 1
  • Katherine Janeway Award, The
  • Groups:
    • Captains Council
    • Discovery-B

Rank Upgrades

  • Ensign:
  • Lieutenant JG:
  • Lieutenant:
  • Lt. Commander: 237909.29
  • Commander: 238107.16
  • Captain: 238209.08