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As soon as she could walk her father insisted that she start training with her sister that already have 6 years on her, during the training, her mother would watch and when Maya reached the age of ten she asked if she wanted to be a warrior or not, Maya didn’t know if she wanted to fight for the empire, Smiling her mother hugged her and started to teach her the elements of science and how a none klingon or half klingon can survive on Qo nos, continuing her training with her father by night and the science lessons with her mother by day, at the age of 12 her father took her to the great hall and made her take part in the age of ascension ritual, at the 15 her father was insisting that she take part in the age of mate ritual of the Age of Mate, she refused telling her father she would never mate with a Klingon male there all to obsessed with honor, her father sent her off world to her mother’s family on Trill, during her time on trill she continued to practice her Mek’leth techniques and other forms of combat like Mok'bara Drilled into her by her father. While on Trill she learnt of the joining where a Trill takes on a symbiont and there share multiple life times of experiences, she would have loved to have applied but know there was no chance with her only being a half bread, after a year on Trill she got board and decided to travel and see the galaxy she was only 16 but she could look after herself, on one of her travels the ship was attacked by Orion Pirates, they Damaged the external hull and this caused some of the internal Supports to be damaged, one support hit a old Trill gentleman, the pirates boarded took all the valuable and left, leaving the crew and the passengers shaken, three dead and one dying the Trill gentleman, he had a symbiont. It took 3 hours for help to arrive at that point the man was dead that the symbiont was dying the federation medic looked around saw Maya had trill marking and said we need you to save this symbionts life can you do that, Maya was happy to help but didn’t realise what she was letting herself in for after the operation she awoke on the star ship on route to earth, her head filled with thoughts and memories that weren’t hers and the strangest craving for a human sweet called fruit loops, and remembers drinking with her own father a long time ago like 30 odd years ago, she was just turning 17 and she had memories that stretched back over 300 year it’s a strange experience but it was also quite empowering. She had wanted to see the galaxies well she remembers seeing a lot of it even thought she never did, the memories weren’t clear and where never in order.

The doctor was a smart young cadet seemingly just out of the academy, he explained that the trill symbiont is ok it needed a new host to survive, but now you’re the host till your death. Shocked and confused Maya just started Crying then went to the holodeck where she decided to beat up on some holographic Klingons. By the time she arrived on Earth she felt better.

From the age of 17 to 18 she enrolled on a Science fellowship scheme, this convinced her that she wanted to join the federation and gave her time to sort out messy minefield that was her mind after the joining,

Enrolling in Starfleet the day she turned 18 and acing most combat scenarios, she realised that she really hated the idea of being a Tactical or security officer as people always assume klingon or half klingon that’s where you’ll end up, so I’ll use my scientific knowledge to get into the science officer training.

During her time at the academy all her lectures said she was hot headed, had issues with other students and generally seemed either confused or angry, well all but her Science lecturer who saw she had a high level of knowledge and problem solving in amongst the confusion and shouting.