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A listing of all worlds associated with Mathenites.

First worlds

The oldest, wealthiest and most prosperous Mathenite colonies (also those located closest to the Homeworld) were the first worlds settled by enterprising Mathenites centuries ago. With the rise of the Confederacy, these colonies were the first to unify their separate colonial territories into a single planetary colonial government. In response to their loyalty, these colonies were granted 'Homeworld' designation, in reflection of their age, high population and their own foundation of extrasolar colonies. These colonies also have a limited form of autonomy (especially Viseria) in the form of limited self governance. These colonies are:

The Inner Colonies

The target of the second wave of Mathenite expansion, the Inner Colonies are the center of Mathenite wealth and industry, with both the garden worlds possessing an impressive amount of resources in food, metals and other raw materials. The financial institutions of the Inner Colonies are also famed, and in some cases, brought these worlds greater wealth than even Viseria.


  • Date Founded: 2105
  • Population: 89 Million (Mathenite), 20 Million (Kara Natives)
  • Capital: Gerann
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control: 100%
  • Territories: Kelaar River Region, Western Islands, Great Gerann

The colony of Kara is the financial center of Mathenite space, free of the squabbling among the nations of the homeworld. When the Mathenites found this planet, they thought it was uninhabited, but later found it inhabited by a primitive species of hunter-gatherers, though strangely mystical and culturally articulate. At the time, the Kara natives were being ravaged by a disease that was slowly wiping out their people. Some of the tribes saw the Mathenite arrival as the cause of the disease, others saw the Mathenites as saviors sent from the Heavens. The former tribes resisted the Mathenite presence and decided to fight two enemies at once, the plague and the Mathenite army that was light years more advanced. Over a period of a decade, the opposing tribes died out, and just after the war had virtually ended, the Mathenites came up with a cure for the disease. The Mathenites offered it to the tribes that saw them as divine heralds without condition, but exacted an oath of fealty from the remaining warring tribes. Those that accepted were given a place in the new Mathenite colonial structure, the others died out.

Today, the Mathenites and the natives of Kara work together at every level of colonial society and are celebrated as the most integrated of the species under Mathenite 'protection'. They have a hand in the impressive and lucrative Kara banking instiutions, and many have risen to vaulted ranks in the Mathenite colonial administration. Kara remains to this day basked in the glory, wealth and ostentatiousness of 'New Money', much of Kara's culture is devoted to glorifying a corporate identity and the intense glitz and glamor that come with extreme wealth.


  • Date Founded: 2106
  • Population: 70,000
  • Capital: Issenzu
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control: 100%
  • Territories: Issenzu Plainum

A small research outpost mixed with several mining operations, Issenzu is a frozen rock just above the bare minimum for habitation by the Mathenites. Though largely insignificant, the Issenzu Mathenites are known for their unique culture of direct democracy, environmentalism, mandatory tertiary education, and the promotion of science.

New Loitsia

  • Date Founded: 2113
  • Population: 600 Million
  • Capital: Halkerdan
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control: 100%
  • Territories: Daru Bay, Cape of Evsin, Evsin Peninsula

The planet Loitsia is the planet that the tropical moon of New Loitsia orbits, and was stripped mined over a century of over-mining to get at its utterly rich deposits of metals and minerals. The wealth gained from this exploitation single handedly funded entire governments back on the Homeworld for decades and was enough to develop a new world for the former population of the now barren world to live on. The native species of Loitsia was also given another planet as conciliation, though most would say this hardly makes up for turning Loitsia into a toxic, mined out husk. The inhabitants of New Loitsia are slightly more careful of the plane they currently reside on, but only just and the planet teeters on the verge of sustainability, it's over consumption negated by its population.


  • Date Founded: 2127
  • Population: 1.2 Billion, Unknown (Vitakscia Natives)
  • Capital: Shara
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control 100%
  • Territories: Cholashi Canyons, The Redoubt, Lands of Beauty (Incomplete List)

An alpine paradise, Vitakscia was founded by monks from Olintaq and then supplanted by an early wave of colonists from Viseria, before the planet became dominated by colonials from Dantehvon and Callodo. Vitakscia is a center of art and culture and is a profoundly peaceful place devoted to intellectual and artistic pursuits. The artworks of the Vitakscia Mathenites are legendary and fetch a high price, and their Universities and libraries are known throughout the quadrant for their expansive nature and rare tomes contained within.

Vitakscia is also home to a race of subterranean aliens that are reptilian in nature, though it is unknown if they are indeed sentient. They have an impressive ability to carve out vast tunnels and perhaps build some simple pieces of art, but the testing of their intelligence has been through scant observation only as one has never been encountered. In a sound political maneuver, the Confederacy states that because reports of their intelligence cannot be confirmed, that the natives of Vitakscia are not sentient, if more intelligent that the average wildlife.


  • Date Founded: 2159
  • Population: 130 Million
  • Capital: Shersheye
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control: 30%
  • Territories: Shersheye Bay, The Xara Coves, The Hallussian Islands (Incomplete List)

Lowenzu is a vibrant jungle world, and some would say too vibrant, home to utterly ferocious plant and animal life, that has grown to phenomenal size, suggesting that the planet is still in its mega-fauna stage. Lowenzu has a rich amount of mineral wealth, but in light of its dangerous environment, the resource gathering is centered on the other planets in the system. Instead, the inhabitants of Lowenzu rely on the tourist industry itself, and more recently have become master shipbuilders, building ship both in orbital shipyards and unique oceanic shipyards like the sea-going vessels of old. Because of its shipyards and the surrounding system's vast metal wealth, Lowenzu became the location of the headquarters of the Colonial Authority and the main military base of its forces both naval and ground. Lowenzu today is a venerable fortress, hosting both a large tourism industry and one of the largest shipyards in the alpha quadrant, all protected by the utter might of the Colonial fleet.

Outer Colonies

Colonized much later than the Inner Colonies, the Outer Colonies had been settled for scarcely more than a century when the Confederacy was formed and while they boast impressive resources, these profits did not bring the colonies the vast wealth of their Inner Colony counterparts. Instead, the few of the corporate and political elite reaped the benefits of this new world wealth, and even that was a small fraction of the amount shipped immediately back to the Homeworld or the Inner Colonies.


  • Date Founded: 2246
  • Population: 200,000 (Mathenite) 15,000 (Cor Natives)
  • Capital: Lora
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control: 50%
  • Territories: Lora Plains, Sundari Flatlands, Hoshara Lowlands (Incomplete List)

A simple agricultural world, Cor is otherwise unremarkable other than that it is largely the breadbasket of the colonies, and that it too is home to a primitive humanoid species. The world located closest to Breen space, the colony of Cor has long suffered raids by Breen slavers, though these raids have met the full force of the Colonial Authority since the formation of the Confederacy. Still, old grudges over lack of proper protection during these years remain, and many of the coloniest remain embittered.. and armed.


  • Date Founded: 2246
  • Population: 760 Million
  • Capital: New Halshiir
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control: 100%
  • Territories: Qunulu Gates, Tein Striplands, Blasted Hinterlands

Another garden world utterly abask in mineral wealth, Qunulu is the major production and industrial center of the Confederacy since the mining out of the planet Loitsia. Boasting factories, mines and an industrial apparatus not seen on any other world for several sectors, Qunulu basks in both its wealth, and the complications it provides. On Qunulu, the rich control everything and the have-nots are rarely spoken of. The rich are also seriously resentful that they will always be seen as 'Provincial Upstarts' by both the older colonies and the homeworlds, lacking the respect they feel their wealth demands. They are 'New Money' to the rest of the Mathenites and will never be accepted as either culturally refined or as having the historical significance other colonies hold in the annals of Mathenite history. So, Qunulu's cities remain bloated and polluted by the excess of their corporate overlords, and the untapped verges of the planet are seen as a resource to be exploited and not something to be preserved and admired.


  • Date Founded: 2259
  • Population: 100 Million
  • Capital: Norian City
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control: 100%
  • Territories: Norian Valley, Taran Mountains, Evorun River Valley

What colonial development should look like, Norian is a typical high-tech garden world with modern, sustainable cities accentuated against a lush environment. Norian's colonists have been a little more concerned with the environment around them than some other Mathenite worlds and Norian remains a shinning example of proper colonial development, if a bit provincial and novel in the eyes of the Homeworld.


  • Date Founded: 2203
  • Population: 119.2 Million (Mathenite) 96.3 Million (Nuradem Natives) (Figures do not include those Mathenites/Nuradem natives living outside CA controlled zones)
  • Capital: Vedaria
  • % of Surface Under Mathenite Control: 5%
  • Territories: Moravar Jungle, Keveshen Archipelago, Edionsen Peninsulas

Nuradem was settled by two separate colonial endeavors, one was an expedition funded by several nations of Call, the other, was an assemblage of ships bought by a refugee population from Eviteria, fleeing religious persecution. The latter group landed first and immediately disappeared into the jungle, conquering the native peoples and carving out a new homeland for themselves on a new planet. When the next group arrived, they found themselves embroiled in a conflict between the other Mathenite colonists and the native peoples of the region. It took years for the various parties to exhaust themselves and agree to a quasi-peace agreement, that in the end, only increased tensions as the various factions fortified their positions. For the past 200 years a sort of Cold War has raged on the planet that put a stop to any sort of significant colonial development, despite Nuradem's vast resources.

Today, there are 4 relevant groups in Nuradem's current events, 2 Mathenite and 2 Native. The Himarii are a Mathenite ethno-religious group and the descendants of those who fled the Homeworlds to find a better place to live and worship in peace. They have carved out their own state to the north of the Moravar Jungle, and continue to war against native tribes in small border skirmishes that are slowly increasing their territory. The other Mathenite group, is made up of a CA military garrison and their families, along with substantial corporate personnel. One of the Native groups, known as the Ki-Kai, are considered 'unclean' or 'untouchable' by other natives of the area, and are subject to widespread abuse and torture by those of higher castes. The Ki-Kai almost immediately sought refuge with the Himarii when they landed, but were slaughtered along with most other natives the Himarii came across. When the other expedition landed however, the Ki-Kai were eventually welcomed as valued interpreters of native customs and languages, though they were unable to accompany expedition officials to peace talks directly. It was their knowledge that eventually allowed a sort of peace to be forged amongst the groups. Following the peace, a massive movement of Ki-Kai came to Mathenite controlled areas, seeking sanctuary, which they were given. In recent years however, Ki-Kai immigration has had to be curtailed to maintain the peace with the neighboring tribes, stranding many Ki-Kai in precarious positions. The Ki-Kai within the Mathenite zones are well integrated however, and are completely loyal to the Colonial Authority. The other Native group consists of various tribes in the surrounding jungles, which stage widespread Guerrilla against CA and Himarii alike. As a result of a pseudo-technological exchange with the Cardassians, these tribes also now have access to advanced weapons and technology that they use to carry out terrorist actions within the Mathenite zones, directing at CA and Ki-Kai alike.

As the survival of the Ki-Kai is dependent on a continued Mathenite presence, along with the refusal of the Himarii to leave the planet or even negotiate, the extremely mineral wealth of the small Mathenite zones, and the planet's strategic position between the Federation, Cardassian Union and Mathenite space proper, Nuradem is often seen as a powder cake that is just waiting to explode, and one the Federation has it's eyes on.