Mark Hayes

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Crew of USS Independence
Mark Hayes.jpg
Senior Chief Petty Officer


  • DOB:’’’ 234508.17
  • Age:’’’ 41
  • Height: 5’11’’
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Birthplace: Rome Italy
  • Hunts PNPC's: Hunts PNPC
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Senior Chief Petty Officer, Mark Hayes PhD,AB.

Mark was Born in Rome Italy. His father was a Scientist on a research station and his mother was a Biology teacher at a local High School. Mark went to Oxford University and got a Doctorate in Exobiology and a minor in Xenobiology. Physiological features of various alien life forms has always entertained Mark.

Mark was getting ready to go to Star Fleet Academy when the Dominion war broke out. He opted to Enlist in Star Fleet and took a Science posting on the USS Metro. Mark was in 23 engagements with the Dominion. He made Chief Petty Officer Quick, and was Transferred to DS-17’s Science Depart. After a two years on the Station Senior Chief Mark Hayes Transferred aboard the USS Independence as the Science Departs Exobiologist and Xenobiologist.