Margariti, Clio Athenodora

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USS Excalibur-A
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Clio Athenodora Margariti
Position Medical Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Terran
Gender Female
DOB 236311.11
Age 37
Birthplace Athens, Earth

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      Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Clio Athenodora Margariti is currently serving as a Medical Officer aboard the USS Excalibur-A. She has previously served the same role on the USS Darwin-A.


  • Height: 160 cm (5'2")
  • Weight: 54.44 kilos (120lbs)
  • Hair: Either her natural dark brown or dyed raven, with natural waves (unless she's straightened it)
  • Face: Heart-shaped
  • Eyes: Dark brown with green and gold flecks
  • Lips: Very pink and full
  • Skin: Olive
  • Birthmarks: One small, round splotch on her inner right thigh; beauty mark on her left shoulder
  • Build: Compact, with a slight hourglass figure
  • Carriage: Walks with purpose, with her chin level with the ground
  • Poses: Tends to shift her weight to one leg (no preference), usually with crossed arms or hands loosely clutched in front or behind her back; has a habit of placing her hands on her hips and drumming her fingertips on them when she's thinking or uncomfortable; if sickbay is relatively empty and she is speaking with a patient, will sit on an empty biobed while she talks
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Nice-looking t-shirts and jeans or else flowy dresses and ballet flats or sandals—something pretty but not hard to move around in
  • Voice: Very "average," with a light Greek accent; gets a harshness to it when she's angry (this is also when her accent is the most pronounced)
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous


  • Quarters: Coming soon!
  • Favorite Room: Anywhere she can be alone, as her job is stressful and she realizes she needs those precious few moments of peace
  • Physical Limitations: Can't touch her toes, has to make her taller colleagues retrieve things from high places
  • Temperament: Tries to remain serious on the job, but can be very warm off-duty once she's used to you; has a good sense of humor, but will try not to show it when she's working
  • Mannerisms: Curses in Greek and uses Greek terms of endearment
  • Habits: Bites her bottom lip, tucks her hair behind her ear
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Agnostic


Ever since Clio was young, there were certain aspects of her personality that really shined through. For one, there was her intelligence that accompanied an insatiable (if not selective) curiosity. Once she began reading, it was hard to pull her away from her work. On top of that, she was determined to "beat" her brothers academically, further fueling her premature study sessions and was the primary cause for remarkably high grades in school. And this is only the beginning of her competitive/stubborn streak, which has gotten her into trouble on numerous occasions, in numerous settings. If one is ever in an argument with her, s/he should pray that Clio has no evidence to back up her argument, because she will use it against you.

Clio’s intensity has its upsides, too. Needless to say, she is passionate in all she does, and she is loyal to the bone—to her family, to her friends, to the Federation, and to Starfleet. This love for her comrades is what enables her to work in groups when she would otherwise prefer working alone. While her seriousness may scare people away, if you wait around after a mission, you will see her hard exterior melt into a sarcastic sense of humor and in general a much warmer person. She has been described as sunny and likable. Even before and during missions, Clio’s hide is not as tough as she’s like; she is all too aware that she is still a neophyte and is somewhat self-conscious of her lack of real-world experience. This, combined with many years of being toughened by living with four older brothers, makes her very willing to do almost anything asked of her. If her ability to do what is asked is brought into question, she will be even more inclined to go through with it.

Some words of warning: Clio hates the dishonest, the pig-headed, the sexist, and the bigoted. She has absolutely no respect for people who step on others to get ahead in their career. She is also prone to suspicions, and can be very resentful unless, of course, she already loves you.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Drinking coffee
  • Gardening in her quarters
  • Reading (medical journals, nonfiction books on botany, and science fiction novels)
  • “Playing” with her PADD and replicator and experimenting with their functions
  • Practicing martial arts, specifically Krav Maga (either in her quarters or on the holodeck)
  • Playing through the holonovels her brother Perseus and his wife has written on the holodeck
  • Painting, following (separate) conversations with Commander Karynn Brice and Ensign Aigle Phos

Likes and Dislikes

  • Getting everything done on time
  • Xenobotany (actually, xeno-everything, but particularly xenobotany)
  • One-on-one conversations (versus group conversations)
  • “Clio time”
  • The possibility of discovering something new
  • Her family
  • Warm people
  • People who can take a hint
  • Greek food just like her mother used to make, as well as “typical American” food
  • Greek myths and songs
  • Caffeine in most of its delicious forms, especially frappé coffee
  • Also chocolate everything
  • Waking up early for a shift
  • The cold (and the cold shoulder)
  • Not knowing something or being out of the loop
  • Paradoxically, gossipy people
  • Rude and/or bossy people
  • Cruel-hearted people
  • People who don't take responsibility for their actions
  • People who try to pass off the work of others as their own
  • Being told she "knows nothing"
  • Her brothers' nicknames for her
  • To her parents’ shock and dismay, much of history
  • Large crowds

Ambitions and Goals

  • To become Chief Medical Officer of a starship
  • To be published in the Starfleet Medical Journal
  • To have a species or medicinal drug named after her
  • To write a memoir of her life as a Starfleet officer



Alexandros Margaritis
Clio's father is a bright-eyed historian and a tad eccentric. He has collected many things from the past four centuries, including, but not limited to: arrowheads, coins, stamps, first-edition books, journals, fountain pens, letter openers, keys, buttons, and Polaroid cameras. Truthfully, these are very small collections usually consisting of no more than a dozen and a half objects, but Alexandros treasured them nonetheless and refused to get rid of anything he was collecting, much to his wife's chagrin. Clio and the rest of the children were always permitted to play with the curios whenever they liked.
Besides collecting, Alexandros spent much of his time in his private office, working. He loved his work, and would often tell stories that were actually rather boring. But the enthusiasm Alexandros had for his job was what inspired his children to go after what they wanted with all their hearts.
Demetra Constantinou
Clio's mother is a professor of history and mythology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She is much more serious and straight-laced than her husband. She acted as the voice of reason in the family, and was, for all intents and purposes, the boss. She was just as warm and caring as Alexandros, mind you, she just showed it less often, as her job was more exhausting and time-consuming (if you ask her). She was more inclined to think through things than go with her gut instinct, a penchant Clio displays only half the time. (She had always admired her mother for her ability to think clearly no matter the situation.)
Demetra chose the names for all of the Margaritis children, wanting to follow her family's tradition of naming offspring after Greek gods. This particularly suited her, as she and Alexandros both very much loved the old myths. They were constantly woven into bedtime stories and lectures.
Artem Margaritis
The first-born, Artem is no less than ten years older than Clio. He is the most serious of the Margaritis children, and is also competitive and athletic. He also tends to less-than-appealing first impression, one that is cold and calculating. Much like his little sister, this is only true when you get on his bad side. Due to his cool-and-collected demeanor, good physical condition, critical thinking skills, and high marks in school, Artem was a prime candidate for Starfleet, the recruiters told him. His heart, however, told him to go into the field of environmental science, which is exactly what he did. He is currently one of Earth's leading ecologists and is married to a woman he met at his place of work, a Betazoid woman named Oriona.
Perhaps it was because he was the oldest, or because he did the least amount of teasing. Whatever the reason, Clio idolized Artem. Clio looked to him first when she needed help with her studies and for advice in all aspects of life. He was the first brother she told when she was considering (and later accepted) into Starfleet.
Apollo Margaritis
Apollo is Artem's twin brother, and he is what you might call the "problem child." He didn't start out that way, though—in fact, he had aspirations of joining Starfleet himself for a while. (This was where the idea was first introduced to young Clio.) He saw it as some grand, romantic adventure. A fairy tale. But all of the qualities that made Apollo the goofiest of the Margaritis made him a poor match for Starfleet Academy. He was unwilling to work hard and cared more about socializing and dating than anything else. In his last year, he flunked out of the Academy, and he was devastated. For a while, he chose to drown his sorrows in alcohol, but after a stint in rehab, Apollo has found his "true calling," as he puts it. Inspired by his namesake, Apollo is now working on establishing a music career (believe it or not).
Apollo was the devil on Clio's shoulder while she was growing up, encouraging her to slack off. He was not in the least an effective one. But he was also the one to make her laugh and relax after working so hard on her studies, and was a source of encouragement all her life when he wasn't teasing her relentlessly for her "plant obsession" and goody-two-shoes attitude.
Perseus Margaritis
Even though he's three years younger than the twins, Perseus is the "stablest" Margaritis child. He is married to another Terran woman and has several kids with her. Percy is both a “lover” and a “fighter”--a real family man through and through and a martial artist. He is clever, loyal, and has always been able to get everyone on his side. (This was especially true as children, when an argument with Percy almost certainly meant you were going to have to apologize once the parents heard his side of the story.) In addition to his love of martial arts, he also enjoys fencing and that other kind of art, sculpting. Percy is currently a sculptor, and assists his wife in writing holonovels based off of her books and Greek myths.
Percy, being a popular kid in his classes (second only to his brother Apollo), taught Clio everything he knew about talking to people. He was also the quickest to defend Clio alongside Artem from Apollo and Jason’s games.
Jason Margaritis
Jason was the baby of the family at only four years old when Clio arrived. He was not a very happy camper, and had been looking forward to a lifetime of being completely spoiled. His negative traits include, but are not limited to: insensitivity, self-importance, arrogance, and a touch of misogynism. But that is only one facet of his personality (albeit the facet most seen by Clio while she was growing up). He does, in fact, think of others, and is organized and perceptive. He’s also honest to a fault. Jason currently serves with the Starfleet Marines Corps.
To tell the truth, Jason was a rotten big brother. He got into fights with Clio whenever he could and found every excuse to insult and belittle her. It wasn’t very fun, but Clio credits Jason with “giving her a spine.” But damage to their bond was already done. To this day, though they are closest in age, Clio and Jason have the most distant relationship in the family. She does not know nearly as much about him as she does her other three brothers.

Significant Others

Clio has had no others of this nature of significance. Yet.

Friends, Acquaintances, Et Cetera

Coming soon!


Clio Athenodora Margariti, called Clio by friends and family, was born in Hygeia Hospital Tirana in Athens on planet Earth. Contrary to how it appears, her full first name is Clio Athenodora, meaning she has no middle name. (Her parents couldn't decide, and it is not customary for Greeks to have middle names unless they have been baptized, which Clio never was.)

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239104.15 Graduated Starfleet Academy Student
Ensign 239104.15 - 239106.15 USS Darwin-A Medical Officer
Lieutenant J.G. 239106.15 - 239107.14
DS9style-ltjg teal.png
239107.14 - Present USS Excalibur-A

Award History
Award Description Date
Awards ServiceRibbons medicalscience 2013.jpg The Medical Science Ribbon 239106.15
For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons