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((Main sickbay, Deck 7, USS Gorkon))

After spending a little more than two days on Deluvia IV as a tourist on shore leave, it almost felt comforting to be back in a sickbay. Mallora wasn't yet completely used to the layout and activity patterns of the Gorkon's main sickbay, but it was starting to feel a bit less foreign to her. She was walking from the surgical suites back to the medicine cabinets on the far side of the room to compare inventories when she was very suddenly interrupted by a firm hand on her sternum.

Alieth: As per the regulations for transferring between ships and or other Starfleet facilities, I am here to perform my boarding medical check for service as a member of the crew of the USS Gorkon

Vossti: I – ::she looked around to see if another doctor was available, but she didn't find one:: All right, sir. Um, go ahead and hop up on this biobed here.

She noticed that this lieutenant looked even more Vulcan than the medical assistant whom she had accidentally insulted when she first came aboard the Gorkon. She smiled and relaxed, remembering some of the casual interactions she had shared with Navoth back at the Academy.

The Vulcan waved the padd a bit.

Alieth: This? My medical records. They are up-to-date and detailed, I have compiled them myself.

Vossti: ::Taking the PADD and scanning the records:: These are very complete, very efficient.  ::She tuned the biobed to the current patient:: Your physical health looks excellent overall, sir. Have you had any health concerns since your last checkup on ::she rechecked the PADD:: stardate 239804.02?

The petite Vulcan tilted her head to one side, then shook her head gently.

Alieth: A pair of minor food poisoning, scratches and abrasions that did not require the use of skin regenerator.

The Vulcan made a brief pause and shifted her gaze to the Ensign's pitch black eyes.

Alieth: However, I think a neural scan would be appropriate to dismiss possible changes in neural patterns. You can find my old readings attached in my records.

The doctor, meanwhile, was reviewing her history and asked a question about a very specific moment in Alieth's Starfleet career.

Vossti: Can you tell me a little about this so-called Hammerfall incident? Especially as it pertains to your physical well being?

The Vulcan took a couple of seconds longer than necessary to answer. Mallora took this delay to mean that there were extraordinary emotions connected to the incident which her patient was reining in.

Alieth: I suffered a severe concussion, but remained in the line of duty due to the circumstances surrounding the Hammerfall incident. Associated with the event was an extraordinary event that altered my neurological patterns.

Vossti: ::Smiling sympathetically:: That sounds extremely serious, and I would like to help ensure that you are as fully recovered as possible from your experiences of that time.

She started to reach out to put a comforting hand on her patient's shoulder, but pulled it back, remembering that many Vulcans do not appreciate uninvited physical contact, however well-meaning.

Alieth: Since then there have been several variations but I consider that the process is beginning to stabilise, a comparative graph can be found in the attachment NPV-6.8.

Mallora began a neural scan and swiped on the PADD to reach the specified attachment.

Vossti: I see. The attachment is extremely useful, and it looks to me like your neural patterns are reverting to your baseline at an accelerating rate. If this continues, I would estimate full recovery in four weeks.  ::She paused to check the Vulcan's reaction, then proceeded when her patient gave a slight nod:: I strongly recommend returning here for updated neural scans every week or so to ensure everything remains on track.

Alieth: Agreed, I will do so, although it has been a reasonable time since the most recent variation, so a short revision period may be a bit too frequent. It ::she referred to the Hammerfall incident again:: was an extraordinary circumstance, and the day in my entire medical career in which I have performed the highest number of emergency surgeries, as well as the day I have lost the highest number of patients. Extremely formative, but not something I look forward on repeating any time soon.

Vossti: Nor should you ever have to. I couldn't wish such trauma on anyone.

She put the PADD down on the side of the biobed and held up her hand in a ta'al gesture that she had practiced with Navoth almost nightly for more than three years.

Vossti: Sochya eh Dif1.  ::She knew her Vulcan pronunciation was highly accented, but she was determined to try to put what little she knew of the language to use.::

1 Vulcan for “Peace and long life”

Alieth: ::with a thick Chi-ree accent:: Dif-tor heh smusma, hassu2 ::Hopping down from the biobed and pulling the hem of her uniform:: Are you interested in the culture of my planet Ms. Vossti?

2 Vulcan for “Live long and prosper, doctor”

Mallora tensed up a moment while she tried to parse the Vulcan sentence which her patient had shot back to her. She didn't recognize the last word at all, but the main body of it was another standard greeting which she had learned at the Academy. She fervently hoped that that final word was not a negation of some kind.

Vossti: My best friend at Starfleet Academy taught me a bit about the Vulcan culture and language. Not enough, I'm sure.  ::Her eyes grew distant, remembering, then refocused:: I miss her quite a bit, and I hoped to show you a measure of respect through some of what I'd learned. She also taught me some meditation techniques that I found I prefer over the Betazoid methods. So I guess the answer is 'yes', but it's complicated.

Alieth: I see, so feel free to contact me if you want to practice, or we can do a little bit now, if you have some spare time.

The lieutenant's manner was flat and even, like most Vulcans. Either that last word was not a negation, or she was exerting extremely fine control over her emotions. Either way, Mallora found herself relaxing, feeling a bit more at ease with Alieth despite their difference in rank.

Vossti: Thank you for your kind offer, sir. I would like to learn more, but unfortunately I'm quite busy just now. When I'm not on duty, I would very much like to take you up on your offer. For now, though, ::she picked up the PADD and handed it back to Alieth:: I will mark you as having officially gotten your on-boarding medical examination.  ::She smiled broadly::

Lieutenant Alieth seemed to acknowledge her smile and responded favorably, though her expression remained impassive.

Alieth: My office is open for whatever you need. :: She paused for a moment to think before continuing to speak:: on deck 17, next to stellar cartography.

Vossti: I hope we will be able to chat soon. Be well, sir.

Mallora displayed the ta'al again and then returned to her attempt to compare the inventories she would be working with in the near future.

The Vulcan returned the ta'al – though Mallora realized that the lieutenant's was probably the more practiced one – and nodded subtly.

Alieth: Rom-halan, hassu3

3 Vulcan for “Goodbye, doctor”

Lieutenant Alieth swiftly turned and walked out of the sickbay. Mallora was certain she could sense something like satisfaction emanating from the Vulcan as she departed. She made a mental note to contact the lieutenant again for a bit of a refresher on Vulcan meditation in the near future, then she went back to her attempts to inventory the sickbay's sizable store of medical equipment.