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((Private Workshop, Deck 8, USS Gorkon))

When Mallora asked the ship's computer for the location of Admiral Reynolds, she wasn't sure what answer she was expecting, but it definitely wasn't a seemingly random room near the physical sciences section of deck eight.

Her nerves were on edge again, even though she had been a crew member of the Gorkon for over a week at this point. She had met with the acting CMO, she had met with the chief of security, she had even met with the chief of operations and the head counselor albeit informally. She tried to assure herself that there was no reason to be so anxious, but her body chemistry just wouldn't listen to her.

Hesitantly, she touched the sensor that opened the door with a swish that sounded almost deafening to Mallora. She winced and then stepped inside, allowing the door to swish closed again behind her.

The first thing she noticed were the crates and boxes piled in neat rows along the walls, each meticulously labeled and strapped down to the floor, presumably in case the inertial dampeners failed. There was also a smell in the air, tangy but also earthy like a wood shop. The first box on Mallora's right was affixed with the text 'String/Thread/Cord'. Before she could look much further, she saw movement on the far side of the room.

Vossti:  ::Walking slowly forward into the workshop:: Hello? Admiral? I hope this isn't a bad time, sir.

Reynolds: No, no, it’s fine. We're taking a break. What can I do for you, Ensign?

Vossti: I just wanted to formally introduce myself, sir. I'm Ensign Mallora Vossti, your newest medical doctor.

Reynolds:  ::nodding:: Good to meet you. ::She flashed a quick smile:: How are you getting on?

Vossti: I'm still finding my way around the ship, sir. It's enormous, close the three times the size of any other ship I've been on. And what I've seen of it is very impressive indeed, sir.

Reynolds: The Gorkon is a fine ship. ::Her head dipped in a brief nod.:: It’s got us through some tough times.

Vossti: I, um, I look forward to helping the future tough times be … not so tough.  ::inwardly, she cringed, but outwardly she put on a bright smile::

She noticed for the first time an adolescent boy heading for a nearby replicator, placing an order, and grabbing the thick, tube-shaped snack. Mallora never considered that the Admiral might have family aboard the ship, but the boy appeared enough like Reynolds that she concluded that he must be her son.

The boy ate most of the snack very quickly, causing his mother to shake her head in amazement. Then she turned back and addressed Ensign Vossti.

Reynolds: Well, we’re glad you’re here. And thank you for your part in waking us all up. Commander Nkai said you did some good work.

D. Reynolds: Yeah—::his voice was muffled by the spicy contents of his mouth::—thanks. Snoozeland sucked.

Reynolds: ::Dryly,:: Dylan has been eternally traumatised by the fact he had to clean out chickens every morning in his part of the dream. ::She glanced back toward him.:: You know, there are people out there who’d love to live out their lives on a farm.

D. Reynolds: No one needs that much sh—::he quickly corrected himself::—poop in their lives, Mum.

Vossti: I was just doing my part. I'm sure I would have had a much worse time of it if Commander Nkai – as well as Lieutenant Vorin – hadn't been there to support me.

Her feelings about the Vulcan lieutenant were mixed at best. She was certain that she had gotten off on the wrong foot with him, and she hoped that she would have a chance to repair their nascent relationship at some point in the near future. Commander Nkai was another matter; she thought that he might have started slipping into a bit of a mentor role for her, and while they were in completely separate departments, she would not mind having him as a mentor at all.

Reynolds: Anyway. ::She shook her head and turned back to Vossti.:: Apart from learning to navigate around the ship, how are you settling in?

Vossti: I think I'm doing well so far, sir. Most of the crew have been very welcoming to me, and I am looking forward to forming working friendships with the rest of them soon.

The Admiral raised an eyebrow, but kept her thoughts to herself and her emotions more tightly controlled than most Vulcans Mallora had met.

Vossti: There seems to be a little more PADD work than I expected. There is a specific form that Commander ch'Ranni asked me to fill out regarding requisition of additional medical equipment which, it turns out is a much longer form than I had hoped.

Reynolds: There’s your problem. You’re a new ensign doing the chief’s PADDwork. ::She took another sip of her iced water.:: Take it to Lieutenant Namura. As acting chief, she’s responsible for requisitioning medical equipment.

Vossti: I also have an appointment to see Lieutenant Fortune tomorrow as a follow-up to a small matter from my time at Starfleet Medical.

Reynolds: ::She nodded:: You’re in good hands. She’s an excellent counsellor.

Vossti: She seems so, sir. I was lucky enough to spend a little time with her down on the planet.  ::She smiled, remembering those pleasant few hours::

Reynolds: Try taking some peanut brittle with you, when you go.  ::She chuckled and flashed a small grin::

Mallora stifled a small chuckle.

Vossti: She mentioned that you had a fondness for her peanut brittle, sir.

Still munching on his hasperat, Dylan dropped himself into a chair and picked up his PADD, paying no mind to the conversation happening close by.

Reynolds: So you’ve caught me at one of my hobbies. ::She gestured toward the bare bones of the ship.:: What do you do with your free time?

Vossti: Um, I've only just graduated from Starfleet Medical School, sir. I haven't had time for hobbies for several years.

Reynolds: That’s a shame. ::She smiled slightly.:: But now you do.

Vossti:  ::embarrassed:: That's not to say that I don't have any extracurricular interests. My father taught me some stage magic, and I guess I could try to put together a routine at some point.

Reynolds: Or even run some classes. I’m sure there’d be a few people interested in learning a little prestidigitation.

Vossti: But I think that most of what I enjoy is just hanging out with my peers and learning about who they are. That's most of what I did at the Academy when I wasn't neck-deep in my studies, sir.

An odd look flickered over Quinn’s face for a second, barely there and gone almost as soon as it appeared, as if she were momentarily lost in a memory.

Reynolds: This crew are generally a sociable bunch. There’s lots of clubs and societies aboard, and people are often organising get-togethers from big to small.

Vossti: Doctor Namura mentioned a lounge called the Sto'Vo'Kor. I haven't had a chance to see it for myself yet, but it is on my agenda.  ::She flashed the admiral an inviting smile::

Reynolds: Come to think of it, there’s a party coming up. You should come along, you’d be more than welcome, and it’ll be a good chance to meet your peers. ::She nodded.:: I’ll make sure you’re sent an invitation.

Vossti: I would love that! Thank you so much, sir.

The Admiral took another sip of water.

Reynolds: Unless there’s anything else you want to ask, I’ll let you go. ::She smiled slightly.:: I’m sure you have plenty of exploring left to do.

It appeared to Mallora that the Admiral was dismissing her as gently as possible. She appreciated the time she was given, smiling broadly at the CO and then a quick glance at her son as well.

Vossti: Well, I'm glad I was able to meet you, sir, and I hope that we will be able to see each other in equally casual circumstances in the near future.

She paused for a breath, wondering if the other woman would wish to continue their conversation in some way. When no further words were forthcoming, Mallora turned and departed the workshop, the door swishing open and then closed again behind her.

Out in the corridor of deck eight, she relaxed a bit more, allowing a comfortable smile to grow into a chuckle. Admiral Reynolds, the commanding officer of the ship and one of the most senior officers in all of Starfleet, had just engaged in a pleasant and mostly informal conversation with a fresh ensign. They had gotten to know each other, just a little, and had departed on seemingly friendly terms.

Vossti: oO I wonder if she ever dines in the Sto'Vo'Kor. No, probably not; she has a private dining room up on deck one or two, I'm sure. Oh well, maybe I'll get to run into Commander Marshall sometime instead. Oo

Mallora straightened her shoulders and headed back toward her quarters to get another shower before returning to duty in the main sickbay.