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Captain Mal Avatar is currently the commanding officer of the USS Columbia.



  • Full Name: Mal Avatar
  • Race: Andorian
  • Date of Birth: May 2, 2356
  • Place of Birth: M'Gatta City, Andoria
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: See Telepathic/Empathic Scale
    • Previously thought to be N/A. However, Captain Avatar has recently learned that he is 1/4 Aenar and is only learning about his limited telepathic abilities.


  • Height: 1.78 meters
  • Weight: 77.1 kilograms
  • Hair Color: White
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Blue/Gray
  • Skin Tone: Blue/White
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None of note
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: None
  • Build: Average build
  • Handedness: Right-handed


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Past Girlfriends:
    • Cadet Kelinda Darr
    • Major/Lt. Colonel Melina Stryker
    • Lieutenant Commander Lauren Vaughan




  • Father: Kran Belar Avatar - Political Activist and Former Federation Councillor
  • Mother: Tel Varia Avatar - Botanist


  • Brother: Seran Cadar Avatar- Galactic Comedian

Personal History

Early Years

Son of a Federation Councillor, Kran Belar and a botanist, Tel Varia. Belar served for many years at the capital of the UFP but after several disagreements with Federation policy regarding the handling of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, the alliance with the Klingon Empire, and the entrance of several worlds into the Federation, he resigned his title and returned home. While on Andor, Belar began to discover the less political aspects of life, settled down, and married a young botanist named Tel Varia and had two children.

Childhood Years

Mal was always the athlete of the family and the student, but it was his brother Seran who always told the jokes, painted the pictures, and had the most friends. It was at this point that Kran began to write about his views about Andor. His mother was promoted to the head of the M'Gatta Botanical Gardens.

Teen Years

As Mal continued his introverted lifestyle; his older brother began to tour the planet as a young comedian. Andor loved Seran Cadar and it would not be long before he'd be touring the Quadrant. Mal, still in the shadow of his brother felt that he needed to go off world and build himself elsewhere. Thus he applied to the Academy. Kran Belar's writings began to become more and more controversial. Shortly before Mal left for the Academy, Kran wrote his groundbreaking essay, "The Need For a Separate Andor." Kran's views on the secession from the Federation caused much trouble with his son and as a result strongly disapproved of his entrance into Star Fleet. A Homo sapiens only club declared his father.

Academy Years

After not speaking to his father since the day he left for the Academy, Mal continued to grow as a person. At this point, Mal began to play an old Canadian sport known as ice hockey. Although some of his fellow cadets teased him at first, since bugs and ice don't mix. Mal got the last laugh leading the Academy team with 23 goals as well as a Galactic Title. Avatar does not speak to his father anymore, but he is in constant contact with his brother, who has had mixed results with his comedy. Apparently not everyone "gets" Andorian humor. Tel Varia continues her love of plant-life on Andor and the galaxy. Unlike her husband, she always supported Mal's decision to enter Star Fleet.

Academy Record

Mal greatly underachieved his freshman and sophomore years at the Academy and was at one point in danger of failing out. He spent way too much time playing ice hockey and did not focus on his studies. It was not until his junior year that Mal began to concentrate on his studies. He began to love piloting starships as well as smaller vessels. This love of flight reinvigorated an old interest in learning and his grades soon showed this.

Avatar continued to play hockey leading Star Fleet Academy to its first FCAA championship in 80 years.

The Ilyow

To the outside universe, Commander Avatar spent the day of 238009.29 with the Ilyow people. However, in actuality he actually spent seven years as an ambassador to the Ilyow, helping to establish first contact with that race.

Professional History

  1. 235701.31: Born at BetaRAc Research Facility.
  2. 235702.01: Transferred to EDP Facility within BetaRAc, Telepathic Training Division.
  3. 236206.09: Begins schooling at the ITG on Betazed, under BetaRAc supervision.
  4. 237108.28: Graduates Secondary Level education, two years early.
  5. 237109.14: Joins the BetaRAc Accelerated Learning Programme, studies Physics with Advanced Tech.
  6. 237306.12: Graduates with BSc (Honours) in Physics with Advanced Tech.
  7. 237306.17: Her research proposal to the Phenomenological Studies Institute on Earth is accepted; she begins her research en route to Earth.
  8. 237401.05: Moves into her adoptive Grandfather's home in England, living with her Grandfather and brother for the first time.
  9. 237504.10: Completes thesis on Trilithium Compound Proximity Effects in K-type Stars.
  10. 237505.19: Granted Doctorate in Stellar Phenomenology.
  11. 237506.12: Her research proposal to San Francisco's Advanced Hologramatics division is accepted on its second submission; she moves to SFHQ to begin the research.
  12. 237702.10: Completes thesis on Imposition if Evolutionary Controls on Self-replicating Algorithms.
  13. 237703.01: Granted Doctorate in Advanced Hologramatics.

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238202.21
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
  • Current Assignment: USS Columbia
  • Duty Post: Ship's Counselor

Awards & Commendations


StarFleet Assessments and Records

Full Article: Jelandra Gear's StarFleet Records

Jelandra has spent much of the past six years aboard starships of one form or another. She originally trained in academy to serve as a science officer, her research experience placing her in good stead for swift advancement in that field. She may well have done so, too, had she not permitted her emotions to impede rational thought. Taking a hiatus from the training program gave her the opportunity to study a different field, Counseling, from a civilian perspective. Returning to 'Fleet, she completed her examinations, taking additional modules in psychotherapy.

She has served as Counselor aboard the USS Columbia for several months, and has found her skills in that field - and in many others - tested to their limits. Without doubt, the crew are a strange mix, and that variety makes her job significantly more interesting but, at the same time, infinitely more difficult.


  1. 237703.12: Begins tuition at Starfleet Academy, majoring in AI Programming, with a minor in Physical Sciences.
  2. 237908.01: Completes exam-segment of her course, joined USS Isannah for Cadet Cruise.
  3. 237912.09: Goes on sabbatical to help the rebuild effort on Betazed; Cadet Cruise assessment incomplete.
  4. 238001.10: Signs onto BetaRAc's Relief Efforts; begins training in Counseling.
  5. 238202.06: Returns to Starfleet to resit final practical examination, taking additional modules in psychotherapy.
  6. 238202.25: Despatched to USS Columbia as Counselor.
  7. 238205.14: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, for actions during the Kaleb Incident.

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