Mak'ala City Mavericks

The Mak'ala City Mavericks


The Mak'ala City Mavericks are a Premier League basketball team from the planet Trill. The Mavericks compete in the Federation Basketball Association (FBA) as a member of the Central Division of the Eastern Conference. The team plays its home games at Devana Stadium, an arena they share with the Mak'ala Rangers of the Federation Hockey League (FHL).


The 2397/98 line up include:

  • RJ Bart, Guard-Forward
  • Regi Bulok, Guard-Forward
  • Alec Burk, Guard
  • Taj Gib, Forward
  • Jo Henso, Forward-Center
  • Noel Nerlen, Center-Forward
  • Julio Rand, Forward

Logo and Uniforms

The team colours of the Mavericks are navy blue and emerald green. The uniforms are black with navy blue trim for home games, and black with emerald green trim for away games. For interplanetary championships they use the black and navy blue scheme.

Their logo is that of a Trill animal known as a 'Marl', a creature similar in features to an Earth horse. The colour scheme is silver and navy blue.

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