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Crew of Star Base 118 Operations
Macon Fox

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  • DoB: 236008.17
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Height: 6’0’’
  • Eye color: Green Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Birthplace: Trill
  • Telepathic/Empathic Abilities: T2/E4

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Fox, Macon Eleanor

Gender: Male

Position: Admirals Aide

Station: USS Apollo

Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer

Race: Betazoid and Human

Marital Status: Single

DoB: 236408.17

Weight: 175

Height: 6'0

Eye color: Green Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Birthplace: Federation Embassy Trill

Telepathic/Empathic Abilities: T2/E4


Father: Ambassador Aridris Fox

Mother: Sarah Janise Fox


Macon was born on Trill, at the Federation Embassy. His Father was the Federation Ambassador on Trill a Retired Rear Admiral. Macon's Mother Sarah was Aridris’s second wife. She was the perfect politicians wife. Always making herself available and holding meet and greets and dinners. Before becoming an Admirals wife she was a mission medical assistant.

Macon spent the first five years of his life on Trill. When his father was asked to relocate to Rigel, Macon and his mother moved to Earth for a few months while the new Embassy was being built. The old embassy was burned in a riot. Ambassador Fox did not feel that the Embassy was safe for his wife and son.

Macon hated living on Rigel. He missed his friends on Trill. He lived on Rigel till he was 16 when he went to Earth to go to a Star Fleet Academy Preparatory School. While in Prep school the Dominion War was waging hard, the Federation took heavy losses. Fearing the worse, Macon joined Star Fleet by Enlisting.

His first duty assignment was a Federation Transport from Earth to Starbase 001. When his father found out he Enlisted, he tryed to pull strings to get him placed in the Academy. To get away from his father He took a deep space assinment on a Nova Class as a Transporter Operator.

Captain Horton took a liking to Petty Officer 3rd Class Fox and promoted him to Yeoman 2nd Class and placed him on the bridge at the Mission Ops station.

When Captain Horton was Promoted to Rear Admiral Low half and took Command of Deep Space 4, Macon was promoted to 1st Class and was made the Aide to the Admiral. He served as aide for four years and then was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and made Chief Adjutant to Public Affairs and Deputy Director of Leiason Relations.

Vice Admiral Horton was asked to head a greeting for New Member to the Federation. Macon Traveled with him to keep his schedule and to hold a few meeting with the new members and Leiason with there Prime Minister.

The meeting went well and after a week the Golta People signed the Charters and were welcomed. As the Admirals Runabout was departing there was a strong energy discharge killing the computers of the runabout.

The Runabout crash landed on the Golta’s 5th moon. Vice Admiral Horton was badly injured. Macon tried to treat the wounds but they were too bad and too deep. Ben Horton bleed out on the runabout floor. Macon and the other two surviors were found the next day.

After being Transferred to SB118 Macon was promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer and was placed in Public Affairs. But only served a short time until he reseved transfer orders the USS Apollo to serve as Admiral Jaxx’s Aide.


· Habits:

Every Morning Macon wakes up 2 hours before his shift to go to the gym and work out or use the holodeck for a long run or swim.

· Mannerisms:

Macon tends to use his hands a lot while he talks. He also is a big on smiling and quick to pat someone on the back.

· Hobbies and Pastimes:

Playing Cards, Pool and Darts. Also just sitting in his quarters and reading is one of tom's favorite pastimes

· Likes:

A good sense of humor, Friends, Drinks off duty, Working out, and knowledgeable people

· Dislikes:

Dishonest People, The Night Shift, and most Life Long Politician