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John Patience Mackellar, M.D.
Civilian Medical Specialist
USS Garuda
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: None
Status: Active (2391)

Born: 2351.04.15 (age 39)
Temtibi City, Risa
Father: Hal Mackellar (2313– )
Mother: Dorothy Greenway (2317– )
Spouse(s): None
Children: None
Other relative(s): Donna Mackellar, sister
Mitchell Mackellar, brother


John Patience Mackellar is a physician and medical specialist, currently serving in a civilian capacity aboard the USS Garuda.


  • Full Name: John Patience Mackellar
  • Race: Human
  • Date of Birth: 15 April 2351
  • Place of Birth: Temtibi City, Risa
  • Age: 39 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: n/a


  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 89 kg
  • Hair Color: Brown, with increasing bits of grey
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Birthmarks, Scars: None of note
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: None of note
  • Build: Average, fit but not toned
  • Face: Round, long, etc.
  • Eyes:
  • Mouth:
  • Arms:
  • Legs:
  • Carriage:
  • Poses:
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Prefers waistcoats and dress shirts, but dislikes neckties
  • Shoes:
  • Voice: Course
  • Handedness: Left


  • Quarters: John was not assigned into officers' or crew quarters, but was instead allocated a residential apartment in "the neighborhood," a section of the ship dedicated solely for non-Starfleet personnel living and working aboard the Garuda. Direct access from "the neighborhood" to certain key areas of the ship, for example, the bridge, is not permitted. John's apartment is spacious and efficiently laid out, consisting of a central sitting area with a small workstation in one corner and a dining area with food replicator an the opposite corner. A doorway leads to a sleeping area and bathroom.
  • Favorite Room: John is quite often up late, either working or engaging in one pastime or another, and usually ends up falling asleep on the sofa or in one of the chairs in the sitting room. Only about 4 times per week does he sleep a full night in the bed.
  • Mannerisms:
  • Physical Limitations:
  • Temperment:
  • Habits:
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion:


John Mackellar in the wilderness of Betazed with an old friend

Much of John's adult life has been spent working in societies in decay. This has taken a toll on him, and though he would not describe himself as jaded or cynical, people who don't know him well might mistakenly see his pragmatism as such. He objects to the disdain most humans (and others) have toward the Federation's historical "enemies," namely the Romulans and the Cardassians. Having seen both societies in the aftermaths of being nearly wiped out, he sees them as suffering peoples worthy of compassion. Given the quite different attitude and experiences most others, especially Starfleet people, have, he tends to keep quiet whenever the subject of either race comes up for debate.

Hobbies and Pastimes

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Likes and Dislikes

  • About himself
    • His middle name, Patience
    • His seeming inability to be genuinely cheerful

Ambitions and Goals

At nearly forty years old, John is beginning to grow tired of constantly working in such despairing places, doing such thankless and soul-crushing work. He is starting to understand why doctors start seeking out cushy jobs in well-equipped hospitals and suburban practices when they reach his level of tenure in the practice. He hopes the work he is doing for Starfleet in general, and aboard the Garuda in particular, will be an acceptable compromise between the parts of him that want to continue the same work, and those that want him to slow down.

Personal Achievements and Disappointments


The first decade of John Mackellar's upbringing took place in the framework of an ordinary, nuclear family, with two professional parents, three healthy and intelligent children, and a relatively comfortable life in a good home. The divorce of John's parents wasn't particularly traumatic, and both parents were better people for having separated from each other, but the subsequent changes that occurred were difficult for the eleven-year-old John to handle. Relocated from established surroundings on a well-developed planet such as Risa to the windswept plains and scattered settlements of New Melbourne, John was uncertain of where he belonged both amongst his peers, and his extended family.


  • Marital Status: Single




Hal Mackellar (b. 2313) is John's father. He was born on Mars Colony, one of the third generation of Mackellars to have been so. Hal studied linguistics at university on Mars and pursued post-graduate studies at the University of Risa, upon the completion of which he joined the faculty as a professor in the university's linguistics department. He met Dorothy Greenway in 2342, they married in 2349 and had three children before their separation and divorce in 2362. Always more devoted to his studies and research than his duties as a husband and father, Hal's life changed little after his ex-wife and children left Risa. He had infrequent contact with his children from that point forward, usually in the form of belated birthday messages and gifts. As of 2391, Hal is a professor emeritus at the University of Risa, and spends most of his time in any of the planet's bountiful resort communities.

Dorothy Greenway (b. 2317) is John's mother. She was born on New Melbourne Colony, and is a sixth-generation New Melburnian. The rural and largely undeveloped New Melbourne colony for careers outside agriculture and services, so after completing the first half of a library studies program in a Holoversity on New Melbourne, she left the planet to complete the program at the University of Risa in 2336. She found work in the university's law library, where she worked until leaving the planet in 2362. During her time on Risa, she married Hal Mackellar and had three children during their thirteen-year marriage. Following their divorce, she returned to New Melbourne and raised the children in her family's home. Driven and motivated, but always with a strong sense of family and the importance of doing right, John frequently refers to her as a "saint," and identifies her as an inspiration for much of the humanitarian work he's done in the past.


Donna Mackellar (b. 2354) was born on Risa, and is three years John's junior.

Mitchell "Mitch" Mackellar (b. 2359) was born on Risa, and is eight years John's junior. Just three years old when his parents separated, Mitch has virtually no memories of the family's time on Risa, and took to life on New Melbourne like a fish to water. So in love with the planet's way of life was Mitch that he pursued studies in animal husbandry in New Melbourne's technical institute, and upon turning twenty-one, set out to homestead a plot of vast, undeveloped New Melburnian arable land. Intelligent and resourceful, but possessing not a single desire for any kind of life beyond the handmade fences of his homestead, Mitch married a local girl called Agatha Whitney in 2382, and the couple dedicated themselves to a "traditional" New Melburnian life. They have five children: Claire (b. 2384), June (b. 2385), twins Mitchell, Jr., and Anthony (b. 2387) and Natalie (b. 2390). John envies his younger brother's contentment, and how well he fit into life in the colony, where John struggled to adapt, and ultimately left in frustration.

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Professional History

John Mackellar doing a rare shift in pediatrics.

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