Makombo M'Kazazi

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  • Full name: Makombo M'kazazi
  • Common Name: Kazazi
  • Date of birth (Age): 236111.02 (39)
  • Species: Caitian
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Gold
  • Height: 1,53 m (5 feet)


  • Parents:
    • Mother: Shiboline M'natt
    • Sire: Makombo S'nardov
  • Grandmother: Shiboline M'ress
  • Siblings:
    • Older Brothers: S'azil & S'mezan
    • Brother from the same litter: S'rural


Born and raised on Cait (Regulus V). Because she only had brothers she kept mostly to herself and her mother. However due to an accident her mother died when she was 14, she was devastated for a while, but found out a year later that her grandmother M'ress, who was announced MIA in the year 2294, was now serving on the USS Trident.

Because of the Temporal Displacement M'ress was younger then Kazazi's mother was when she died, due to this Kazazi saw M'ress quickly as her foster mother,even though M'ress couldn't be with her much.

Kazazi also took a liking to science and Starfleet and idolized her grandmother for not only being the youngest cadet ever to be accepted into the academy, but also for serving on the 'Legendary' USS Enterprise. Kazazi, quickly began to study every moment she could get, and started to apply for Starfleet at the age of 16. She almost aced the entrance exams, but because she was so focused on study and the only 'friends' she had were her mother and grandmother, she lacked quite a bit of social skills, this was unacceptable for Starfleet standards and therefore she was rejected.

She didn't give up however and kept applying and even took social lessons to better her skills. Still it took a few attempts before she was finally accepted.

Her major was mostly focused on Space sciences and Computer Sciences with some minor classes in planetary science and Anthropology.

Socially she still has to learn to take more initiative, but other then that she is on equal grounds as M'ress.