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Malcolm Lysander.png
Malcolm Lysander
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Captain
Species Human/Leyron
Gender Male
DOB 234104.22
Age 60
Birthplace Malkus IX


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 212 lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Skin Tone: Deep tan.
  • Birthmarks, Scars, Tattoos: Large black tattoo of a native Malkusian tree, spanning from lower back to shoulders (Malkusian tradition to tattoo flora onto the body in the teen years). Scar from childhood fight, running from right temple to corner of right eye.
  • Build: Muscular, heavyset.
  • Face: Black beard/goatee around the mouth, defined jaw.
  • Eyes: Deep black irises, heavy eyebrows.
  • Arms: Well muscled arms, callused hands.
  • Legs: Short, muscular.
  • Carriage: Walks heavily.
  • Poses (Hands/Gestures, Feet/Legs, Torso/Head): Sits forward in chair, head on fist on chair arm, both feet flat on floor, elbows on arms of chair or table; stands with feet shoulder width apart, right hand holding left wrist in front.
  • Taste in Clothing (When off duty): In uniform most of the time. Otherwise, found mostly in black long-sleeve shirts and trousers, or something comparable. Always dressed masculine, but fashionable. Shoes: Standard Starfleet issue boots, or black suede dress shoes.
  • Voice: Deep and gruff. Mutters sometimes.
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous.


  • Telepathic Status: 1
  • Quarters: Opts for the one-child family quarters, as son lives with him. Decorated in art from Malkus IX, which is traditionally very abstract and colorful. All rooms contain native Malkusian plants and flowers.
  • Favorite Room: Any area with living flora.
  • Habits: Cracks knuckles like clockwork every 40 minutes, unconsciously nips thumbnail when thinking.
  • Mannerisms: Outgoing at times, seldom quiet and withdrawn. Shows his strength in leadership. Collected in tense situations, and always knows what to do.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Follows the Malkusian belief system of many, earth spirits.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Target practice, playing Malkusian Handball. Spends two hours a day either sword-fighting practice or martial arts practice with his son. Also tends a small, hidden area of the atrium on the base.
  • Likes:
    • Favorite food: Meat and potatoes kind of man. Lives off substantial earth food like meats and starches.
    • Favorite literature: Renaissance lit from Malkus IX, anything from the 1800's on Earth.
    • Him, and his crew to be well groomed and presentable.
  • Dislikes: Cowards, rats.
  • Ambitions and Goals: To someday retire to Malkus IX, after having attained the Rank of Admiral in StarFleet.
  • Dissapointments in Life: Having divorced his wife. Felt it was a failure to himself, and his son that he could not keep the relationship healthy.
  • Temperament: Assesses each person he meets carefully. Is a very open and outgoing person who is quick to smile, and quicker to laugh. However, is a very determined man who holds a grudge long and hard. Those who get on his bad side regret it.
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): None outstanding.
  • Physical Limitations: Slightly above normal human standards.


See: Lysander family tree

Backstory (Timeline)

  • 234104.22 - 235812.01:
    • Born to Human father and Malkusian mother on Malkus IX. Both parents were pioneer hydroponics farmers in the newly formed Lysander Hydroponics Institute of Malkus IX. Although the family was incredibly wealthy by Leyron standards, Malcolm was still raised in the traditional Leyron manner, living with his parents until his teenage years and then being housed in government dorms for young men. There, he was rigorously trained in subjects such as literature, the environment, science, math, and athletics. The teens spend all their summers living in small groups in hand-made shelters, usually deep in the wilderness. The population of Malkus IX is generally considered sparse for a warp-developed planet, so much of the land is wilderness.
    • As a teen he spent much of his time reading, playing sports, and working with the land. Although most found him rough on the exterior, those that spent the minimal energy to know him saw his outgoing, playful side. He is slow to judge and tended to be the student who scored well on tests, lead his team in all outdoor contests, and was liked by most.
  • 235901.01 - 236406.30:
    • At the completion of his studies, he left Malkus to seek more adventure in StarFleet. He found his way to the Academy easily, through sneaking aboard a freighter bound for Earth. Two friends, Lucio and Moth, accompanied him. All three enrolled in the Academy and quickly moved near the top of their class. Known for their friendly ways and intelligent conversation, the trio were often seen seated in the Academy Form debating topics such as the Federation's loss of power, or the introduction of the newest warship. Malcolm met Nell, at the Academy, and the two were wed seven months later. Nell quickly became one of Malcolm's posse and all four were soon seen together almost non-stop.
    • The group was soon torn apart, however, as Moth and Lucio were caught cheating on a final exam. Both were expelled from the Academy, and boarded a transport back to Malkus. Moth was killed, and Lucio seriously injured when their transport was attacked by a Cardassian warship. Malcolm was devastated, and took a semester leave of absence from the Academy to return to Malkus, leaving Nell behind on Earth to continue her studies. Malcolm spent the time on Malkus living in a hand-made shelter, in deep forest. Using his skills learned in his teen years, he survived two months without outside intervention. He returned for the spring semester, to find that Nell was pregnant. Their son Othello was born on stardate 8402.13. Malcolm graduated 10th in a class of 372 the next year.
  • 236407.01 - 237609.15:
    • Malcolm's first posting was aboard the USS Bellepheron as a helm officer and was promoted over a period of nine years to finally take the first officer position. He transferred off the ship to the USS Berlin just a month before the Bellerophon was destroyed, with all hands lost, in the battle of Wolf 359. Malcolm took the first officer position aboard the Berlin and finally took command of the ship just a year later when the ship's captain retired.
    • Malcolm led the Berlin into a number of successful battle against the Dominion, and was finally transferred to StarBase 118 to undergo a rigorous sixth month command training program. The newly instated command training placed him in the top tier of captains in StarFleet. Soon after completing the training, he was named acting commander of the station.
  • 237609.16 – 237802.15:
    • After the Alpha-Base 45 incident, Malcolm took leave from his position as Commanding Officer of StarBase 118 Operations and accompanied his son Othello to StarBase 12, where his mother took custody. Malcolm returned to StarBase 118 and remained on the base until December 20th, upon hearing word that his niece's husband, Priam Capulet, had died. He returned to Malkus IX to attend the funeral, and soon after decided to begin the traditional Leyron Zo-yei (a withdraw from society with the purpose of spiritual cleansing).
  • 237802.16 - 239006.29:
    • After finishing the Zo-yei, Lysander returned to Starfleet and was assigned to Starfleet Academy as an instructor in various subjects, including Battle Tactics, Administration, and Navigation.
  • 239006.30 - 2392:
    • Lysander requested, and was granted, consideration for a command position. He was assigned to the USS Triumphant, engaging in Trinity Sector patrol and defense.
    • In July of 2392, the Triumphant was recalled to Earth's McKinley station for the installation of Slipstream Drive – the first short-range tactical vessel to receive the refit – general maintenance and interior refurbishment, with Lysander assigned to oversee process.


  • Leyron:
    • The Leyron are humanoids native to Malkus IX and are relatively new to the warp-capable community.
    • They are remarkably human in appearance, but longer-lived than even Vulcans.
    • Of note to anthropologists is that one of their major subcultures developed a written language significantly before spoken or sign languages.
    • The Leyron people are deeply rooted to the land, and their children are taught survival skills from an early age. It is often noted by anthropologists that there exists quite a duality in the Leyron society. With their civilization being one first seen that created a written language before a spoken language, literature, poetry, and other written arts are highly valued in Leyron society. (The population of Leyron is surprisingly small for a developed world. As well, there is only one unified government, making it easy to generalize about the society as a whole.) However, the Leyron people are also incredibly talented in the agricultural field, and children are taught from a very young age about the value of the land.

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