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Lydor V is a Class O planet that hosts a population of sentient semi-amphibious humanoids in a bronze age level of development (classification B, Richter scale) called the Lydorians.


There are about ten populated island chains, with the largest boasting a city that numbers just over 1200 people. The total population is 100 000, though with many living on seafaring ships it is difficult for the Freeworlds to get accurate numbers. The Freeworlds also has difficulties keeping them from being culturally contaminated, even going as far to hide their existence from the Valcarians who would only exploit them.


It is the largest city on the planet which worships the goddess Rrenkhet, also called the Mother. It was a coastal city located in the crescent bay of the largest island in the vast sea known as the Great Deep, the bay was shallow, just enough that the early colonists had discovered they could root the typical floating structures found throughout the island chains to the bottom of the bay.


Neighbour to Rrenkhetha, this city worships the god Gub'kôj as its patron god, the Father. It maintains a strong trading relationship with Rrenkhetha, despite their religious differences.


It is an island poor in ore, for which reason they are in constant trade with other nearby cities, like Rrenkhetha and Gub'kôjha. They worship the god Dekk as their patron god.

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