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  • Height: 170.7 cm (5'6")
  • Weight: 63.5 kilos (140 lbs)
  • Blood Type: O Negative
  • T/E Rating: 0


  • Chronic Illnesses: L. Avery has no known long-term, chronic illnesses or medical maladies.
  • Medications: Standard Starfleet Immuno-Hypospray received annually. No other medications on file.
  • Allergies and Reactions: NOTE: SEVERE allergic reaction to Bajoran homeopathic medical treatment. This is likely due to a specific reaction to Makara Root, although all local medicinal remedies should be avoided due to cross-contamination concerns.
  • Sexual/Reproductive History: L. Avery has identified as sexually active. L. Avery has no known reproductive history.


  • SD 238910.17:
    • While on outdoor, planetary survival excursion L. Avery was diagnosed with Terran Pneumonia following long-term exposure to temperatures below -1 degrees Celsius in high-humidity conditions. Upon conclusion of excursion, L. Avery had been ill approximately four days. Chemotherapeutic treatment with multi-hypospray antibiotics alleviated condition within five more days.


  • SD 237502.24:
    • As a child, L. Avery underwent outpatient surgery to remove her appendix. Surgery was performed at the Federation Civilian Hospital, San Francisco, Earth. There were no complications reported.


L. Avery has no history of psychiatric treatment aside from standard Starfleet evaluations. L. Avery is stable and displays no signs of any significant psychiatric conditions. Through standard evaluations, it is clear that L. Avery has a poor relationship with both of her parents, although there is no reason to believe this would effect her work, as it has been a consistent issue since her teenage years. Evaluations have demonstrated that patient is likely to refocus stress in work efforts, and it may not be immediately obvious when patient needs to engage in stress relief for health reasons. To date, there have been no reports from superiors of this causing a problem.


  • Alcohol: L. Avery reports limited to moderate alcohol consumption, consisting of 3-5 drinks per week.
  • Recreation Drugs: L. Avery reports no current or prior use of any recreational drugs. L. Avery has never given positive indication on any Starfleet drug test.
  • Other: L. Avery reports above-average caffeine consumption, primarily through liquid intake consisting of Terran coffee and Klingon Raktajino. There have been no negative side-effects reported by the patient.


  • Mother: Mother, J. Avery, suffers from an ovulatory condition which caused near-complete infertility. Extensive IVF treatment was required for reproduction, and L. Avery reports the mother had numerous failed IVF treatment sessions as well. As a genetic condition, L. Avery is likely to experience similar difficulties.
  • Father: Father, P. Avery, sought treatment twice for alcoholism in the 2360s. Early-age high blood-pressure also reported (a link between the two is likely).
  • Siblings: L. Avery has no siblings.


  • Marital status: L. Avery is single and reports no long-term romantic involvement.
  • Children: L. Avery has no children, biological or otherwise.
  • Occupation/Assignment:
    • L. Avery was assigned to Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth between 238708.01 - 239105.12. Patient reports a focus on Engineering and Physics. Concerns are exposure to plasma, high-yield energy fields, and mechanical instruments.
    • L. Avery was posted to the USS Vigilant-A on SD 239105.14 as an Engineering Officer. Same concerns as above, with an increased focus on electromagnetic fields and plasma from warp core. The vessel is capable of quantum slipstream travel - same annual testing requirements as other exposed crew are recommended for long-term research data.
  • Diet: Patient reports a primarily Terran diet, augmented by Vulcan and Bajoran cuisines. Nothing the patient reports as a regular part of her diet is known to cause dietary or other health issues for a Terran.
  • Exercise: Patient reports moderate exercise (2-6 hours per week) consisting of hiking and light jogging primarily in a holodeck environment. Patient has previously reported minor ankle pain as the result of a jogging injury (soft tissue and bone scans negative for serious damage). Significant stretching and post-exercise icing recommended.


  • Medical Officer: Lt. K. Perez - Medical Officer, Starfleet Academy
  • Medical Assessment: L. Avery is a healthy individual presenting no significant medical conditions. L. Avery engages in a generally hazardous duty assignment, though has a good record of taking necessary precautions and seeking medical attention when necessary. L. Avery is cleared for full duty capacity as a Starfleet Officer with no concerns.


  • Counselor: Lt. Cmdr. Roux - Chief Counselor, Starfleet Academy
  • Psychological Assessment: L. Avery is mentally stable, confident, capable individual. She may encounter excessive stress and fail to relieve this problem properly due to her general mental approach to problem solving. This has never been reported as an problem by any Starfleet superior, although it is worth monitoring in the event that L. Avery is engaged in a stressful, long-term assignment. L. Avery is cleared for full duty capacity as a Starfleet Officer with no concerns.