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"May the new dawn be kinder to your people than the last" - Caitian proverb

USS Artemis-A
Luxa Lorana Ensign.png
Luxa Lorana
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Caitian
Gender Female
DOB 237211.24
Age 27
Birthplace Cait

Ensign Luxa Lorana is currently serving as a Science Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A, specialising in astronomy and exogeology, although would describe herself as a generalist. Ensign Lorana, also minored in helm and navigation. Born on the Caitian homeworld Cait (natively known as Ferasa). Luxa was born to a well-respected and renowned family. She spent her youth learning about art and culture, and is indeed a talented artist.

Luxa left Cait in a shroud of shame after publicly bringing shame upon her mother and family. She then spent some time on the Caitian transport vessel, the Y'Kiran, working as a crewhand, primarily within the loading bays. This is where she discovered her love for science, observing the phenomena she would seen between her shifts and teaching herself the fundamentals of science.

Eventually this love of science would aid her when the Y'Kiran responded to a distress call from a Starfleet vessel trapped within a dangerous nebula. Luxa was able to determine, from her studies, the nature of the phenomena and was key in the recovery of the Starfleet crew. This encounter would directly result in her recommendation to join Starfleet, which she would go on to do.


  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 141 lbs
  • Hair: Black roots and silver
  • Fur: Black and silver. She has darker spots around her body, but silver strikes down her spine and silver fluff ball at the tip of her tail
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Build: Svelte


Luxa shares crew quarters with Zoy. They have a tenuous relationship at best, and Luxa tolerates Zoy.

Personal History

Early Life and Family


Luxa was born on stardate 237211.24, to her mother's final litter. She was the last born, and was always known affectionately as 'the little terror' due to her stubbornness to arrive after her littermates. Her mother, M'Aris is a popular artist, sculpture and architect. She, along with Luxa's father, S'nar would spend much of their time off-world touring Federation worlds, or working on projects.

Luxa was raised by her siblings and within her clan on Cait. It was a happy, love-filled childhood. She would often travel with her parents, which helped her language skills, making her more adept at interacting with other species - although she can struggle with this.

P'Larg School of Art, Culture and Philosophy


Luxa was enrolled in the Caitian's most prestigious school of art, culture and philosophy - as had all her siblings and both her parents before her.

Luxa had an independent streak and struggled to fit in at the school, always curious about what was beyond the confines of her privileged upbringing.

Luxa was talented but she lacked passion in her art. Preferring to be technically perfect but it was often commented on that her works lacked emotion and feeling.

The Final Year at P'Larg


Duperra was the daugher of the captain of a transport vessel, the Y'Kiran, who enrolled at P'Larg in Luxa's final year. Duperra and Luxa would often get into trouble. Duperra believed that Caitians should embrace their wilder instincts and would encourage Luxa to runaway into the plains for days at a time.

On her birthdate, for her 16th birthday, her mother planned a great celebration of her new installation which included some of Luxa and her siblings works. Luxa's mother was incredibly proud of this achievement, and was honoured that she was allowed to provide this piece to the people of Cait. It was her legacy piece, symbolic and beautiful.

Luxa and Duperra destroyed the art and placed offensive colours and symbols on the sculptures designed to embarrass her mother. It worked. Luxa felt great shame for what she had done, she had tried to prevent the offense but Duperra had stopped her from intervening.

Luxa left Cait in shame, banished by her family.

The Y'Kiran Years


Duperra's family worked on transport vessels, they offered Luxa a role within the crew on the Y'Kiran. She quickly adapted to life on a transport ship, realising that she loved exploration. She then began to delve into her studies of the universe; nebulas, spacial anomalies - just about anything.

Although she missed her family terribly, she loved the adventures of being part of the crew of the Y'Kiran and visiting so many different worlds, which began her interest in sciences. Luxa collected many rocks from most of the planets she visited.

The transport vessel encountered a strange phenomena and a Starfleet vessel in distress. The vessel had been drawn into a nebula, Luxa's studies allowed her to assist the starfleet crew in rescuing themselves and the captain recommended her admittance into Starfleet Academy and also helped her reconcile with her family.


Starfleet Academy


Luxa's life in the Academy was challenging. She found it hard to socialise with humans as until this point she hadn't encountered that many. She delved into her studies and became a little bit of a loner - which was unusual for a Caitian.

This did have an affect on her mental health but luckily she reached out and overcame this to join some groups. Luxa became quite active in the Science Groups at the academy and formed many friendships, even letting her hair down on occasion.

USS Artemis-A


Luxa's first official posting is the Luna class USS Artemis-A, stationed in the Borderlands under the command of CO Addison MacKenzie.

Impact (Artemis)

Luxa joined the crew at the final stages of a relief mission to Da'al planet Meranuge IV after a meteor had struck the city of Tecra, killing an estimated 10,000 individuals. She reported to Sickbay, to find that Commander Addison MacKenzie was treating injured Da'al citizens.

The meteor had an unusual affect on the citizens of the planet, and the telepathic and empathic crew members of the USS Artemis-A. A dust, containing Gallium, spread around the site of the meteor's impact which seemed to be causing these effects, which caused extreme rage in those affected.

Luxa then joined the Science team, tasked with deploying a device to counter the effects of the now named Da'allium on the planet. Luxa assisted in stunning some rage filled citizens to let the team, consisting of Chief Engineer Hallia Yellir, Ensign Hiro Jones and Ensign Jovenan, to deploy the device.

This resulted in the reversal of the effects of the Da'allium.

The Canyon

While eating lunch with Ensigns Flint Kader and Savel, Ensign Jovenan invites them to explore Merangue IV, the Da'al homeworlds La'kso Canyon, which has mineral pools and Kelbonite deposits, that have created a beautiful vista. They had recently completed a mission to revert the effects of Da'allium and provide aid after a meteor strike.

They decide to take a shuttle to the surface, as the Kelbonite deposits will interfere with the transporters and any scanning equipment they may bring.

Meanwhile a covert operations was being conducted, in which Jovenan and Lieutenant Talos Dakora were trying to ascertain the nature of the meteor strike as it appeared to be a deliberate attack, that may have been orchestrated by high ranking members of the Da'al government. The Kelbonite deposits are suspected of masking the evidence to prove the attack was committed.

The merry band of ensigns all pack into a Type-18 shuttlecraft Perseus. It's a tight squeeze as the group of eager fresh faced recruits have decided to bring along testing kits, some grappling gear and ropes, as well as the camping equipment.

The expedition starts off uneventful, they land, and they walk for several kilometres. Spotting the scaled monarch, a large flying creature that Savel has been interested in studying.

Eventually they encounter two Da'al men on the path, claiming to be wardens. It is soon established that they are not wardens, yet Da'al terrorists named Kireeh and Rennol that want to prevent the ensigns from going any further. Kireeh informs the group that he has placed explosives on the rock face above them, with a crude detonator in his hand.

After a short standoff, the group manage to cause a distraction by momentarily having the two Da'al turn on one another. Luxa takes advantage of this opportunity, leaping to disarm Kireeh. Although she is successful in disarming him, Kireeh managed to strike her and then throw her over the edge of the canyon's cliff-face. Luxa manages to use her feline abilities to land on to a small ledge, sustaining multiple serious injuries in the process.

Savel and Kader are able to regain control of the situation, quickly subduing and restraining both men. Jovenan provides assitance to Luxa by using rope to descend to the ledge. She provides some basic medical attention and comfort to Luxa.

The senior officers onboard the Artemis, have been alerted to the risk within this section of the planet after Dakora uncovered the plot from the Da'al minister to destabilise the Da'al government. Realising that the ensigns could be in danger he along with Commander Genkos Adea and Lieutenant Gabriel Osuna make haste to the planet with a team to recover the ensigns.

They arrive to provide relief, interrogate the prisoners, and provide medical attention to Luxa.

Service Record

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2396 - 2400 Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 240004.12 - Present USS Artemis-A
Science Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
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