Luna, Susak

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USS Apollo

Susak Luna

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: None (civilian, family member)
  • Race: Vulcan

Susak Luna is the son of Avar Luna and is living aboard the USS Apollo.



  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Build: Thin, slightly muscular.
  • Height: About 1.8 meters. (5.8 feet)
  • Hair: Dark Brown
    • Length: To ears
    • Appearence: Messy


  • Parents:
    • Father: Avar Luna (236006.21-Present)
    • Mother: Sian (236012.04-238510.09, Deceased)
  • Siblings: None


Susak Luna was born in 227412.03 without Avar Luna's knowledge. He was introduced to Avar in 228004.21. Since then, he and Avar have been inseperable. When Avar joined Starfleet, Susak stayed with Sian. In 228510.09, Susak's mother died in a rockslide. He was crushed. He left Vulcan and joined Avar on Earth. He learned some about starships from what Avar told him when he got the chance to see Susak. Susak stayed off campus for the entirety of Avar's schooling. His mother's death was the only reason for him to join Avar on the USS Drake.


  • Born: 237412.03
  • Met Avar Luna: 238004.21
  • Avar Joined Starfleet: 238204.02
  • Sian Dies: 238510.09
  • Comes Aboard USS Drake: 238806.20