Loss Of Command (Atlantis)

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  • Duration - ?
  • Mission Name - Loss of Command
  • Mission Tag - (Prometheus Incident -- Phase I: The Frozen Horror) The mixture of Romulan politics and military force Blueheart to make a devastating choice

Mission Brief

Deep in the heart of the Norlian Nebula, a temporal rift was slowly enlarging. It was borne out of the careless experimentation with polaric energy by the crew of the USS Christopher Pike in 2299. As a result of the rift, members of the crew of the Christopher Pike began appearing randomly throughout the USS Atlantis (NCC-74682) while members of the crew of the Atlantis began phasing in and out of various timelines, including Capt. Raj Blueheart. These incidents were apparently triggered by strong emotional bonds to the ones they loved the most.

With the return of the away team sent to the Christopher Pike to investigate the polaric energy experiment that went awry, an anti-polaric probe was devised to close the temporal rift. The Romulans however, soon displayed their true colors. One of the warbirds, the IRW Cathex, led by Commander Riuurren, launched an unprovoked attack that destroyed one of the Atlantis' shuttles, the Voltaire. The attack was merely a diversion to board the Christopher Pike and steal both the ship as well as the details of the polaric energy experiment for future replication and weaponization. Unbeknownst to Blueheart, Chief of Security Lt. Tamaiti Scott had had a closed-door discussion with Sub-commander Liorae-Shiaer, who happened to be a member of the Tal Shiar. The sub-commander had provided irrefutable evidence of Riuurren's plans to Scott, as well as the codes to deactivate the Cathex's shields and weapons. Despite being aware that their shields and weapons were down, Blueheart gave the order to fire upon the defenseless vessel, effectively destroying it. Chief Intel Officer, LtCmdr. Tracey Townson charged Blueheart with committing a criminal act against a defenseless vessel, prompting him to relinquish command of the Atlantis. Cmdr. Marcus Dickens assumed command of the Atlantis, and learning of Scott’s clandestine talks with Liorae-Shiaer, ordered him to be secured in the brig, along with Blueheart.

"You asked me why I stepped down despite saving everyone's lives on the Tiger Shark, and I replied that that's never enough for a captain. A captain is expected to save the lives of his crew AND the lives of the enemy. I failed to uphold this and now I have to pay the price of my actions," said Capt. Blueheart. With time literally running out and the rift growing increasingly unstable, the anti-polaric probe was successfully detonated, closing the temporal rift and restoring every ship and every individual in their rightful place along the appropriate timeline. While the Atlantis headed for home, both Blueheart and Scott solemnly contemplated their future, and the fate that awaits them.