Other Details: Lorunda is a planet located within the Lorundan Confederacy situated in the Solerian Sector of the galaxy, close to the Par'tha Expanse border. The planet was renowned for both the variety and pristine nature of its ecology. The Lorundans themselves developed massive floating cities so that the planet's surface could remain unscathed. After these cities were developed, it became illegal for a Lorundan to set foot on the surface of the planet unless he remained there permanently. Despite the harsh restrictions tied to such an act, many Lorundans heeded the call of "Mother Nature" and moved from the cities to the forests below.

Solerian Sector

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  • Planet Name: Lorunda
  • Location: Solerian Sector
  • Class: M
  • System Data: Lorunda has two moons
  • Gravity: 1.3 G
  • Year and Day: 371/24
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with ozone and carbon dioxide content, at Earth-normal pressure
  • Hydrosphere: Moist, with 60% surface water
  • Climate: Warm and tropical
  • Sapient Species: 670 million, mostly Lorundans
  • Technological Classification: Rating N- on the Richter Scale
  • Government: Democracy
  • Culture: Agriculture, Manufacturing
  • Affiliation: member world of the Lorundan Confederacy
  • Resources: raw materials, science
  • Ship Facilities: Lorunda has no major land-based starports

The surface of the planet of Lorunda formerly played host to numerous plants including Indyup trees, Donar flowers bull-ferns and Baffor trees. The "Baffor" tree, which possessed telepathic capabilities and acted as a sort of distributed intellect - the larger the forest was, the higher the collective intellect. The delicate ecosystem also played host to various other life forms including the manollium bird, the shamarok flitter and the arrak snake.