Acheri Lorelei

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Crew of the USS Eagle

Acheri Lorelei

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  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Security/Tactical Officer
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Orion

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Ensign Acheri Lorelei, an Orion, is currently assigned to the USS Eagle as Security/Tactical Officer.


  • Full Name: Acheri Lorelei
  • Race: Orion
  • Date of Birth: 236001.14
  • Age: 27
  • Place of Birth: Orion
  • Gender: Female


  • Height: 1.80m (5' 11'')
  • Skin Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Dark Red
  • Eye Color: Black


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Vaebn Kel-rath
    • Mother: Adria Kel-rath
  • Siblings: None


Acheri was born on the home world of Orion in its capital city. Like her mother she was born into the Orion slave trade. As a child she was taught the tricks and trade of the Orion Syndicate. Her mother oversaw the family business, the most profitable of which were assassinations to whomever paid the most. She had high hopes for Acheri.

By age eleven Acheri was sold to Deletham Argelian, a Romulan genetics scientist for ‘a suitable price’ as her mother liked to say. The year she spent with Deletham has become a blur in her memories. By age twelve she was returned to her mother, Adria.

By age fifteen, Acheri was fully developed and sexually mature for her species. However, unlike other Orion girls, Acheri could not release or control the exotic pheromones that the Orions so proudly use to control the men of their species. This eventually led to her becoming a second class citizen within the Syndicate. Adria was furious at Acheri’s handicap.

During this time Acheri grew closer to her father Vaebn. She hated the way mother treated him, as nothing more than a common slave. For the first time she began to see the world through new eyes. Acheri began plotting her escape from the Syndicate.

By age seventeen, she was in contact with the Orion Free Traders which had connections to an underground railroad for slave girls. This put Acheri in contact with a Vulcan named Zarek. Zarek was ten years her senior yet a lifelong friendship was soon born. Zarek arranged for her to setup a new life on Vulcan under the name of Acheri Lorelei. Her birth name is classified.

Living on Vulcan she excelled. By age nineteen Acheri applied to the Vulcan Science Academy. She was finally accepted on her third attempt at the entrance exam. However shortly thereafter her Orion heritage returned with a vengeance. During a class filled with vulcan males her pheromones created quite the stir. It was thought that Vulcans were immune to the pheromones of the Orion girls. Acheri was deemed to much of a distraction and expelled from the Science Academy.

Her friend, Zarek, was intrigued and examined her DNA and found several irregularities. Acheri’s hormonal pheromones were twenty times that of a regular Orion girl. Over the course of a year Zarek worked on and developed a pheromone suppressor. Acheri would have to inject herself with this suppressor every twenty-four hours to keep the pheromones at bay. This allowed her to go out in public once again.

Also during this time, Zarek asked and was granted permission to perform a mind meld with Acheri. He found that a particularly nasty Romulan had experimented on Acheri while she was very young. Zarek was able to probe deep into her subconscious and accessed her memories of that time. The discovery that her mother had used her in several key assassinations of Federation and Klingon officers was quite troubling indeed.

Burdened with heavy guilt, Acheri traveled to Relva VII, a class M planet that was colonized by the Federation. She applied to Starfleet in the attempt to find out more about her past and gain access to Federation files on those she may have helped murder. Zarek became her sponsor to the academy. Her only problem was the psych test. She knew she couldn't pass it with her background, her emotions would give her away when they probed too deeply. She made the decision to not suppress. She hoped it would be the last time she would ever have to use her power over men like this. Acheri was accepted into Starfleet and traveled to Earth.


  1. 236001.14: Born.
  2. 238702.05: Assigned to the USS Eagle.