Lor Gulok, Alana

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This article pertains to a subject of the Mirror universe.Mirror-universe.jpg

Agent Alana Lor Gulok is the mirror of Alana Devar and is a member of the Alliance. She is without control of her telepathic abilities and is viewed by most to be cold, cruel, psychotic and a psionic witch. In this alternate reality, Alana has no love for her family, life, religion, or her people. She would kill without giving a second thought.

Her husband was a wealthy and influential Cardassian Senator, who had wed the out of control Betazoid beauty in hopes to bend her special talents for the Alliance's will. When male Lor Gulok was murdered by Duy Danny Wilde, she became prey to his enemies.


  • Full Name: Alana Lor Gulok
  • Nick Name: Witch
  • Birthdate: 235603.02 (March 2, 2356)
  • Birth Place: Mestara, Betazed
  • House: House of Houses
  • Current Rank: Special Agent, Unholy Queen of Betazed
  • Current Postition: Unknown
  • Station: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • T/E Rating: T6/E6. See Telepathic Prowess.
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Zodiac Sign(s): Sun in Pisces, Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Libra with Scorpio rising


  • Hair Color: Brown, with a strip of lavender.
  • Hair Length/Style: Short and tousled
  • Eye Color: Dark brown
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 105 pounds
  • Skin Tone: Olive
  • Scars: Several
  • Tattoos: None that can be seen
  • Build: Small bone structure, petite, and very slender.
  • Tone/Voice: Speaks with a booming voice that is harsh and shrilly.
  • Presence: Most individuals have described it as uncomfortable. She often rambles on incoherently, obviously stricken by the thoughts and emotions around her. She will often act out and say what other's think or feel, no matter how ridiculous, and laugh moronically outloud.
  • Facial Features: Classical features. Eyes sparkle with madness.
  • Handedness: Left

Telepathic Prowess

  • Telepathic Rating: T6
  • Empathic Rating: E6

Since Alana was born with the so called 'gift' of telepathy, she is more so gifted than other natural Betazoids. Whereas her mirror, Alana Devar, was able to control most of her abilities with Vulcan training, Lor Gulok was short served. While Lor Gulok's abilites remain unmatched and immense, they lack control and, often times, leave her at a disadvantage.


  • 2372 - Alana sells her sister, Arista Devar, to the Alliance Occupation.
  • 2375 - Marries Senator Duvak Lor Gulok.
  • 2379 - Husband is murdered.
  • 2379 - After hearing her sister, Arista, gave birth to a child at the Mining Facility she had sold her to, Lor Gulok became curious and made an appearance. With the Mining Facility in complete disarray from its attack by a small party of the Terran Resistance, Lor Gulok kidnapped her sister's child and disorientated husband, who had been injured in the line of fire. She would raise the baby as her own and treated her sister's husband as a servant, brutally tormenting him but keeping him alive only just enough that it would not kill him.
  • 2380 - Was captured by Lt Colonel Veronica Summers on Station 2743 after encountering her mirror, Alana Devar. The station exploded but her death has not been confirmed.
  • 2381 - Is revealed that she is alive and takes control of Betazed by overwhelming force, overthrowing the Intendant of her sector with her party of Chaos Keepers. She is declared the Queen of Betazed, of the House of Houses.
  • 238509 - Reunites with her sister on Mirror Betazed and, in a battle of her sister's family, sets a self destruct in her compound. The compound explodes, resulting in death.

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