Lizanne Milton-Keynes

Lizanne Milton-Keynes is a Human working as an informant for Intel.

Starbase 118 Ops
MSNPC Liz.png
Lizanne (Liz) Milton-Keynes
Position Intel Informant
Rank Civilian
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 2383
Age 18
Writer ID J239809TA4
Nestira Aristren
Trovek Arys
Lizanne Milton-Keynesk
Amelia Summerbrook
Ashlı Sydin


Early Childhood

Liz' childhood was far from conventional, shaped by her unique family background. As the youngest of three children, she was born into a family with criminal background, and to syndicate-affiliated parents. From an early age, Lizanne found herself embarking on numerous "business trips" alongside her parents, immersing herself in a world of secrecy, negotiations, and uncertainty. It was during these travels that she learned to adapt and take care of herself, becoming independent and self-reliant beyond her years. Eventually, her family decided to settle down on Miranda VII, providing a more stable environment for Lizanne to grow.

Miranda VII

After settling on Miranda VII, Lizanne's parents recognized the importance of passing down their knowledge and skills to their daughter. They taught her the intricacies of their business and the art of gathering valuable information that was otherwise inaccessible. As the political landscape shifted and the extremist group Terra Prime gained a foothold on the space dock, Lizanne's parents briefly entertained the idea of relocating for the sake of their safety. However, being human, they underestimated the gravity of the situation and remained. Half a year after Terra Prime's arrival, they decided to embark on another business trip - without Liz. Unfortunately, during their absence, the situation escalated rapidly, leading to a blockade that prevented them from returning to Miranda VII. As the days turned into months, Lizanne anxiously waited for any word from her parents.


Following Starfleet's successful liberation of Miranda VII, Lizanne actively participated in the efforts to free her home from the grip of Terra Prime. Her resourcefulness and knowledge proved invaluable in the operation. It was during this time that Solaris McLaren recognized Lizanne's exceptional abilities and sought her out, offering her a unique role as a special informant. Intrigued by the prospect of utilizing her talents for a greater cause, Lizanne agreed to join Solaris and embarked on a journey to Starbase 118, where she would begin a new chapter of her life.