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Length of Service Award Recipients

Year Award Name Recipient Name Recipient Writer ID
2015 1-year Member Aidoann Danara A239102AD0
2015 1-year Member Alexander Bishop C239112AB0
2015 1-year Member Toni Lupo E239112TL0
2015 1-year Member Ayiana Sevo V239109AS0
2015 1-year Member Cory Stoyer C239111CS0
2015 1-year Member Dial A239103D10
2015 1-year Member Didrik Stennes D238804DS0
2015 1-year Member Elandra Dar C237904DE0
2015 1-year Member Jansen Orrey O238506JO0
2015 1-year Member Johanna MacLaren O238905JMO
2015 1-year Member Lan Riel G239107LR0
2015 1-year Member Lyldra E239109B10
2015 1-year Member Maxwell Traenor A239111MT0
2015 1-year Member Michael Jellico V239107TZ0
2015 1-year Member Raissa Moonsong G239107RM0
2015 1-year Member Ren Rennyn A239102RR0
2015 1-year Member S'Kahh Rossh E238907SR0
2015 1-year Member T'Mihn T238902TA0
2015 1-year Member Tamaiti Scott V238205BH0
2015 1-year Member Tatash C239108T10
2015 1-year Member Tsuki Kazeyama C239112CA0
2014 1-year Member Akeelah D'Sena A238906JL0
2014 1-year Member Alana Larson C238805DG0
2014 1-year Member Alex Blair T238906AB0
2014 1-year Member Alexander Williams
2014 1-year Member Alora DeVeau M239008AD0
2014 1-year Member Ben Livingston O238906BL0
2014 1-year Member Brayden Jorey
2014 1-year Member Brell E239109B10
2014 1-year Member Chythar Skyfire O239002CS0
2014 1-year Member Evan Delano T239007ED0
2014 1-year Member Irina Pavlova O238908HA0
2014 1-year Member James
2014 1-year Member Mei'konda M239002M10
2014 1-year Member Rocko Stevens T239012RS0
2014 1-year Member Sabina Tiam A239109ST0
2014 1-year Member Sal Taybrim E239010ST0
2014 1-year Member Shelther Faranster A239001SF0
2014 1-year Member T'Mar A238908T10
2014 1-year Member Talia Kaji
2014 1-year Member Tyler Kelly O238811CD0
2014 1-year Member Udas V239012U10
2014 1-year Member Vitor Silveira
2015 10-year Member Samal Frazier S238103SF0
2015 10-year Member Toni Turner E238209TT0
2014 10-year Member Luna Walker I238010BW0
2014 10-year Member T'Lea I238301T10
2013 10-year Member Eskyys
2013 10-year Member Rode Mitchell C238005RM0
2012 10-year Member Boris Hendon W237809SP0
2012 10-year Member Danny Wilde C237708DW0
2012 10-year Member Idril Mar I237505IM0
2012 10-year Member Tracey Townson H237708TT0
2012 10-year Member Tyr Waltas C237910TW0
2011 10-year Member Kare'en/Galon Sudra
2011 10-year Member Steve Lee McCall
2015 3-year Member Alex Blair T238906AB0
2015 3-year Member Irina Pavlova O238908HA0
2015 3-year Member Jalana Rajel A238906JL0
2015 3-year Member Lyldra E239109B10
2015 3-year Member S'Kahh Rossh E238907SR0
2015 3-year Member Saveron R238802S10
2015 3-year Member T'Mar A238908T10
2015 3-year Member T'Mihn T238902TA0
2015 3-year Member Tamaiti Scott V238205BH0
2015 3-year Member Vitor Tito O238907VS0
2014 3-year Member Alexander Richards I238807AR0
2014 3-year Member Brek O238809B10
2014 3-year Member Eerie A238803E10
2014 3-year Member James Kolk
2014 3-year Member Jen Malcolm W237806JM0
2014 3-year Member Renos A238805EB0
2014 3-year Member Siris
2014 3-year Member Tristam Core C238803SB0
2013 3-year Member Alleran Tan
2013 3-year Member Anora Manar I238012TR0
2013 3-year Member Hannibal Parker C238703HP0
2013 3-year Member Jen Malcolm W237806JM0
2013 3-year Member Kaedyn Zehn
2013 3-year Member Kaitlyn Falcon F237507RF0
2013 3-year Member Leo Handley-Page I238711EW0
2013 3-year Member Liam Frost
2013 3-year Member Marvin Brolin
2013 3-year Member Oliver Weston D238711OW0
2013 3-year Member Roshanara Rahman I238705TZ0
2013 3-year Member Rune Jolara A238909RJ0
2013 3-year Member William Tindall
2012 3-year Member Alucard Vess C238601TB0
2012 3-year Member Bowrapiquis Jetseen
2012 3-year Member David Whale
2012 3-year Member Diego Herrera C238607TR0
2012 3-year Member Ian West
2012 3-year Member Inarr Rogg d'Squamos
2012 3-year Member John Valdivia D238701JV0
2012 3-year Member Kaedyn Zehn
2012 3-year Member Kali Nicholotti R238605KN0
2012 3-year Member Kevin Breeman I238601KB0
2012 3-year Member Lance Firestarter T238303LF0
2012 3-year Member Michael Valentino
2012 3-year Member Miles Unum
2012 3-year Member Nearian Ben'thal
2012 3-year Member Nugra V238008N10
2012 3-year Member Raj Blueheart D238601RB0
2012 3-year Member Rune Jolara A238909RJ0
2012 3-year Member S'Peek Avandar
2012 3-year Member Valis
2011 3-year Member Andrus Jaxx C238410AJ0
2011 3-year Member Ann Readdy
2011 3-year Member Danzia S238312D10
2011 3-year Member Della Vetri O238506DV0
2011 3-year Member Eden Redstone
2011 3-year Member Leah St. James
2011 3-year Member Quinn Reynolds T238401QR0
2011 3-year Member Sinda Essen R238401JT0
2011 3-year Member Tal Tel-ar T237708TT0
2011 3-year Member William Rogers
2015 5-year Member Anora Manar I238012TR0
2015 5-year Member Hannibal Parker C238703HP0
2015 5-year Member Kalianna Nicholotti R238605KN0
2015 5-year Member Kyle Barrett V238711LF0
2015 5-year Member Nia Calderan I238711EW0
2015 5-year Member Roshanara Rahman I238705TZ0
2015 5-year Member Tamaiti Scott V238205BH0
2015 5-year Member Varaan V237810V10
2014 5-year Member Ceilidh Riverview C239209CR0
2014 5-year Member Kaitlyn Falcon F237507RF0
2014 5-year Member Nugra V238008N10
2014 5-year Member Raj Blueheart D238601RB0
2013 5-year Member Azriel Derrida
2013 5-year Member David Whale
2013 5-year Member Della Vetri O238506DV0
2013 5-year Member Katy Orman
2013 5-year Member Sakorra Reed
2013 5-year Member Trel'lis T238907T10
2012 5-year Member Andrus Jaxx C238410AJ0
2012 5-year Member Danzia S238312D10
2012 5-year Member David Cody P237106MB0
2012 5-year Member Kael Thomas V238010KT0
2012 5-year Member Karynn Brice
2012 5-year Member Nemitor Atimen K238210NA0
2012 5-year Member Quinn Reynolds T238401QR0
2012 5-year Member Sinda Essen R238401JT0
2012 5-year Member Tal Tel-ar T237708TT0
2012 5-year Member William Rogers
2011 5-year Member Aron Kells
2011 5-year Member Ashley Yael C238211TZ0
2011 5-year Member Sam Perkins W237809SP0
2011 5-year Member Darius Clack
2011 5-year Member Eskyys
2011 5-year Member Heath West
2011 5-year Member Hugh Barnes
2011 5-year Member Jacen Fanel
2011 5-year Member Lunah Walker/Ben Walker I238010BW0
2011 5-year Member Marcus Dickens K238008KT0
2011 5-year Member Paul Sharpe I238401PS0
2011 5-year Member Rode Mitchell C238005RM0
2011 5-year Member Samal Frazier S238103SF0
2011 5-year Member Jack Shepard
2011 5-year Member Sidney Riley
2011 5-year Member Solok R237908S10
2011 5-year Member T'Lea I238301T10
2011 5-year Member T'Pen
2011 5-year Member Toni Turner E238209TT0
2011 5-year Member Tracey Townson H237708TT0
2011 5-year Member Tyr Waltas C237910TW0