Limbo is an uninhabited M-class moon in orbit of a ringed gas giant in the Shoals.

View from Limbo

A tropical paradise, the USS Veritas crew sought refuge on Limbo in late 2395 after they were forced to abandon their ship in orbit. After discovering that time on the moon was flowing more quickly than it was for the outside universe, engineers Geoffrey Teller and Wil Ukinix, working with Captain Roshanara Rahman, Commander Evan Delano and stranded time traveler Jhalib Ekal, devised a plan to transport a small repair team aboard the Veritas, moments after the crew was originally evacuated more than three months prior. The repair team was able to ultimately repair the sabotage to the Veritas, refuel it, and dissipate the temporal anomaly around the moon, returning it to its rightful place in time and allowing the crew to escape.