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The 'Soliton Wave', founded by a trio of friends including two humans and a Caitain, has grown into a bit of an institution among the local clubbing scene for offering a strong emphasis on alternate culture and lifestyles. Various aliens from all walks of life frequent the place to dance, party or in some cases to simply hook up in between flights and assignments.

The dancefloor dominates the usually dimply lit place, reminding visitors from the Federation of a colored up stellar cartography. Blue and violet beams of light form a grid with white dots displayed underneath to mark star constellations. Once enough dancers are on the floor, they naturally take over the part of forming nebulae and other space phenomenon.

The bar counter also has star charts shown on all surfaces, but most visitors only have eyes for the vast selection of drinks showcased in the shelves behind the bar. They are arranged in a fashion that they form a rainbow, all colored drinks neatly placed together. Most nights, C'Reras, the Caitian among the founders, is on bartending duty. He is a bit of a fatherly figure to the club and regular patrons, liked for his ability to listen and offer advice, but also teased for his growing waistline, which he takes in stride, sometimes launching into a belly dance at the early hours of the morning.

Current Staff

Lightside Station NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Gender Current Post Posted By
Soliton Wave
C'Reras Caitian male Founder & Bartender General