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O'Callahan's Pub, located in the Starlight Market section of Lightside Station, is an old style authentic Irish Pub, capturing the style and atmosphere of the country of Ireland back on Earth. Various pictures and drawings of Ireland and Irish flags ring the walls of the dimly, but not dark, lit establishment. Old fashioned bar stools and tables give the pub a quaint, intimate feel, as waitresses move around in old fashioned clothes. English dartboards along the back wall are usually occupied for those who fancy throwing a leg or two. The smell of hand cooked food sometimes wafts to the outside, bringing in the curious as well as hungry patrons to experience the feel of the Earth in its past.

Sean O'Callahan is a tall, very Irish human who tends the bar who came to Lightside Station as merchant who took one look at 'The Spike' and realized it needed that good old Irish magic. Sean will almost always be heard spinning tall Irish tales to any who would listen as he keeps the spirits flowing. It took many favors to call in to initially get started, but O'Callahan's has become a second home to many merchants and other travelers, especially to any humans who happen upon the enticing smell of actual cooked food in the Commercial District.

Current Staff

Lightside Station NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Gender Current Post Posted By
O'Callahan's Pub
Sean O'Callahan Human male Owner General