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Kreal's Tea Shop is located on Lightside Station in the Starlight Market area. Run by a alien woman named Kreal, the shop carries a large, ever changing, variety of teas from around the Aavaro Wilds and beyond. The shop is softly light and usually has some kind of soft, unobtrusive music playing. There is a seating area towards the front of the shop, with the tables spaced far enough apart to allow for privacy. At the back of the shop is a wooden counter where Kreal makes cups of tea for her customers and handles sales. The back wall itself is entirely taken up by wooden and metal containers of teas, with a rolling ladder allowing Kreal access to all of her wares.

Kreal, herself, is small older woman. She stands at four feet tall with long feathers falling down around her shoulders instead of hair, and the irises in her eyes contain either metal or crystal deposits causing them to literally sparkle. Kreal is happy and enjoys taking care of her customers, enjoying most the opportunity to expose them to a new tea they've never heard of before. She is more than happy to trade for new teas to add to her collection. Kreal always refers to herself in the third person, and it is not known if this is something her entire species does or simply a personal affectation.

Lightside Station NPC Roster
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Kreal’s Tea Shop
Kreal Unknown female Owner General