Lightside Station/Cantina Estrella

La Cantina Estrella is a restaurant/bar designed to resemble a Mexican (Earth) restaurant. The food is authentic and expertly prepared - their head Chef ("Chef Alejandro") is Orion, but studied under several Terran chefs who specialized in this regional cuisine. The result is food and drink that ranges from extremely authentic Earth Mexican to Mexican-inspired at best. Only the bravest patrons try the Klingon Olé, and only those possessing a particularly strong constitution venture a second bite. (It is a level of spice akin to taking a pain stick directly to the tongue.)

The proprietor and host is Chef Alejandro's brother "Pablo" (No one is actually sure is these are their real names). Pablo knows only the few Spanish phrases Alejandro has taught him, and delivers them poorly but with sincerity. His most often-repeated phrase is "Muy good."

La Cantina Estrella is a destination not to be overlooked by those seeking a good time. Not only is the food magnificent, but there can also be heard on most nights the best Mariachi band in the Wilds. (Not that there's a lot of competition, but still ... they're good) The bar also has several Earth cocktails. The margaritas come in one size: 1 liter.

Current Staff

Lightside Station NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Gender Current Post Posted By
La Cantina Estrella
Alejandro Orion male Chef General
Pablo Orion male Proprietor & Host General