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Ivanova: "No, you know what?! %$#@ this melodrama! You and me, we're Starfleet security. And the doc over there... well, he'll do for tonight."
Sampi: ::scoffs:: "Thanks..."
Ivanova: "Don't mention it, princess."
–Ivanova reunites with Charles Sampi and cheers up Eyas Wulfantine.
Lidia Ivanova

Lidia Ivanova is a 41-year-old human Starfleet security officer assigned to Amity Outpost. She previously served aboard the USS Pioneer, USS Tiger-A, USS Mercury, USS Garuda, and Deep Space 10. She eventually served as chief of security for Astrofori One.

Following the destruction of Astrofori One by the Tholians at the Battle of Astrofori One in 2395, Lidia returned to Earth and began a long-term leave of absence to focus on raising her son Mikhail. One of the projects she worked on during her leave on Earth is an EYH (Experimental Yoga Hologram) program.

In 2398, she sought assignment to the newly-opened Amity Outpost in the Delta Quadrant. In preparation for her new assignment, she passed her bridge officer's test, earning a promotion to the rank of lieutenant commander. With her new qualifications, Lidia often takes command of the USS Independence-B, Amity Outpost's primary support ship, on its routine patrols.

Stats & Service Record

  • Full Name: Lidia Vasilyevna Ivanova
    • Russian: Лидия Васильевна Иванова
  • Species: Human
  • Date of Birth: 235910.18
    • Age: 41
  • Place of Birth: Saratov, Earth
  • Gender: Female

Starfleet Career

  • Commissioned: 2384
  • Training Facility: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, 2380-2384
Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ens-Gold.png Ensign 2384 - 2387 Starfleet Division, Betazed Security Officer
238705.19 - 238710.13 USS Pioneer
02-LtJG-Gold.png Lieutenant JG 238710.14 - 238805.28
03-Lt-Gold.png Lieutenant 238805.29 - 238811.16 Chief of Security
238811.17 - 238909.15 USS Tiger-A
Security Officer
238909.16 - 239004.28 USS Montreal
M03-Cpt-Green.png Marine Captain 239004.29 - 239006.17 USS Mercury
Security Officer/
Provisional Marine
03-Lt-Gold.png Lieutenant 239006.18 - 239012.24 Security Officer
239012.25 - 239105.31 USS Garuda
239106.01 - 239207.10 Deep Space 10

239207.11 - 2393 Astrofori One
Astrofori one.jpg

2394 - 239511.03 Chief of Security
2396 - 2398 Earth Leave of Absence
04-LtCmdr-Gold.png Lt. Commander 239809 - Present Amity Outpost
Security Officer/Bridge Officer


  • Height: 178 cm (5'10")
  • Weight: 73 kilos (160 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Light Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue


  • Favorite Word: %#@$

Ivanova is a spirited woman who enjoys both colorful metaphors and the company of colorful friends. She has no reservations about bringing up difficult topics when she feels someone close to her needs to say something. She hates apologies and apologetic people. Her humor—if not her entire demeanor—is quite crass, but she means well.

Personal Life


  • Accommodations: Currently living on Earth with her son Mikhail
  • Clothing: Casual and comfortable; often workout attire
  • Hobbies/Interests: Yoga, various martial arts (including Suus Mahna and Pythron wrestling), dance, mixology


  • Relationship Status: Single

Significant Other

None Currently

Previous Significant Others

  • Warsan Trem (former fiance, Betazoid, born 2351, age 49), a trade manager for local shipping in and around the Betazed System.
    • Ivanova's Nickname for Him: Imzadi
Lidia met Warsan when he visited Earth while she was at the Academy. Warsan never really wanted to go into a life with Starfleet, but they thought they could make it work. They continued their relationship after Lidia's graduation and subsequent assignment to the Starfleet Division on Betazed and eventually became engaged with a child on the way. The relationship ultimately failed, but they agreed to split for the good of their child whilst they were both amicable.
  • Stovok (ex-boyfriend, Vulcan, born 2362, age 39), a Starfleet security officer Lidia briefly dated while they were both cadets in San Francisco.
    • Ivanova's Nickname for Him: Poindexter
  • Navin Kumar (boyfriend, Human, born 2364, age 37), a software developer Lidia began dating in 2396 after returning to Earth following the destruction of Astrofori One.
    • Ivanova's Nickname for Him: Rock Star
Enamored by his girlfriend's athletic prowess, Navin was inspired to create an EYH (Experimental Yoga Hologram) program based on her, and though she initially was somewhat skeptical, Lidia has since dived into the project herself fully.
  • Children: 1 son
Mikhail lived with his aunt/Lidia's sister in New Berlin, Luna, until mid-2390, when he joined his mother on the Mercury. He later lived with her aboard Deep Space 10 and then Astrofori One.
  • Parents
  • Father: Vasily Antonovich Ivanov (born 2325, age 76)
  • Mother: Maria Grigorievna Ivanova (born 2324, age 77)
  • Siblings: 1 sister
  • Karina Ivanova (older sister, born 2353, age 48)

Friends and Notable Colleagues


  • Tenzin Zhou: A human/Trill doctor stationed with the Starfleet Division on Betazed.
    • Ivanova's Nickname for Him: Spot
Zhou met Ivanova in 2384 while she was stationed on Betazed as an ensign. The two formed a close friendship, with her playful personality being a nice foil to Zhou's tendency to overthink and take things too seriously, especially in the wake of the separation with his wife. Ivanova is one of the few people with whom Zhou feels able to truly relax and show his sillier side, and it was her enthusiasm that partly inspired Zhou to then join Starfleet himself after he completed his post-graduate training.

USS Pioneer

Despite their opposing personalities—Ivanova being a bit louder and crasser compared to Rahman's more reserved nature—the two women found they complemented each other well, and they became close friends. Ivanova tries to encourage Rahman to "let it all hang loose" sometimes, and she claims Rahman has dropped a few colorful metaphors that made even the security officer herself blush. Of course, no one else believes her.
  • Charles Sampi: A human medical officer.
    • Ivanova's Nicknames for Him: Doc, Chuckles, Princess
Sampi met Ivanova in May 2387 soon after they were both assigned to the Pioneer. Ivanova was the object of Sampi's affections early on, but those affections ultimately went nowhere. Sampi later was reassigned to the Tiger in 2388 as chief medical officer. The two were reunited when Ivanova was reassigned to the Tiger herself later that year.
  • Sabor: A Vulcan security and armory officer.
    • Ivanova's Nicknames for Him: Mr. Clean, Apple Pie, Apple Juice, Apple Bottom
Sabor was assigned to the Pioneer fresh out of the Academy. Calm yet self-admittedly obsessive-compulsive, Sabor and Ivanova worked surprisingly well together, and this continued once Ivanova became chief of security. Having previously dated a Vulcan during her own Academy days, Ivanova found herself holding certain affections toward the man that went perhaps beyond that of a simple colleague, but she never acted on them, having made a rule long ago—actually, because of that Academy relationship—to never date fellow security personnel.
Core was only on Pioneer for the first two and a half months of Ivanova's assignment to the Pioneer. As such, she didn't know him well, although he'd apparently already heard about her. Ivanova later got to know Core better once he began a relationship with her friend Rahman. She enjoys sneaking up on the ever skittish Rodulan.

USS Tiger-A

See also: Tiger-A Security Department

Afflicted with a mysterious disease that causes him to mutate into a hideous creature, Wulfantine had been diagnosed with a grim prognosis. Unless an alternative cure could be found, the young Pythron would either die in a few months from his current treatment or mutate permanently into a giant reptilian creature. He stepped down from his position as chief of security because of his health and had grown less-confident as time went on. A former chief of security herself, Ivanova and Wulfantine developed a friendship based on a mutual understanding of the stresses of the job and the heavy price they paid for serving as the guardians of their shipmates.
Formally known by the surnames Monsvor and then Beaufytor, Leo Handley-Page is a handsome, skilled, battle-hardened, and courageous member of the Tiger's security department, and Ivanova hates him. She hadn't known the man well before the two were captured along with a security team in what would later turn out to be a holodeck exercise. When faced with very real danger at the time, she stood up for him and tried to redirect the attention of one of their sadistic captors from him to her.
Yet in the aftermath of the exercise, Ivanova was appalled by Handley-Page's nonchalant attitude to the plight of her friend Wulfantine, whom he called "collateral damage." She now views Handley-Page as just another brazen security officer who hides his emotions behind a false tough veneer. Unfortunately for the hot-headed Ivanova, Handley-Page delights in giving her a cool and slightly chauvinistic response to her frustration with him.

USS Mercury

See also: Mercury Security Department

  • Msafiri Bakari: A human security officer/criminal investigator.
    • Ivanova's Nickname for Him: Joker
Msafiri holds a strong sense of duty and an uncompromising resolve tempered by the brutality of war. Needless to say, Lidia was a bit frustrated when Msafiri just had to let that sense of duty ruin what had been a rather promising evening.
  • Douglas FitzJames: A human security officer and shuttle pilot
    • Ivanova's Nickname for Him: Babyface
Originally a Starfleet Marine pilot, FitzJames was recommissioned as a Starfleet ensign when the rest of the marines aboard the Mercury were shipped out to other assignments. Not one to keep his curiosity to himself, he, Ivanova, and Bakari performed a little investigation of their own into what exactly the Mercury was doing with a Federation ambassador aboard and on their way to a seemingly mundane mission to visit 83 Leonis II in the Menthar Corridor. The eventual supervolcano scandal that occurred and the fallout afterward validated the three security officers' suspicions.

Deep Space 10

ZORKAL: And I see you are slacking.

IVANOVA: Pardon?

SAVERON: It is shore leave.

ZORKAL: Should you let the boy run loose? He's already gotten himself lost at least once and seems to escape your watch quite easily.

SAVERON: They are children, not animals to be leashed. They will behave themselves.

ZORKAL: I'm not sure that's enough.

IVANOVA: What would you suggest, Z? Sending them to a Cardassian boarding school?

Zorkal questions Lidia's handle on Misha.
"Everyone's a critic" - SD 239209.24

See also: DSX NPCs

  • Lukin Zorkal: A Cardassian who is DSX's chief of security and (supposedly) Lidia's boss
    • Ivanova's Nicknames for Him: Z, Diva
Glinn Lukin Zorkal is DSX's security chief after the Cardassian Union and the Federation began joint operations of the station in mid 2391. Though ostensibly her superior officer, Lidia makes sure it doesn't get to his head.

Early Life and Betazed

Lidia Ivanova was born in 2359. She joined Starfleet at the age of 21 and was assigned in 2384 to the Starfleet Division on Betazed after she graduated from the academy. On Betazed, she met her good friend Tenzin Zhou as one of his patients. The two continued to keep in touch after Zhou left Betazed in 2386 to begin his own Starfleet training.

  • Noteworthy SIM
  • "Not in the Brochure" - SD 238901.16 (While seemingly captured by Romulans and Remans, Ivanova recalls how she met Zhou.)

Pioneer and Tiger-A

USS Pioneer

Sovereign-class USS Pioneer

In May 2387, Ivanova was assigned as a security officer to the USS Pioneer under the command of Captain Jodhani. There, she met Charles Sampi, one of the ship's new medical officers, as well as Roshanara Rahman and Sabor.

Ivanova was promoted to lieutenant junior grade later that year, and by 2388, she was a full lieutenant, assigned as the ship's chief of security. She took up the position after her superior Sven Rebane was severely injured in the line of duty. Rebane was taken to Medical Starbase 253 and has not recovered from his injuries.

USS Tiger-A

Lidia Ivanova, 2388

In late 2388, Ivanova sought a transfer from the Pioneer and was subsequently reassigned to the USS Tiger-A as a security officer, reuniting her with Sampi. She started to get to know her new colleagues, especially the ever pensive Eyas Wulfantine.

A Holo-Exercise

During the Tiger's first mission, the ship responded to a crisis involving a rogue Romulan fleet and strange slug-like space lifeforms threatening the Eratis system and Deep Space 17. A security team that included nearly all of the top ranking security officers (Jade Shryker, Wulfantine, Leo Beaufytor, and Ivanova) had responded to an intruder aboard the Tiger and was subsequently captured by the Romulans, tortured, and forced to participate in a cruel gladiatorial display.

As the team faced what seemed to be imminent death, Wulfantine willingly let himself undergo a full transformation by the mutagenic parasite into a monstrous creature to save his fellow security officers. He succeeded but was nearly killed and then trapped in his new form. To add insult to his very real injuries, the whole mission was revealed to be nothing more than an elaborate holodeck training exercise. After extensive medical treatment, Wulfantine was forced to take a medical leave of absence. During their exchange of farewells, Ivanova told Wulfantine she felt the department would not be the same without him.

Meanwhile, Ivanova's working relationship with Beaufytor turned sour. Initially willing to treat him as another one of her "brothers in gold," she was appalled by his views on how the security team and particularly Wulfantine had been treated by Starfleet for the sake of an exercise. Unfortunately for Ivanova, Beaufytor was named assistant security chief after Wulfantine's departure, and thus the man was now her superior.

  • Noteworthy SIMs
  • "Roll with the punches!" - SD 238812.10 (Lidia gets Eyas to talk about what's troubling him, even if she has to beat it out of him.)
  • "Parting Ways" - SD 238903.18 (Lidia and Eyas exchange farewells.)

Voyage into the Unknown

Beaufytor's tenure as ACOS was short-lived once the final review of the crew's performance during the holodeck exercise was compiled. He was found partly responsible for Wulfantine's transformation in the holodeck, given that he had supplied the Pythron with the hypospray that triggered his reaction. Beaufytor was subsequently demoted to lieutenant JG, and his pride clearly took a hit as well.

The actual maiden voyage of the Tiger took the ship to the mysterious Ithassa Triangle, a region of space infamous for strange happenings. When the ship began experiencing power fluctuations, Ivanova found herself helping Beaufytor get to sickbay, and she felt a bit sorry for the man in his broken state. Meanwhile, the ship investigated a distress call and assisted a severely damaged Tholian research station and an adrift FTU trading vessel.

Stardate: 1942

Colette Adrura, a dangerous stowaway

After the Tiger emerged from the Triangle, Sampi and Beaufytor departed the ship, and Ivanova's new chief, Zhou Tai-Sheng, arrived soon after on SD 238906.04. After some downtime for the crew to relax, the Tiger suddenly found itself in Earth's past, around the time of the Second World War. While away teams were sent to the surface to retrieve/destroy an alien ship that had brought them back to 1942, Ivanova and Zhou remained aboard and dealt with a stowaway, Colette Adrura, who turned out to be the sister of Jill Adrura, one of Ivanova's fellow security officers.

Eventually, C. Adrura was called upon to help a new away team destroy the remnants of the alien ship that had crashed into the Arctic. She was accompanied by Zhou. During this mission, Zhou and the others discovered that Soviet soldiers had infiltrated the American compound that had been set up around the crash site. Held at gunpoint, Zhou tricked the Soviets into contacting Ivanova, and with some quick thinking (and inspired improvisation on Ivanova's part), both security officers were able to fool the Soviets into releasing the away team. The crew then successfully completed their mission and returned the Tiger to the present. Upon their arrival back to the 24th century, several members of the crew were reassigned, including Zhou and Ivanova.

  • Noteworthy SIMs
  • "Partners Apart" (Joint Post with Wulfantine's writer) - SD 238907.02 (A long-distance sparring match between Lidia and Eyas is interrupted when the Tiger disappears from the timeline.)
  • "Excuse me?" - SD 238908.13 (When J. Adrura questions Lidia's motives for calling her to the scene, Lidia puts the other officer in her place.)
  • "New Orders" - SD 238909.11 (After her boss and his away team get held up at gunpoint by Soviet soldiers, Lidia improvises a solution from above.)

The Menthar Corridor

After leaving the Tiger, Ivanova was briefly assigned to the USS Montreal. She was reunited with her old colleague Wulfantine, who was now serving aboard the USS Mercury, when both his ship and the Montreal were docked at StarBase 118 in late 2389.

Oracle-class USS Mercury

Ivanova herself was reassigned to the Mercury in 2390 and given a provisional StarFleet Marine Corps commission and rank of Marine Captain. By order of security chief Major Jacen Fanel, all Mercury security personnel were made provisional marines after he was designated head of the department following Wulfantine's leave of absence. However, on SD 239006.18, the Starfleet Marines contingent were recalled from service aboard the Mercury, and Ivanova was subsequently recommissioned as a Starfleet Security officer—much to her delight.

Having kept her son Misha away from the dangerous life aboard a Starfleet vessel for most of her career, Ivanova decided that her assignment to a science vessel was safe enough for her son to join her in mid-2390. Unfortunately, the assignment proved more dangerous than she thought, and after the ship was nearly destroyed, she was reassigned to the USS Garuda along with most of the Mercury crew. That assignment also proved to be hazardous after a disastrous first contact mission with the Kubarey. Misha's father and Lidia's ex-fiance Warsan Trem had taken up residence at Deep Space 10 to spend more time with their son. Though the two parents' tempers flared in regards to the wisdom bringing a child out to the frontier, Warsan eventually convinced Lidia to transfer to the station in mid 2391 as a compromise between her desire to remain in Starfleet and yet still provide a safe home for Misha where she could be an active part of his life.

Cultural Exchange

While stationed on DSX, Lidia developed a friendship with her Cardassian security chief Glinn Lukin Zorkal. While both Lidia and Lukin were quite stubborn and opinionated, they enjoyed each other's company. Despite Lukin supposedly being her boss, Lidia enjoyed teasing the Cardassian relentlessly and was well-aware of the flirtatious nature such provocations were perceived in his culture. Still, before anything further might have happened, she was reassigned to the newly opened Astrofori One in mid 2392.

Lidia served on Astrofori One until 2395, when the station was destroyed by the Tholians at the Battle of Astrofori One. She subsequently returned to Earth and began a long-term leave of absence to focus on raising her son Mikhail.

Memorable Quotes

Lidia hugs her favorite punching bag, Eyas Wulfantine

Ivanova: I'm happy for you really, but don't think this means now that I'm going to go easy on your prissy three-pipped @#$... with all due respect, *sir*.
Wulfantine: Due respect noted, Lieutenant.

–Lidia congratulates Eyas on his promotion during their long-distance sparring match, SD 238907.02

Ivanova: Hey, Spot!
Zhou: Lidia, what unfortunate timing. And here I was just about to go to sleep...
Ivanova: Ahem, that's Lieutenant Lidia, you mean, ensign.
Zhou: ::smiles:: Oh really? Well, lieutenant, I happen to have gotten another pip as well since we last spoke. ::gestures to the second full pip::
Ivanova: Wait a minute...that's a full pip! That means.... ::softly:: Oh no... ::gradually louder:: Oh, no, no! There is no way I'm calling you "sir" now, you damn son of a-
Zhou: Lidia, Lidia! Calm down! You know I couldn't care less about such titles.
Ivanova: Okay, good, because you suck.
Zhou: ::nods:: You know, I really don't know why we don't do these calls more often?

–Exchange with Tenzin Zhou, SD 238712.06

Ivanova visits sickbay after injuring her shoulder during yoga.
Sampi: Weren't you just in here?
Ivanova: Can it, chuckles. I came here to get pain relief, not your jokes.
Sampi: Touchy this morning I see. I thought I told you to take it easy as well.
Ivanova: Yeah, that's what I was trying to do!
Sampi: Uh-huh... maybe a nice book in a comfy chair instead next time?
Ivanova: Aeegh! Why would I want to sit all day? I thought you were starting to know me better.
Sampi: No, you're right. Stupid suggestion. Still, I don't think it would hurt if you and your colleagues in security found some less... physically demanding ways to relax.
Ivanova: ::tries to stifle a laugh unsuccessfully:: Is that how you've been selling it to the ladies, doc? I can see why you're having trouble there.
Sampi: Ouch! You know, technically, you're still fit for duty, so I don't need to fix this any further.
Ivanova: You do that, and I will &#%@-ing kill you. And it won't even be my fault.

–Exchange with Charles Sampi, SD 238902.29

Sampi: All right, there you go. Good as new.
Ivanova: Thanks, doc. And sorry about being such a #%$@& earlier.
Sampi: Um... I would just like to note that I didn't say that. So you can't use that against me when you do kill me.
Ivanova: Oh, don't worry... I've got plenty of other justifiable reasons... Tell me, do you still ask all your patients if they're single?
Sampi: You know, that *is* a valid question they taught us to ask.
Ivanova: Uh-huh... but usually with a PADD and not a card.
Sampi: You said you were flattered!
Ivanova: I said many things.

–Same exchange with Charles Sampi, SD 238902.29

Ivanova: Are you going to help him out?
Rahman: If by help out, you mean wish him the best, then yes. If you mean help him and some others get involved in the internal affairs of a sovereign power, then no.
Ivanova: What?! I can't believe what I'm hearing.
Rahman: Lidia, I don't know the lieutenant as well as you. It really isn't my place.
Ivanova: Roshanara Mackenzie Rahman! You should be ashamed of yourself.
Rahman: "Mackenzie?" Really?
Ivanova: Don't interrupt me. You're telling me you're going to just sit there and read about your dumb antiprotons while the mother of one of your shipmates dies in a mockery of justice?
Rahman: You know it's not that simple...
Ivanova: Yes, it is. And if I weren't so far away, I'd come over right now to your quarters and slap the $#@% out of you.
Rahman: And you wonder why those pips take a while to show up on your collar...

-Lidia chides her friend for being lame, SD 239002.20

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