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The Libra people have a very pecular history. According to their records they have had contact between their 2 homeworlds for as long as they have had a written history. Something to do with their religion and belief in a greater being they call Zodak. See their religion for more regarding their beliefs.

Regardless of the truth behind these claims, it is true that both worlds have developed along almost identical lines. They have never fought a war among themselves, their culture's are identical, as well as their political and religious beliefs and structure. In fact many of their major advances seem to have occured at the same time on both worlds. Remarkable when you conside the fact that neither world can see the other.

With the discovery of space flight even more contact was established between the 2 worlds. They also learned they were no the only race in space. They were lucky. They learned about warfare from observeing 2 other races at war. This gave them the knowledge and time needed to trade for any technology they could get and then to study and improve on it where they could.

They now have a strong, well developed military which they have not yet had to use.


They have a dual government with two herediatary rulers on each world. The first one called a Regal controls the military and the other one called a Regent controls the government on each world. The Regent is in charge of the planet and can not give orders to the military or affect any off world policies. Each one is responsible for the growth and development of their own homeworld.

The Regals on the other hand can not give any orders on world and have to get the permission of the Regent to even allow any troops on the planet's surface. Each one is responsible for the protection and safety of their own home world. They do have 1 military base planet side that is used as a training facility. This base is treated like it is not a part of the planet and comes under the command and control of the Regal.

They also have a caste system that determines which area and what part of society everyone belongs in. It is an extremely complex system with 3 major divisions. These 3 are the nobility, the achievers and the labourers. Someone from one of these classes can enter into a different occupation than that of their family but only one from the same class as they were born into.

The location of the Regent on both worlds is in the largest city on that world. On both worlds these capitol cities seem to occupy locations with many similarities. These 2 cities, Bal (Libra IIa) and Ance (Libra IIb) are both located on the coast where 3 major rivers all empty into a huge well sheltered bay. This bay is backed by excellent lowlands that stretch into the interior for about 250 km. To the north and south about 150 km away in both directions are gentle foothills that are excellent grazeing lands.


The Libra people are tall and slim being on average 6', 170 lbs for the men and 5'10", 140 lbs for the women. They have pure white skin, gray to very light tan hair and amber colored eyes. Their faces tend to be tall and narrow with delicate arched eyebrows, thin lips and noticable pointed ears.

Men wear loose tan shirts and slightly darker pants while women wear amber colored robes. The only exception is work clothes. Different occupations will wear what is considered the traditional garb of that occupation. The best example is the military with ship control staff (navy personnel) in gray and the infantry in black. You can also generally tell which of the 3 classes a person belongs to by the cut and quality of the clothes that they are wearing.


So far they appear to have the same medical issues as most other humanoids.


So far they appear to have the same mental issues as most other humanoids.


They worship a being they call Zodak. He is seen as the great provider. He created the people and their twin worlds. He gave them excellent weather, beauty and structure.

On both worlds he is pictured as a large unknown humanoid holding a book and pointing out at the people. All images of him, either as paintings or as statues are copied from the grand statue located in the heart of the largest temple, in the largest city on both worlds which also happens to be the capitol.

The statue is over 50 feet tall. It is of a humanoid that appears faintly terran with long hair and a beard and mustache. He wears robes that hang down to his feet and holds a book in one hand balanced against his hip. His other hand is pointing out at something. He is wearing a belt that has 12 symbols on it. One of the twelve symbols is promenant in it's placement at the front on what appears to be a buckle. It looks faintly like a flat line with a broken circle above it that has 2 lines comeing out of it paralel with the line below it. The people call this the scale of life.

As a result the people believe they must balance the needs of the person with the needs of the world and their race around them. As a result crime is almost unheard of. So are acts of aggression against other Librans. Everyone accepts their position in life and works hard to be the best they can be at that occupation. Poverty is almost unknown. Everyone regardless of occupation, class or health is assured a place to live and food to eat.


All their myths have to do with balance, Zodak and the ability to move from one world to another. In their legends the nobility could step from one world to the other. They claim this is why both worlds have developed in almost identical ways.


Their society is very structured. Everyone knows what to expect and what is expected of them.




They have advanced technology with warp drives and energy weapons.


Both homeworlds have a space fleet with infantry. Their space fleet has mostly frigates, destroyers and light crusiers as well as a few heavy crusiers. The navy staff wear gray uniforms and the infantry wear straight black. Very distinct style, definately military.

The nobility provide all the officers for both branches of their military. The achievers class are recruited exclusively into the navy where their technological abilities can best be used while the labourers class are recruited into the infantry.

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