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Why a Circle?

(Why not a Triangle, or a Square, or even a icosidodecahedron?) (Too Pointy, Too Rigid, Too Vulcan)

Writing in a circle allows us the chance to explore different styles and ideas than we would under normal circumstances. The circle provides a means to keep the writer from falling into the rut of using the same tropes, the same path for each story. It challenges them to solve puzzles like “How the hell am I supposed to use that in this story?”- as the writer figures it out their mind expands and they are able to approach their writing with a new tool or method.

A circle isn’t just about challenging though- it’s also about fellowship and support. Writing the story is a solitary experience but the end product is meant to be a shared meal. When you write with a group- each intent on the same theme and devices- you see how each person approached the problem, it gives you an appreciation of how clever and nimble the human mind can be- and just as solving the problem yourself enables you to be more clever in your approach to writing- seeing it through anothers grants you a bit of their cleverness.

Finally, affirmation. A circle doesn’t necessarily stand around to critique your writing, judge your word choice- or your questionable use of punctuation. They sit with you and affirm the positive they see, and encourage your creativity so that you become stronger. I’m not arguing for a critiqueless system- but I think that each writer will find those they trust to judge their work soundly- and can go to them when they’re looking for how they can improve on a technical level.

Ship Based or Personal Initiative:

So, I originally posed this idea to Raj as a ship based sort of circle. We’d create a name for our own ship circle page and then go from there writing stories and so on, more or less as described above and below. And with luck other ships would be something like “OMG- totes sweetness!” at least on an emotional level and join in, and then we’d have the Garuda Circle, and the SB118 circle and so on. And that is still one way to go about it- but it could also mean one ship has two writers, one has three ,one has one.. and so on- which would make for lonely circles- so option two then is we just make it one big circle. Anyone who is interested says “Hi- I’d like to join, ay?” and we add their name to the great big list of other names and they join in. And then we get huge long pages of stories to read and compare, and it’d be amazing!

The Point of Devices

I’ve created a table of Devices, there are more out there to be sure, and list I started with got cut by a small chunk. I didn’t see any value in forcing someone to write ‘ad hominem’ attacks in a story, for example. The devices that remain range from everyday items to the truly archaic. I chose to include them along with themes since being forced to include them in a story makes them a lot like puzzle pieces that you have to work your mind around. The table is pretty self explanatory roll this, then that, then this again and see what ya get.

The Format:

Either monthly or bi-weekly, the person in charge rolls up the theme and then the devices and creates a page for it, taking a moment to give an overview of everything- then people would write and submit their stories either to a google group for the project or in a forum section we might make for it. Then, in the order they’re given, each story is posted onto the wiki page. After everything is turned in, the list is formatted into an ebook and linked somewhere- and we restart the process.

The Mystical Library of Atlantis
USS Atlantis-logo.png
USS Atlantis
The Circle's Archive

Fleet Circles
Garuda Circle
SB118 OPS Circle

Appolo-A Circle
Explore With Us
  • Create a header using the circles title: The Mystical Library of Atlantis (I think that's what was wanted)
  • Define the circles goals and break down the main ponts
  • Generate table for Devices and Themes
  • Create Sidebar featuring ships logo and links to wiki pages containing the Theme/Device and Month/Year (Love & Hate/Haiku/May15) or similar
  • Place recruiting link in a good spot

If someone is looking at this page and wants to review lists- you'll want to hit the edit button. Please don't change anything though w/o asking first. Thanks.

  • I'm thinking you'd roll a d6 to determine the number of required devices to see used in the theme. Roll a 3 on d6 and end up with (Alliteration/Anti-Hero/Fable)

A possible way to link definitions to the devices one tabled- Accumulation

Roll 1d6 to determine the number of Devices used.

1d8-1 1d4/1d6 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 1 Accumulation Adynaton Allegory Alliteration Allusion Ambiguity
1 2 Anachronism Anacoluthon Anadiplosis Analogy Anecdote Antagonist
1 3 Antanaclasis Anthropomorphism Anti-Hero Antimetabole Antiphrasis Antistrophe
1 4 Antithesis Aphorism Aphorismus Aporia Aposiopesis Apostrophe
2 1 Archetype Argument Assonance Asyndeton Ballad Bathos
2 2 Bildungsroman Caricature Catachresis Catharsis Characterization Chiasmus
2 3 Circumlocution Cliffhanger Climax Colloquialism Comparison Conceit
2 4 Conflict Connotation Couplet Denotation D.E.M. Dialect
3 1 Diction Doppelganger D.Entendre Ellipsis Epigraph Epilogue
3 2 Epiphany Epiphora Epithet Epizeuxis Eristic Ethos
3 3 Euphemism Euphony Evidence Exemplum Exposition E.Metaphor
3 4 Fable Fallacy F-Forward Flashback Foil Foreshadowing
4 1 Free-Verse Haiku Half-Rhyme Hamartia Homograph Homophone
4 2 Hubris Hyperbaton Hyperbole Hypophora Hypotaxis Idiom
4 3 Imagery Induction Inference Innuendo Irony Jargon
4 4 Juxtaposition Kinesthesia Litotes Logos Malapropism Meiosis
5 1 Metalepsis Metaphor Metonymy Mood Motif Narrative
5 2 Nemesis Non-Sequitur Onomatopoeia Oxymoron Paradox Paralipsis
5 3 Paraprosdokian Parody Paronomasia Parrhesia Pastiche P-Fallacy
5 4 Pathos Periphrasis Persona Personification Plot Poetic-Justice
6 1 Point of View Polysyndeton Portmanteau Prologue Prose Prosthesis
6 2 Protagonist Pun Red Herring R.A.Absurdum Rhyme Rhythm
6 3 Sarcasm Satire S.F.P Sesquipedalian Sibilance Simile
6 4 Slang Snark Solecism Soliloquy Sonnet Stanza
7 1 S of C Superlative Syllogism Symbolism Syncope Synecdoche
7 2 Synesis Synesthesia Syntax Tmesis Tone Tragedy
7 3 Tragicomedy Tragic Flaw Transition Understatement Utopia Verisimilitude
7 4 Verse Zeugma Zoomorphism Rhetoric Palindrome Pentameter

Roll 1d100 for Theme

# Theme # Theme
1 Beauty of Simplicity 2 Capitalism – effect on the individual
3 Change of power - necessity 4 Change versus tradition
5 Chaos and order 6 Character – destruction, building up
7 Circle of life 8 Coming of age
9 Communication – verbal and nonverbal 10 Companionship as salvation
11 Convention and rebellion 12 Dangers of ignorance
13 Darkness and light 14 Death – inevitable or tragedy
15 Desire to escape 16 Destruction of beauty
17 Disillusionment and dreams 18 Displacement
19 Empowerment 20 Emptiness of attaining a false dream
21 Everlasting love 22 Evils of racism
23 Facing darkness 24 Facing reality
25 Fading beauty 26 Faith versus doubt
27 Family – blessing or curse 28 Fate and freewill
29 Fear of failure 30 Female roles
31 Fulfillment 32 Good versus bad
33 Greed as downfall 34 Growing up – pain or pleasure
35 Hazards of passing judgment 36 Heartbreak of betrayal
37 Heroism – real and perceived 38 Hierarchy in nature
39 Identity crisis 40 Illusion of power
41 Immortality 42 Individual versus society
43 Inner versus outer strength 44 Injustice
45 Isolation 46 Isolationism - hazards
47 Knowledge versus ignorance 48 Loneliness as destructive force
49 Losing hope 50 Loss of innocence
51 Lost honor 52 Lost love
53 Love and sacrifice 54 Man against nature
55 Manipulation 56 Materialism as downfall
57 Motherhood 58 Names – power and significance
59 Nationalism – complications 60 Nature as beauty
61 Necessity of work 62 Oppression of women
63 Optimism – power or folly 64 Overcoming – fear, weakness, vice
65 Patriotism – positive side or complications 66 Power and corruption
67 Power of silence 68 Power of tradition
69 Power of wealth 70 Power of words
71 Pride and downfall 72 Progress – real or illusion
73 Quest for discovery 74 Quest for power
75 Rebirth 76 Reunion
77 Role of men 78 Role of Religion – virtue or hypocrisy
79 Role of women 80 Self – inner and outer
81 Self-awareness 82 Self-preservation
83 Self-reliance 84 Social mobility
85 Technology in society – good or bad 86 Temporary nature of physical beauty
87 Temptation and destruction 88 Totalitarianism
89 Vanity as downfall 90 Vulnerability of the meek
91 Vulnerability of the strong 92 War – glory, necessity, pain, tragedy
93 Will to survive 94 Wisdom of experience
95 Working class struggles 96 Youth and beauty
97 Monster of the Week 98 Genre Crossover
99 Horror 100 B-Movie

for the story page

Theme and Device(s)

A brief description of this months theme and devices, and potential links to authors and examples.

Number and Title, 1. There is a Monkey in the Warp Core

Image Name Description
Liani h'Rendria lyr'Theel'zhiin Authors Picture First, Authors Name 2nd, and the third box will contain roughly 300 character reaction to the theme/device by the author

((The Author's story))

:: coded for inserting into a wiki

Affirmations for Authors Name Here

Image Name Description
Liani h'Rendria lyr'Theel'zhiin Pictured of the person Affirming, Full IC name of person affirming, Affirmation at 300 characters or so.

Number and Title, 2. The Caged Tribble Purrs

Image Name Description
Liani h'Rendria lyr'Theel'zhiin Authors Picture First, Authors Name 2nd, and the third box will contain roughly 300 character reaction to the theme/device by the author

((Rinse and repeat for all authors))