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Crew of the USS Gemini


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  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Commanding Officer
  • Ship: USS Gemini
  • Rank: Commander
  • Race: Human

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  • DoB: 236401.05
  • Height: 6'
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Birthplace: Tycho City, Luna


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Physical Review

  • Liam Frost is in good physical shape. His physical exercise routine is above what is considered standard for commissioned officers.

Medical History

  • 238404.06 - Cadet Frost was admitted to Starfleet Academy Medical Center. Cadet Frost was diagnosed with two broken intermediate phalanges and one broken metacarpal in his left hand. the injury is the result of a "overzealous workout."
  • 238410.08 - Cadet Frost was admitted to SAMC suffering from a concussion. The injury was suffered during a Starfleet Academy Athletics Association sanctioned martial arts tournament.
  • 238509.22 - Cadet Frost was admitted to SAMC suffering from three broken ribs and a severe laceration to the forehead. Several small shards of glass were removed from the wound. When asked about the injury, Cadet Frost stated "The other guy got it worse." It should be noted that Cadet Frost's blood work shows elevated alcohol levels. This file will be forwarded to the Starfleet Academy Disciplinary Committee as part of their investigation into the incident.
  • 238610.07 - Cadet Frost was admitted to SAMC suffering from a shattered femur. The injuries were sustained during a SAAA sanctioned event.
  • 238611.03 - Cadet Frost was Admitted to SAMC with a severe case of Betazoid Influenza. Cadet Frost spent 48 hours in isolation and was prescribed a course of antibiotics.
  • 238803.06 - Ensign Frost was admitted to USS Victory Sickbay suffering from a second degree burn to the right hand. The injury was sustained while making emergency repairs to a shuttlecraft.
  • 238808.29 - Lieutenant Frost was admitted to USS Victory Sickbay suffering three broken ribs and first degree burns to the left side of his body. The injury was a result of being in the vicinity of an exploding transporter coil.
  • 238910.26 - LtCmdr Frost was admitted to USS Apollo Sickbay suffering from three broken intermediate phalanges and one broken metacarpal in the right hand. The injury was attributed to an "overzealous workout."
  • 239004.01 - Commander Liam Frost was transported to USS Apollo Sickbay under emergency conditions. Commander Frost was unconscious and non-responsive, but alive. Phaser burns of varying severity were found on Commander Frost's torso, as well as several small first degree electrical burns on his hands. Examination and witness statements determined that Commander Frost suffered a direct blast from a phaser set on a high stun setting and was treated appropriately. The risk of future complications is considered minimal.

Psychological Profile

Liam Frost is, above all else, a supremely confident individual. On the surface, it would be easy to dismiss this confidence as arrogance. But some probing reveals that Liam is quite keenly aware of his own limitations, and is aware of how to avoid situations n which those weaknesses may compromise him.

Liam also has a tendency to appear aloof and self interested, but he is a fiercely loyal man, perhaps almost to a fault. He is highly concerned with the wellbeing, both emotional and physical, of those around him, and is willing to place it above his own.

With all those factors considered, it is the opinion of this officer that Liam Frost will make an excellent officer, with the potential to rise as far as he is willing to allow himself.

LtCmdr Jenna Raymond
Starfleet Academy

Stardate 278902.11. I have conducted my initial evaluation of Lieutenant Commander Liam Frost, First Officer of the USS Apollo, as per Starfleet regulations. The assessment did not take long, and Commander Frost was forthright and cooperative. My initial findings are that Commander Frost is a fairly private man where his deeper feelings are concerned, by is willing to share when necessary.

I have some concerns regarding some of the past instances in his file, particularly involving the death of Petty Officer Alice May, but I believe that Commander Frost has come to a resolution of the situation of his own accord.

It is the considered opinion of this officer that the incidents noted thus far are highly unlikely to impede his ability to perform his duties, and that Lieutenant Commander Frost is fit for duty.

Ensign Avar Luna
USS Apollo