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Li’Tam Valae is currently the Asst. Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Independence-A



  • Full Name: Li’Tam Shiya Valae (Li)

  • Current Rank: Ensign

  • Graduated from Academy: 238606.20

  • Date of Birth: 236008.07

  • Place of Birth: Near Temtibi Lagoon on Planet Risa

  • Gender: Female

  • Telepathic status: E-4 (Random, Uncontrolled)


  • Height: 1.57 m
  • Weight: 54kg
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Length of Hair: Shortish
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Light/Olive
  • Birthmarks, Scars: No visible marks
  • Build: Slim, athletic
  • Poses (Hands/Gestures, Feet/Legs, Torso/Head): Stands with great posture. Unless conciously trying otherwise, something is always moving. This usually manifests itself in twitchy fingers (as though typing).
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Casual, light clothing. Never too revealing
  • Handedness: Left


  • Quarters: Neat, lots of plants
  • Favorite Room: Outside generally, but when confined prefers something like an arboretum
  • Habits/Mannerisms : Fingers move when her mind is wandering, as though she were playing a keyboard. Prefers to be active so when she sits, she is constantly fidgeting and adjusting her position.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Plays keyboards and the Risian Lute. Likes to do almost anything active, but prefers running and climbing. She also enjoys learning about different species (especially their physiology).
  • Temperament: Restless. Doesn't like to have a lot of down-time. She's inwardly very calm, but this doesn't manifest itself physically very often.
  • Mental limitations (complexes and phobias) : Shy and self-concious about her need for motion. She doubts herself because of her inability to develop any control over her empathic talents.


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Family:
    • Mother: Ki'ran Valae (Risan) b.232910.01 is a musician on Risa. She tried to distract Li'Tam from her love of exploration and keep her on Risa by introducing her to music at a very early age. They have only spoken a handful of times since Li'Tam left for Starfleet Academy.
    • Father: Tam Valae (Betazoid) b. 232512.31 (d.236006.06) was a Starfleet Tactical Officer during the Cardassian Wars. His ship was destroyed by the Maquis.


Early Life on Risa
Stardate Age
236006.06 Tam (her father) dies aboard USS Montreal while fighting Cardassians and Maquis.
236008.07 Born near Temtibi Lagoon on Planet Risa
236702.17 6 Ki’Ran takes her to a gig and introduces her to music in an effort to guide her away from Starfleet. It inspires much of her adolescence, but is largely unsuccessful.
2368 8 By age eight, she has learned five different instruments including the Risan lute and keyboards. For her birthday, Ki’Ran gives her a harp carved in the shape of a Risan squirrel, her favourite animal. She learns it almost immediately.
237101.14 10 Li’Tam has her first empathic experience. It is so strong and sudden, it frightens her. She does not tell Ki’ran.
237111.22 11 Ki’Ran allows her to play with the band at a festival. The response is so great, she begins to think she might want to be a musician like her mother. That night, her mother had a dream about her father’s death. The emotion coming from Ki’Ran was strong enough to invade Li’Tam’s own dreams. She is ill for a week.
Stardate Age
2376 15 Li’Tam forms her own band and begins playing around the town. They call themselves “The Stargazers”. The band name bothers her mother and they begin a long series of fights about the meaning behind it.
237607.19 15 Jess Miller (age 18) moves to Risa with her parents and two brothers. She sees “The Stargazers” perform. After the show, the two strike up a conversation and become friends. They soon fall in love.
237609.02 16 Jess is accepted to Starfleet Academy. This renews Li’Tam’s interest. She decides to apply when she is old enough.
237701.08 16 Jess leaves for the Academy. It is rough on Li’Tam and the emotional stress off it drives a wedge between her and her mother. Ki’Ran continues to try to change Li’Tam’s mind. Her attempts are fruitless. She bans all communications from Jess.
237808.05 17 The day before her 18th birthday, Li’Tam secretly applies to Starfleet Academy.
237808.06 18 Ki’Ran gives Li’Tam the lute that was her wedding present from Tam for her 18th birthday. Li’Tam is conflicted about her application.
2379 18 Li’Tam is accepted to Starfleet Academy in Marseilles, France on Earth. She doesn’t tell her mother.
2379 18 Li’Tam leaves in the middle of the night to catch the shuttle to the Academy. She leaves a note for her mother under the harp she got for her eighth birthday. She takes some clothes, a picture of her parents taken the day before he left for his final mission, and the Risan lute. They barely speak for nearly seven years.
Stardate Age
2379 18 Li’Tam begins as a Sciences Major at the Academy. When she takes her first xenobiology classes, she falls in love with it. At the end of her first year, she switches her major to Medicine. Because she has no previous training, she is granted a conditional status, helped in no small part by her exceptional marks.
2380 19 In the middle of her second year, she begins taking extra classes concurrent to her major curriculum in order to catch up to her classmates who had a medical education prior to Academy. This leaves her with little free time. She withdraws from her friends and she gains a reputation as a loner.
238308.06 23 Li’Tam receives a message from her mother for her birthday. The two begin talking more regularly. Ki’Ran has forgiven her for running away. She tells Li’Tam that she’s kept in contact with Jess’s father and that she’s a Xenolinguist. Unfortunately, Jess is on a classified mission and is out of contact for the time being.
238405.20 23 Following a dispute with a professor over her ability to graduate on time, Li'Tam transfers to the Academy station on Starbase 118 for her final two years.
238606.20 25 Li’Tam graduates from Starfleet Academy with a major in Medicine with a specialty in Mixed Specie Physiology. She is among the youngest to graduate with that major. Her mother is present at the ceremony.
USS Independence-A
Stardate Age
238606.21 25 Li’Tam is assigned to USS Independence-A in the Ithassa region.

Professional History

Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
001-Cadet4th-White.png Cadet, 4th Class 237909.01 – 23806.20 Starfleet Academy,
Marseilles, France,
Major: Science
002-Cadet3rd-White.png Cadet, 3rd Class 237805.20 – 238106.20 Student
Major: Medicine
Specialization: Mixed Specie Physiology
(Concurrently took Medical classes to keep up)
003-Cadet2nd-White.png Cadet, 2nd Class 238105.20 – 238206.20
004-Cadet1st-White.png Cadet, 1st Class 238205.20 – 238506.20 Starbase 118
004-Cadet1st-Blue.png 238505.20 – 238606.20 USS Centris-A Counselor
01-Ens-Teal.png Ensign 238606.21 – Present USS Independence-A Assistant Chief Medical Officer