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USS 'Oumuamua
[[File:Lhandon Nilsen Ensign.png|240px]]
Lhandon Joseph Nilsen
Position Helm, Communications, and Operations Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237702.04
Age 24
Birthplace Gault
Writer ID O240007LN1
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Denali Invitational Ribbon.png

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Legion of Merit
Denali Invitational Ribbon

Ensign Lhandon Joseph Nilsen is a human officer of the Federation Starfleet currently serving as a helm, communications, and operations officer aboard the USS Oumuamua. Nilsen is the third child of Harold Nilsen, a farmer and Moganie Thompson, a social worker, Nilsen was born on Gault, a small farming colony in federation space. Nilsen has a keen interest in rugby, cooking and motorsport.

Basic Profile Information

Nilsen stands at 6 feet 4 inches and weighs in at 232lbs. He has a tight, lean and stacked build, and his strength and love of rugby makes him one of the larger members of any crew he is on. Nilsen has somewhat unkempt brown hair. His eyes are blue,

Traits & Personality

In general, Nilsen aims to be a sociable person, who is easy to get along with, however, he has been known to "fly off the handle" at a moment's notice when a sensitive or triggering topic comes up. [1][2]

However, Nilsen does enjoy some positive relationships with the majority of his crewmates. He enjoys a close friendship with Toxin Arlill, his current roommate and the two after often seen together working on some kind of project. Nilsen is known for the boundless amount of energy he seems to possess.

Despite this, Nilsen is still haunted by a shuttlecraft incident during his time in Echo Squad a SARS training squad for cadets at Starfleet Academy. This used to lead to a habit of second-guessing his choices and to a lack of confidence in his own abilities. If Nilsen does make a mistake, he will immediately take steps to correct it, however, this can lead to a certain obsession over the mistake and a single-minded mindset to correct it.

Yet after the Denali Invitational in late 2400, those close to Nilsen noticed a shift in his attitude, he seemed to gain a degree of confidence but some would argue perhaps too much confidence. This has led to Nilsen having difficulty controlling his tempter, he became known as someone who can snap quickly from 0-100. He has come to the conclusion that he needs to do something about it. He has admitted to his best friend Toxin Arlill, that he felt that something was wrong with him and he didn't know who he was anymore.

Nilsen has been known to dive into projects and assignments without thinking it through.

As an HCO officer, Nilsen is highly competent in his work.

When explaining details surrounding engines or shuttles, he may rely upon references to cars and automobiles from Earth from the late 20th century to the early 21st century. This is somewhat of a specialist topic for him however the references are often lost upon others.

Interests & Hobbies

Nilsen has been reminded to make sure he partakes in his interests & hobbies. The following are list of those activities that he finds the most enjoyable.


Nilsen is a keen cook and will not resist any opportunity to cook for himself or his crewmate. He will aim if possible to not use the replicators.


Lhandon found a passion for rugby after joining Starfleet Academy. His height and build made him well-suited for the game.

On stardate 239706.25, Nilsen collided with another player and suffered a broken nose. He laughed off this incident and continued playing. Only later seeking medical assistance when forced to by his teammates.

Fitness & Combat Sports

Nilsen has found that keeping up a fitness regime has helped to support his mental health and provided him with some joy. Nilsen perfers to work out alone.

In an effort to control his temper, Nilsen has turned to combat sports and as of 2400, he is trying different combat sports to find the one that is suited to him. So far this endeavour has been unsuccessful.


Lhandon is a passionate enthusiast of sports cars spanning from the late 20th to the early/mid 21st century. This interest significantly influences the way he perceives and describes starships in flight. For instance, on one occasion, Nilsen compared the USS Centris, a Nova class training vessel, to an MX5 sports car—a type of ship that, according to him, could perform sideways drifts around an asteroid field simply by kicking the nacelles out.

The USS Oumuamua is a ship that Lhandon gets on very well with, and she is a ship that likes him back. Lhandon is yet to find a car that is synonymous with the Oumuamua.

When he able to get onto the holodeck, one of Nilsen's favourite programs revolves around a dramatised version of the Formula 1 championship that is based loosey of the 2020's. If Nilsen forms a strong bond or friendship with someone, he warmly extends an invitation to that person. This program also contains a co-op campaign that two people may participate in as drivers of their preferred team


Lhandon and Kei'ran circa 2395

Nilsen enjoys an overall positive relationship with his family, even if his envioment growing up could be considered somewhat chataotic, with fights breaking out between siblings and then resolving in the blink of an eye. Lhandon is closest to his younger brother Kie'ran however as children, the two fought the most. Most of the family live on or near the farm, but Lhandon is the first to leave the planet for such an extended period. After Lhandon joined Starfleet Academy, his younger brother Madison left home and secured a role in law enforcement on Deep Space Nine. Lhandon's younger sister Isabella has expressed an interest in following in Lhandon's footsteps and maybe planning to join Starfleet.

Lhandon will try to get a message back home when he can, and enjoys the massive data drop he gets when all of the family will send their messages in one bulk transmission. His family are proud of him.


Harold Nilsen.jpg
Harold Nilsen (Father) Harold Nilsen has deep roots in the agricultural traditions of Gault. A farmer by trade, Harold has dedicated his entire professional life to the agriculture industry of Gault and was a key player during the Dominion War when Gault's reserves were opened up. His reserved and practical nature is balanced by a profound sense of pride in his family's heritage and a commitment to preserving their farming legacy for future generations.
Morgain Nilsen (nee-Thompson).png
Mogaine Nilsen (née: Thompson)Moganie has chosen a career path that aligns with her innate desire to support and uplift others. She has a commitment to improving the lives of individuals and families, mirroring the values of empathy and service that she tried to instil in her children.


Sariah Nilsen.jpg
Sariah Nilsen (Age 28):

Sariah is the oldest sibling. She is often the one who keeps the remaining siblings in check. Sariah as found her calling as a social worker, following in her mother's footsteps.

Marcus Nilsen.png
Marcus Nilsen (Age 26)

Marcus followed his father's footsteps and developed a deep passion for agriculture from a young age, thanks to his father's influence. He possesses a strong work ethic and a deep sense of responsibility, both to his family and to the land he cares for.

Marcus is characterized by his steady and dependable nature. He's known for his reliability, level-headedness, and his ability to stay calm under pressure.

While Marcus had chosen a life dedicated to agriculture, his dreams are changing, he is considering that now maybe the time to sell the Nilsen farm, and split the profits with his family. The other siblings are as of yet unaware of this plan.

Emilia Nilsen.jpg
Emilia Nilsen (Age 24)Emilia Nilsen is a creative and outspoken member of the Nilsen family, known for her passionate opinions and artistic pursuits. She expresses herself through both painting and song. Emilia is an outspoken critic of Starfleet and her concerns can be summarized in five key points:
  1. Centralization of Authority:
  2. Military Concerns:
  3. Cultural Imperialism:
  4. Resource Allocation:
  5. Accountability and Transparency:
Kei'ran Nilsen.jpg
Kei'ran Nilsen (Age 21)

Kei'ran is the most mischievous of the siblings and continues to work on the family farm. He possesses an infectious enthusiasm for life and a natural charm that draws people to him. His sense of humour is often described as irreverent. Kei'ran remains close to Lhandon however Lhandon is glad to be away from the pranks. Lhandon and Kei'ran did commit some minor crimes during Lhandon's pre-Starfleet days, these include trespassing and vandalism

Madison Nilsen Deep Space Nine.png
Madison Nilsen (Age 20)

Madison Nilsen is a member of the Bajoran law enforcement and is currently stationed on Deep Space Nine. In 2399, Madison met and entered a relationship with Elys Varaan, a Bajoran Archaeologist. After this, Madison elected to move full-time to Deep Space Nine.

Isabella Nilsen.jpg
Isabella "Bella" Nilsen (Age 18)

Isabella's ultimate goal is to become a chief engineer in Starfleet. She possesses a natural aptitude for engineering, often taking apart and reassembling mechanical devices on the farm when she was younger.

She has been successful in her application to Starfleet Academy and will be beginning her studies very soon.


Uno Nilsen - Family Pet


Personal Relationships

Overall Nilsen aims to have positive relationships with most of his crew despite his tempter. He has a tight friendship with a handful of crew members.

Toxin Arlill LTJG.png
Lt Toxin Arlill

Nilsen enjoys a very positive friendship with Toxin Arlill, a fellow HCO officer and roommate. Arlill and Nilsen met when they were assigned as roommates and the two quickly found a number of shared interests. This friendship grew quickly and Nilsen considers Arlill to be "just another brother" and Arlill's wellbeing is often at the forefront of his mind.

Arlill makes up one of the three members of the crew who retrofitted and modified the Taxalin Freighter known as the Foxy Lady and entered it into the Denali Invitational 2400

Ensign Simon Vomek.png Ensign Simon Vomek

Nilsen also has a good relationship with most of his crew including fellow HCO officer Simon Vomek with the two finding a shared interest in linguistics and piloting. The two met through Dr Kel who organised a pilot training program for the HCO's.

Vomek makes up one of the three members of the crew who retrofitted and modified the Taxalin Freighter known as the Foxy Lady and entered it into the Denali Invitational 2400.

Vomek has since been transferred to the USS Ronin

Ens Tyber.png
Ensign Tyber

Nilsen enjoys a very positive friendship with Tyber, the two finding a level of respect between each other. In 2400, Nilsen hyped Tyber up and helped him work through his nerves to ask Lina Dahlquist out.

Ensign Tyber has since left the Oumuamua

Arturo Maxwell 2LT.png
Second Lieutenant Arturo MaxwellThe two met during the Esh-O mission in 2400 and Nilsen considers Maxwell to be a good friend and someone he can turn to when he needs words of wisdom, or someone who can taste test his latest culinary creation.

Professional Relationships


Negative Relationships

While Nilsen does aim to have positive relationships with those he meets, sometimes things do not go as he planned.

Thomas O'Reilly Private.png
Private Thomas "Teddy" O'Reilly

Nilsen's relationship with Private O'Reilly is at best, uncomfortable. While the two of them are from the same planet, disagreements between their families is threatening to spill over into their work. The first meeting was not pleasant, while Nilsen did not recall the history between the two families at first, O'Reilly was antagonistic towards Nilsen as he soon learned of his fellow Gaultian

Harrison Blackwood.png Harrison Blackwood

The two were in Echo Squad together and never got on, Blackwood is a by-the-books officer while Nilsen is a dive-in and worries about the paperwork later kind of officer. This sparked a rival between the two and at least one physical altercation between the two. This rivalry continued throughout their time in Echo Squad.

Romantic Relationships

Alex Høgh Andersen - Face Claim For Finn Johanas.jpg
Finn Johanas


Nilsen's former boyfriend was training to be a marine at around the same time that Nilsen joined Starfleet Academy. The two connected at first over a shared love of photography. There relationships ended in 2398 as a consequence of Nilsen's crash and the media attention surrounding those events.



Nilsen leaving Gault for Starfleet Academy. Circa 2396

Nilsen was born and raised on the farming world of Gault. He was a part of a large family with six siblings. Nilsen's upbringing, while stable, was chaotic. He would frequently fight with his brother Kei'ran. However, as both siblings entered adulthood, they found they had more in common than they realized.

As Nilsen entered his teenage years, he found that he had a natural talent for operational matters and keeping things organized on the farm. He took on administrative duties, managed logistics, and handled supplies. However, his heart and passion were in flying, and he would take every opportunity to take the family shuttle out on trips, which grew longer and longer.

Soon he developed an independent streak and would often bite off more than he could chew but as he reached 17, he found that he lacked a direction in life.

He connected more with his brother Kei'ran, and the two of them spent more time together, while also committing various petty crimes such as graffiti and anti-social behaviour. However, he could see that this was a path that was not going to serve him well, and this was hammered home by both siblings being caught by their father trespassing on another farm.

Soon he needed a way out, and while he loved his home of Gault, he didn't see a future there. He learned that some years back, the Rozhenko family's adopted son joined Starfleet, but the details were fuzzy. In many ways, Nilsen saw Starfleet as his ticket off Gault, and he signed up as soon as he turned 18.

Nilsen tried to persuade Kei'ran to join Starfleet with him but was not successful.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy (2396 - 2400)

During his training, he excelled in Operations but faced challenges with academic subjects like PHYS101 and BIO101. However, his exceptional operational skills and ability to keep things running smoothly more than made up for this.

Lhandon was taking a major in helm and navigation with a minor in communications and operations

Echo Squad (SARS Training Squad)

Nilsen was invited to join Echo Squad, A program for cadets who would be specialising in search and rescue piloting operations. Nilsen fitted in well and his flying style seemed to fit well and at the start of his second year it was suggested by the groups commander that he should start thinking about a leadership role in the squad. Nilsen agreed.

However, on stardate 239803.12, Nilsen plans took an unexpected turn during his second year. During a training flight with Echo Squad in the Kuiper Belt, as part of "Tactics: Combat, Shuttles and Runabouts" his shuttle lost control and collided with another, resulting in a devastating crash into an asteroid. Lhandon escaped with a broken ankle, but the other pilot was left in intensive care for several months. The incident nearly led to Nilsen's expulsion, and rumors spread throughout the academy, even as he claimed his innocence.

This also lead to Nilsen relationship with Finn Johanas coming to an end, and a slowly growing rivaly with Harrison Blackwood turning into a full blown enemies.

In a bid to salvage his career, Lhandon made a difficult decision (read: was forced to) to drop his major in Helm/Navigation and focus solely on Communications/Operations. Though skilled at Ops, Lhandon couldn't shake his desire to return to the helm, and he quietly harboured the hope of one day getting to fly again.

Nilsen's current posting is as a Helm, Communications and Operations Officer on the USS Oumuamua.

USS Oumuamua (2400 - Present)


Nilsen's first posting out of the academy was to the USS Oumuamua, as a helm, communications, and operations officer. On this posting, Nilsen has been working hard in the lower decks to erase the mark left on his record by the incident in the academy. When he frist arrived on the USS Oumuamua in 2400 he met his roommate Toxin Arlill who he affectionately refers to as his "broroomy." and the two have since become inseparable. During his first assigment, he was called to the helm but Lt Johnson with the blessing of Commodore V'Airu and plioted the Oumuama safey through the Esh-o Micronebula. Afterwards Nilsen sucessfully helped to install and develop the new Operations Centre as a part of operation FORT. In the later half of 2400, Nilsen was invovled in providing angel support to the ground teams on Alpha Brenkelvi II. During this time, the Oumuamua was attack the an unknown source from the moon, Nilsen flew the Oumuamua to saftey by performing only the second recorded in-system warp in starfleet history.

However his time on the Oumuamua has not been without incident. Old issues, a chip on his shoulder and past failures all affect his present day relationships.

The Esh-o Micronebula

Nilsen's first mission aboard the Oumuama was described by Commodore V'Airu as "complex." While in the lower decks, Nilsen felt the full force of the nebula's effect and during this time wrote his resignation letter

Esh-o micronebula.jpg

During this mission, on Stardate 240008.03 Nilsen was called up to the bridge, and with Commodore V'Airu, he joined LT Jack Kessler and LT Sasha Johnson in retrofitting the mission pod from a tactical to a scanning functionality. It was during this refit that Nilsen expressed his worries and concern over the effect his crash had over his ability to do his job. Commodore Ossa V'Airu was witnessed as saying "That officer didn't make up my mind for me. I believe you deserve a chance." in response to Lhandon's worries about this sudden posting.

Nilsen: You’ve read my file? You saw that crash report? They said…the commander, my old instructor said I should never fly, he said that he’d tell every captain, every XO, every commander that I will ever have.

Any joy that Lhandon had felt was replaced with one of worry as the words of his old instructor started to replay in his head.

V'Airu: (with a brief shake of her head) That officer didn't make up my mind for me. I believe you deserve a chance.

Nllsen took the helm guided the Oumuamua through the micronebula and took evasive action after becoming suspicious of a handful of sensor readouts. Nilsen interrupted these as potently hostile contacts and took it upon himself to take evasive manoeuvres. [1][2]

Nilsen was involved with contact with the USS Nautilus, and facilitated communication with that ship. When the order was given to evacuate the USS Nautilus, Nilsen was able to free up resources to increase the efficiency of the operation.

Sometime after this mission, he admitted he wrote the resignation letter to Commander Etan Iljor [3] however he had yet to submit it.

Nilsen was award the Legion of Merit for his actions in this mission

Zet Activity In The Alpha Quadrant.

Ensign Nilsen and Lieutenant Arlill were assigned to a survey mission, this was a cover story to investigate the disappearance of Lieutenant Arlill's mother Fritea. The unsanctioned duo found her in Cardassian space hiding on a moon in that system with a Zet rebel. They transport Arlill's mother and the rebel to Zet territory to continue their covert mission and returned to the Oumuama safley

Denali Invitational 2400

Denali invitational logo.png

Nilsen attended the Denali Invitational. This event started off positively and he quickly got to know Dekas, Araxxu Vahin and Mekor, learning more about Aurelian food. Nilsen entered with Arlill and Vomek in the Foxy Lady, a talaxian freighter. During the first leg of the race, all the contestants took off in a crowded field of 33 contenders, and a total of 8 Starfleet affiliated teams. Right off the bat, several teams kicked in their unique special attributes, including the Vela, a refurbished Caitian rescue craft which sprayed the entire field with Kryptilithium, a compound known to gum up impulse engines.

As the racers approached the city proper, preparing for a flyover of the city and the stadium where a large crowd was gathered to watch the race, one of the teams experienced engine problems and crashed in the forest on the outskirts of the city.

At the last minute, the crew of the Foxy Lady was able to mitigate some of the damage to the crashing ship with a tractor beam, probably saving the lives of the crew and inhabitants in the city.

Later in the race the Foxy Lady itself was damaged in an encounter with the large animals living in the Oort cloud around the system of Ring 42 and was assisted by both the Gott Speed and the Phelshant United pit crew, a vessel known simply as 'The Wharf'.

After a thrilling conclusion, the racers ended

  1. Gott Speed (Connor Dewitt, Nolen Hobart
  2. Ensigns Joyride (Ksivi-Sava, Madison Marsh, Corey Wethern)
  3. Gamma Glider (Avander Promontory, Roger Hartmann, TK Cabrillo) & Roxy's Foxy Lady (Lhandon Nilsen, Toxin Arlill, Simon Vomek) - collision at the finish line
  4. Allahayer (Oddas Aria)
  5. Amiteam (Nathan Richards) & ZD Stars Racing (Jelanna Zarax, Valin Dermont)

Unfortunately, the event was not his best showing and during the race he lost control of himself and allowed his anger to take over. He showed a disregard for his own safety and the safety of others. After the race, Commander Etan Iljor was unimpressed with him.

"Hearing the HCO’s voice made Iljor clench his jaw. After the man’s reckless disregard for safety during the recent Denali Invitational, Iljor had lost a lot of faith in the pilot. It was clear that Nilsen was a gifted and promising officer, but he kept getting in his own way: first at the academy, and now as a commissioned officer. He had been extraordinarily lucky to not have avoided serving time in the brig." Commander Etan Iljor - Into The Unknown[4]

Alpha Brenkelvi II

Ancient City Ruins.png

On Stardate 240010.16 was assigned to the helm to help provide overwatch support to the away teams on Alpha Brenkelvi II. In command was Lt Sherlock whom Nilsen has been clashing with recently and Marine Captain Michelle Winters.

Sometime after the mission began, the bridge lost contact with both away teams. While they were trying to re-establish contact with the away teams, they were attacked by an unknown force based on Alpha Brenkelvi II's moon. The Oumuamua takes damange and Nilsen, against regulation but with the blessing of Sherlock performs an in-system warp to quickly get the Oumuamua to safety and allow them to begin repairs.


Nilsen's Service History & Awards

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2396 - 2400 Starfleet Academy
Ensign 240007 - Present USS Oumuamua
Helm, Communications, and Operations Officer

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Denali Invitational Ribbon.png
Denali Invitational Ribbon 240011.16
Denali Station
Awarded for participation in the inaugural Denali Invitational event.
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Legion of Merit 240010.11
USS Oumuamua
The Legion of Merit is a gallantry & heroism service ribbon awarded to an individual who has distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements. "Even though you were only called into bridge service -- and much besides -- in the latter part of the mission, Nilsen, you made your mark indelibly. (beat, a little quieter) We know what it meant for you to take the helm, especially in such a difficult context. (normally) I'm sure you didn't expect something quite so complex for your first mission, but you distinguished yourself nonetheless. It's my honor to recognize you with the Legion of Merit." - Commodore V'Airu
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2400
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons


Nilsen does not like the smell or taste of deka tea. Every time he smells it, he is reminded of the moment Commander Etan Iljor chewed him out.

Nilsen is a fan of the Gault Guardains, a rugby team from his home planet that never seems to make it out of the lower leagues.

Lt Sherlock has given Nilsen the nickname "number 16", Nilsen is unaware of it's meaning.

Nilsen favourte genres of music are alt rock, indie and punk.

In additon to his music tastes, Nilsen is a Swiftie.

Medical Record

Lhandon Nilsen/Medical Record

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