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Crew of Utopia Planitia Fleetyards


Lieutenant Lephi


Personality Summary

She is extremely ambitious, persistent, determined and somewhat stubborn. She is a hard worker, often to the detriment of her social life, though her growing friendships and budding relationship are beginning to change that. Being a woman on Ferenginar, she has been a people pleaser to a fault for as long as she could remember. She carries herself with a sense of hard earned pride, viewing herself as something of a trailblazer for female Ferengi officers in Starfleet.


She was raised in a world of commerce and trade, leaving her diplomacy and speaking skills finely honed. She is data driven and results oriented. She puts all she has into everything she does and doesn't settle for anything less than spectacular. Spending as much time as she has travelling the galaxy, her linguistic skills are sharper than most people her age. She is eager to please everyone in her life and is fiercely loyal. She is very good at pretending she is okay, even when she's not.


Despite outward appearances, Lephi is plagued with self doubt and internal criticism. Most of the time she can keep these things under control, but certain stressors and situations can cause her to spiral. She holds herself to rigorously high standards, sometimes to her own detriment. She has a bit of a quick temper when she feels she's been slighted, and often resents people she feels do not work as hard as she does. Often times she is guilty of taking herself too seriously, though she definitely knows how to have a good time in the right situations. Spending her whole life making deals and negotiating with every alien she came across has honed her ability to manipulate others, and she often uses it to get things she wants.

Talents & Abilities

Lephi is an accomplished and very successful business woman. She has many successful ventures and no less than five new proposals in front of the Ferengi Alliance at any given time. She had spent her formative years tinkering on her father's ship, leading to an aptitude for mechanics. She excelled in the Academy for engineering related skills, and is even adept at programming holoprograms.


Ambitious by nature, Lephi is drawn to power and everything that comes with it. She strives to rise through the ranks, determined to eventually become an Admiral someday. In her everyday life, she is a perfectionist who challenges herself to be her best and do her best.


  • Book: Talking to my Daughter About the Economy: A Brief History of Capitalism by Yanis Varoufakis
  • Poem: Caged Bird by Maya Angelou
  • Authors: George Orwell, Ben Bova, Grand Nagus Zek, and Grand Nagus Rom
  • Music: Klingon Opera, Rock Opera, Jazz, Folk, and R&B
  • Bands: Great Big Sea, Barak-Kadan, Louis Armstrong, and Stevie Wonder
  • Songs: Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong; General Taylor by Great Big Sea; Gav'ot toH'va by Barak-Kadan
  • Perfume: Eau d'Snail
  • Color: Peat Moss Green
  • Food: Lokar Beans
  • Drink: Ferengi wine
  • Desserts: Anything
  • Flower: Snapdragons
  • Season: Fall
  • Place: Anywhere new
  • Workouts: Salmon ladder, rock climbing, long distance running.



  • Curling
  • Football
  • Marathons
  • Darts
  • Billiards
  • Golf


  • She enjoys various forms such as ballroom, ballet, and tap.


  • Her preferred mediums are models and clay. She enjoys ship reconstruction most of all.