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Lieutenant Lephi

Civilian History


In 2372, Lephi was born in Ferenginar, Ferenginar. Her father was a moderately successful freighter captain who spent much of her early years off planet, working to earn profit for his now larger family. Her early years were remarkably unremarkable with her hitting Ferengi child milestones at roughly the average ages. Once she began speaking, things were anything but unremarkable. Though she had the natural skills required by Ferengi to excel at profiteering it was obvious to many that her heart was not in it. Her brother tried hard to teach her the way a proper, profit motivated Ferengi was supposed to act, but she was much more interested in what her mother had to say. As she entered the Ferengi learning ages, this continued much to the embarrassment of her older brother who was often picked on for having a sibling that was so markedly different from the rest of the society they lived in. After more than a few subspace calls to their father’s freighter, he was convinced that the best thing for her was to journey off-world with him so she could learn to find her passion firsthand, away from the pressures of Ferenginar and the bad influence that he felt her mom was.

Naming Day

Her Naming Day ceremony came and went without much of the normal pomp and circumstance which suited her just fine. The crew aboard her father’s ship were initially cold to her, and gave her gifts accordingly. As such she only managed to secure a mere one bar of gold pressed latinum once she had sold the gifts for profit at a space station they stopped at.

Early Adolescence and Teenage Years

Heartbreakingly, once she had left Ferenginar on her father’s freighter, it would be years before she returned to her home planet. She had spent her formative years on a Ferengi Marauder surrounded by a crew of ruthless Ferengi who spent all of their time trying to make her be something she wasn’t. This had a profound impact on her into her early adolescence. She began making trade deals behind her father’s back and cutting the crew out of deals. Because of her natural talents in the art of deal making, it wasn’t long before she had a sizable savings stashed away in her quarters. Around the time that she was to be officially recognized as an adult, she sat down with her father and had a heavy conversation, informing him that she was in fact transgender and would be moving forward in life as a liberated Ferengi woman. Her father handled this terribly and kicked her off of his ship at their next port of call, leaving her stranded on Tavela Minor.If it hadn’t been for the fact that she was able to hide her small fortune quite well as she was unceremoniously removed from the Marauder, and the kind help of the Federation member inhabitants, she likely never would have made it off of the planet. Thankfully she was able to secure passage off of the planet and to the nearest starbase where she was able to barter for a ship.

Freighter Captain

Though her years on board her father’s D’Kora ship had been hard and not at all enjoyable, they had set her up for success now that she had her own ship. From an early age she had been adept at fixing things that went wrong, so now that she owned a Marauder herself, she knew what to do when things stopped working. Once she had found a crew that was willing to work for her, she set course back to Ferenginar, conducting as much business as possible and letting people know that she had gone into business for herself. She would spend the next few years traveling the galaxy and making deals. When an opportunity presented itself for her to join Starfleet Academy after a very successful business deal had grabbed the attention of a passing captain, she informed her crew and made her way to Earth to attend the institution.

Starfleet Academy

  • Rank: Cadet
  • Major: Components Engineering, Material Engineering
  • Minor: Helm/Navigation
  • Stardates: 239309.01 - 239705.31
  • Location: Starfleet Academy, San Fransico, Earth
  • Academy Transcript: Lephi

Service Record: USS Atlantis

  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Engineering Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Jarred Thoran
  • Stardates: 239705.31 - 239709.01
Mission History
Please note that these records are from the viewpoint of Lieutenant JG Lephi. For full mission debriefings, refer to the official Atlantis Mission Reports. Level 4 clearance required.
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Stardate Synopsis
239705.31 - 239709.01 The Atlantis oversees a trade conference meant to promote peace within the Par'tha Expanse.
Foxtrot Protocol
Lephi arrives at the USS Atlantis, in orbit of Illara Prime.
Arriving as the conference was already under way, Lephi beamed down to the surface to greet the away team. While on the surface, she faced equipment malfunctions, spies, and a computer virus as she cut her teeth on her first mission out of the Academy.
  • Service Ribbons:
    • Captain's Commendation
    • Innovation Ribbon

Service Record: USS Chin'toka

  • Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Post: Assistant Chief Engineer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Mei'konda
  • Stardates: 239709.01 - Present

Service Record


Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
  Cadet, Fourth Class 239309.01
Starfleet Academy
Engineering Major
  Cadet, Third Class 239409.01
Engineering Major
Helm/Navigation Minor
  Cadet, Second Class 239509.01
  Cadet, First Class 239609.01
Starbase 118
USS Centris-A
Ensign 239705.31
USS Atlantis
Engineering Officer
Ensign 239709.01 - 239709.21  

USS Chin'toka

Lieutenant JG 239709.21 - 239804.25 Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant 239804.25 - Present Chief Engineering Officer
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239705.31
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Captain's Commendation 239710.03
USS Atlantis
Awarded to a person for exemplary service and/or honorable actions performed in the course of his/her duties, when that service is deemed worthy of formal recognition by his/her commanding officer.
Innovation Ribbon 239710.03
USS Atlantis
Awarded to a person who distinguishes him or herself by the innovative application of science or technology to resolve a dangerous situation.
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 2239110.03
USS Atlantis
Awarded to a person who participates in a joint action with an allied or neutral force toward a common goal.
Diplomacy Ribbon 239712.31
USS Chin'toka
presented to an officer who has distinguished him/herself by resolving a significantly dangerous or hostile situation through diplomatic means.
Purple Heart 239712.31
USS Chin'toka
awarded to anyone who sustains injury in the line of duty.
Good Conduct Ribbon 239712.31
USS Chin'toka
awarded to a person who shows conspicuous gallantry in the line of duty.
Maiden Voyage Ribbon 239712.31
USS Chin'toka
awarded to an individual who has served in the first mission of a newly commissioned vessel or installation.
Explorer's Ribbon 239804.25
USS Chin'toka
Awarded to an individual who participates in the discovery of a new planet, region, or species.
First Contact Ribbon 239804.25
USS Chin'toka
Awarded to an individual who participates in a successful first contact event
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239804.25
USS Chin'toka
Awarded to an individual who participates in a conflict against pirates of any faction.

Supplementary Files

Medical Records Disciplinary Record