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Leona Pierce

NOTICE: This personnel record and any attached reports are confidential and intended solely for the use of authorized officers of sufficient clearance. Violations of confidentiality are subject to punishment under the Federation Uniform Code of Justice.
  • Filed Charge: This report is a summary of Leona's Disciplinary record with the ATPS.
  • Incident: Insubordination, Property Damage, Misc Duty Related Offenses.
  • Disciplining Officer: ATPS Commander Graddy Casher, (Reporting Starfleet Personel) Enrollment Administrative Officer: Pelcinun Penny
  • Disciplinary Action Taken: Insubordination 3 counts- Leona was placed on dispatch and house duty for varying periods of time.
    • Property Damage 20 counts- Leona was placed on dispatch and house duty for varying periods of time, she was also placed on suspension without pay a number of times, depending on the severity of the issue(s).
    • Misc Duty Related Offenses 6 counts- Leona was written up for each offense, but each offense listed was minor at best.
  • Disciplining Officer Remarks: (The following remarks are from the reporting Starfleet Personnel not those of the ATPS Commander Graddy Casher, for those full reports and comments please see the attached ATPS reports.) From the ATPS reports I have received I believe it is safe to say that many of the "incidents" that Leona experienced while with them were due largely -In my opinion- to the lack of professional leadership and training from within the ATPS itself. The reports read as temperamental and unprofessional, which leads me to believe that her ATPS CO may have been a hot-headed man unqualified of true leadership skills. -Which is common in private security and police companies.- This being said it is also clear from these reports that Leona herself has a temper she must learn to tame and raw skills that need to be honed -Such as her combat and firearms skills- and I believe that Starfleet can accomplish this best. I believe she should be considered for enrollment despite this past record with the TPS.
  • Filed Charge: Insubordination
  • Incident: Leona acted in a rude and hostile manner when told she could not use her Pistol in place of a phaser during training. She used rude and hostile language but made no direct threats or insults.
  • Disciplining Officer: Academy Instructor, Commander Rogan Hunt
  • Disciplinary Action Taken: Leona was put on suspension for one week. Leona was required to attend a refresher course on the history of Starfleet weaponry and the proper use of phasers.
  • Disciplining Officer Remarks: Leona shows great promise in the field of engineering, but I worry about her obsession with her pistol.
  • Filed Charge: Insubordination
  • Incident: Leona became emotional and insubordinate during a meeting to discuss the use of her custom pistol in Starfleet. Her attitude was directed towards the disciplining officer.
  • Disciplining Officer: Captain Uh'rakmer
  • Disciplinary Action Taken: Leona was placed on a probationary period for three months. She was required to attend anger management sessions with the campus counselor during this time as well.
  • Disciplining Officer Remarks: Leona has an unusual and in my opinion outdated opinion about ballistic weaponry. I believe her attitude and obsession with her firearm will prove to be an issue in the future. I caution the advancement of this cadet into the officer ranks.